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Performing on bandcamp

"We Are NOT Superior!"--excerpts from Chairman Emeritus' Post-Serial's speech against 'Depopulation' to the Inmost Circle of the Highest Of All Believers In Bamboozlement.


Performing at Louisiana Music

Factory 'The Dreamers and

the Believers' with a Rivers

of Dreams band of Roger Lewis, Kirk Joseph and Mario Abney.

Don Paul and Kirk Joseph, Nov. 5, 2016,

Performing "Some Rain Tonight" on the album The Time We Have (Meld $1) with a Rivers of Dreams band of Mario Abney, Michael Torregano Jr., and Nick Benoit.


'It's a marvelous book. Lovely and heartfelt.'
      TOM ZIGAL, Texas

"It's a very good book. I like it very much. It's always changing. It's bouncy. Bouncy. I like its architecture."


       VIDACOVICH,                     New Orleans


''Don Paul is a great conveyor of truth through poetry and

music and through magnetic presence.'

      TARA SUFIANA,                Mendocino



'Animals Are Always Making Music is not a book to read in one sitting or even one week

.... Some of these poems are so heavy ... Its concluding section then offers us sweetness at journey's end.'


                   New Orleans



'Don Paul's voice in Animals Are Always Making Music is so authentic and so full of heart that it sounds like a drum and sings from the book's pages. '

       PAUL PLIMLEY,       





With drawings by Christopher Cardinale, Mac McGill and Seth Tobocman.

Much of the prose here owes to hosting by Bill Jablonski at

'The Poets They're Drinking' is reprinted on Julio Cesar Pol's sleepingpoets webpage.

Much thanks to many great musicians for their collaboration and inspiration.

ISBN 978-0-94-3096-06-3.  

199 pages. Third edition, April 2021.

$20 within the United States.

Add $7 for priority shipping outside the U.S.

Click HERE to READ PDF of Animals Are Always Making Music. 

Chairman Emeritus Post-Serial's full and startling 2009 speech to the HOABIB,

renouncing 'Depopulation' and relating his "epiphany", can be read on pages 63 to 74. An excerpt, 'The Chairman's Voice Turns Tender through Dreams of Children's Hands', can be heard on BANDCAMP.


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