A Selection of Video-Stills of Performers
                       in Track & Field

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Women's 400 Meters, June 20

Women's 400 Meters, U.S. Olympic Trials,
           June 20, 2021, Eugene, Oregon

Allyson, Quanera and children.png

Allyson Felix, 2nd, 35, and Quinera Hayes, 1st, 29, with their children after making the U.S. Team for Tokyo.

A, Q, and children again.png

Again. So much work into this moment.

Wadeline Jonathas.png

Wadeline Jonathas, 3rd, 23, born in Gonalves, Haiti, and educated at the Universities of Massachusetts and South Carolina.

Allyson, Quanera, and Wadeline with A's daughter and Q's son.png

The team.

Women's 400 Meters Hurdles, June 27

Sydney at Finish.png

Sydney McClaughlin, 21, overtakes Dalilah Muhammad, 29, and replaces Dalilah as World-Record Holder.

DALILAH and SYDNEY arms stretched to each other after WR June 2021.png


Dalilah and Sydney after WR Ju_ne 27 2021.png

They were teammates at the Olympics in Rio de Janeiro, 2016, Sydney then 17 and Dalilah there Olympic champion.

Anna, Dalilah, Sydney in Interview Area--smiling--more of why we love Track & Field.png

Anna Cockrell, 3rd, 23, a Dean's List Senior at USC. The bonding between these three is more of what we love about Track & Field.

Women's 800 Meters, June 27

ATHING after 800 Meters Oly Trials Record, June 2021.png

Athing Mu, 19, after setting a Trials Record of 1:56:07. Mu was born in the U.S. to Sudanese parents and began to train with the Trenton Track Club and Coach Al Jennings at age 6. She's an Honors student and plays tenor saxophone.

Athing, family, support, hug after 800 Meters Oly Trials Records, June 27, 2021--_Wa_ big-

Big-time "Wa"! Athing with family and other supporters after 
the triumphant race. We may say, too, that the "Soul" of athletes
is often evident in Track & Field.


Selemon, Mondo, Jakob.png

'Young Giants Are Coming in Track & Field' in November 2018 profiled a few of 
the ground-breakers then emerging in their generation. Selemon Barega of Ethiopia, Armand ("Mondo") Duplantis of Sweden and Louisiana, and Jakob Irbrigtsen, the youngest of three record-setting brothers in Norway, are here. They've since continued to do great things. Their eyes explore depths and horizons. All will be in Tokyo 2021.

Shelley-Ann and Zyon.png

Shelley Anne Fraser Pryce of Jamaica at age 21 won the Women's 100 Meters
in the 2008 Beijing Olympics. She's since won 10 more Gold Medals at Olympic
and World Championships. Allyson Felix, whose World Championship Medals
began at age 17, has a comparable record of victories and awards over 200 and
400 Meters. Above she's with then two-year-old Zyon, her son with HYusband Jason, after winning the Women's 100 Meters at the 2019 Doha World Championships.