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              ‘It’s Okay to Have a Mind’

It’s okay to have a mind.

It’s okay to have a choice.

It’s okay to wear a red sock

With a blue sock

With a black sock

With a white sock

And to do the Funny Walk

Round your front-yard's Kumquat Tree

And its Av-o-ca-doh

And to somersault like Tolstoy

--If you like and if you can--

Round that sweet and lovely Meyer Lemon Tree



It’s okay to be a boy--

Though some may not admit it--

And to enjoy being a girl.

It's irresistible for Yuri to love his Lara

And for him to love his Tonya too—

For Marlene to love whomever—

For Frida to love Diego and her amigas.

Alexander his Hephaestion,

And Walt his Hoosier Michaelangelo--

For any to be a Natural Woman--

For any to spell himself or herself M-A-N

For any to choose the new TransHuman model

If that’s the loss of self

He or she may choose to make.



It’s okay to refuse poisons


Though States illegally 


‘Mandate’ them Law.


It’s okay to just say “No!”


To injection of 40 trillion spike-proteins


Into that Holy Temple, your body—


Refuse orders that you accept poisons—


Refuse them for your family 


And any free future you and they may have


After 9,422,900 at the least are injured


And 59,518 are dead due to ‘Adverse Events’


After they accepted COVID ‘vaccines’


In the United States, the U. K.,  and the European Union


Since December 2020’s rollout.



It’s okay to avail yourself


Of ‘Home Treatment Kits’


That cost Two-dollars sixty-five cents each,


Free to people in Delhi and Uttar Pradesh,


And bear Ivermectin, Zinc, 


Vitamins C and D3 and Doxycycline, 


Or to add Ivermectin


To the Hydroxychloroquine, Azithromycin, and Zinc


In the Zelenko-Fareed-Tyson Protocol 


And thereby prevent and vanquish 


COVID and all its Variants.


It’s okay to join thousands and millions


And save yourself,


Your families and future


With proven preventions and remedies.




It’s okay to have a mind.


It’s okay to inform consent.


It’s more than okay to make choice,


Freedom, debate, and whatever


Is proven to serve Public Health


Available to all, right now!



It’s okay to dance


In all your colors


With one hand, or both hands,


Or both feet, waving free.



Don Paul, first 2:57 a.m. to 3:47 a.m., January 14, 2022

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