'Francisco Xavier Alarcon

Francisco Xavier Alarcon,
Learned from his grandmother
About peppers,
How to coordinate colors,
As in an illustrated children's story
And be kind to plants.

Francisco opened our 1998 reading
In the downstairs performance-space
Of the Black Cat Café on Broadway
In San Francisco’s North Beach
With an invocation to the Four Directions.
      He held a bowl upturned for the Rain,
      Shook his Rattle to please the Wind,
      Spoke ceiling-ward for Sun and Moon,
      Bent for Blessing from North, East, South and West.
Amid cushioned leather and cocktail-tables
Young Hipsters born decades after Beats.
Repeated and acted their honoring
After Francisco. The crowd said "Ah!", "Oh!"
And clapped all our show
With Kevin Carnes drums and Richard Howell saxophones.

About Javier, Francisco was still marveling.
“Can you believe this happened?
I still can't believe it! Good luck--
A miracle I don't deserve....
I realized what I've always
Wanted is simple: Someone to love
And who loves me. I am blessed!
Blessed through the Want Ads!"

Francisco Xavier Alarcon,
The trio of your names
Rings a fitting Processionale!
You are round multiply!
Schedules distract you
From the fruit and children
Inspiring lines and memories
Of the women who taught
You. as you say and we know, everything important.
Siempre, they moved you
To causes for justice.
You were and are the whole bowl and rainbow
Francisco--colors, pool and rain,

July 22, 2021—
                 first version February 22, 2016


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