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                                         ‘Fourth Reich Rising’ … 

                             in October 2001 and September 2021


From the day of September 11, 2001 onward I wrote a total of six ‘Against the White Divides’ columns for the San Francisco Bay View newspaper. The Bay View published 25,000 copies of its weekly from its office in San Francisco’s Bay View / Hunters Point, nearby the former Naval Shipyard and the ongoing 47-acre nuclear waste-dump on the Shipyard. The Bay View’s distribution by trucks and vans across Bridges was largely to African-American communities. 


My columns’ post-9/11 titles are:

‘The Only Real Solution Is Justice with Compassion’;

‘Truth Is the Way to Peace’;

‘Fight Against, not For, Another Rich Man’s War’

‘Watch Out for the Second Wave of ‘Terror’;

and the column that follows,

‘Fourth Reich Rising: Bombs, Oil, Drugs, Stocks and Banks’.


How do events in the U.S. of October 2001 pertain to our September 2021?


Why, it’s our ‘Corporate Government’ and its criminality, of course—the few families’ Corporate Government’ of many decades and Wars and other depredations long, of course. It’s the ‘Propaganda unprecedented in my lifetime’ of October 2001 surrounding us again.


Again, Networks’ News and celebrities repeat a simple Script. Messaging then was of a patriotic ‘War against Terror’ in Afghanistan. Messaging now is of patriotic duty to accept a ‘vaccine’, or the ‘booster’ of a ‘vaccine’, as fraudulent as the pretexts for the United States and other NATO nations’ war in Afghanistan.


It’s the lies, again. It’s the screens and walls of deceit promoting ruthless profit and subjugation on behalf of the the owners of Networks' News and those same owners of Big Oil, Big Armaments, Big Drugs, Big Government, ... and the biggest owner and usurer and debtor of all, Big Finance. The Ruling Few are playing their 'mighty Wurlitzer' to lead us into self-depredations once more.


Ah, but there are differences for us in 2021. The most clarion, compelling and pressing difference between then and now for We Masses of the is that we here in the U.S. and across old Nations of Western Empire are under DIRECT ATTACK.


We—not Afghans, or Serbs, or Iraqis, or Libyans, or Syrians—are now subject to  Cities’, States’, and even National Governments' ‘Mandates’ to accept into our bodies one of the Big Four pharmaceutical Corporations' 'vaccines' heralded as our lifesaver against the mysterious

virus known as COVID-19. We're the ones who are being shot now.

And so the lies told by Big Government, Big Media, Big Et Cetera are necessarily subject to 

closer and more immediate disproofs now. We at home in Western nations--not peoples

bombed in distant Valleys--can see and tell what's happening to us.

With a little digging into what remains to us of the Internet we can see that over 13,000 injectees within the United States have DIED soon after receiving Pfizer's or Moderna's or Johnson & Johnson's supposed 'vaccine' against COVID-19, according to the Voluntary Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS) of the United States' Centers for Disease Control. We can see in the European Medicines Agency's EUDRA charts that Over 30,000 have DIED in 27 Nations of Europe since mid-December 2020 soon after receiving one of the Big Four (add AstraZeneca) Corporations' supposed 'vaccines', and that over 1.1 MILLION people in those Nations have reported 'serious injury' from the shots.

Now, too, even the 24/7 screens of deceit through Big Media can't hide the most fundamental

disproof of the Big Lie that has bamboozled hundreds of millions of well-meaning citizens

into accepting the Big Four's 'vaccines.' The growing disproof, reaching millions each day, is that none of the Four's shots prevent infection or transmission of the mysterious disease known as COVID-19. None of them fulfill this most basic definition of a 'vaccine.' None of the Big Pharma manufacturers promise, in fact, such prevention as a property of their Governmentally approved 'Experiments' and 'Clinical Trials.' 

Worse, we're learning now that ‘the vaccinated’ are more vulnerable to new infection from COVID-19 'variants.' Hundreds unto thousands of new COVID patients in Israel, Iceland, Illinois, Massachusetts … have shown a majority to be 'fully vaccinated' with two of the Pfizer or

Moderna MRNA concoctions or one of the Johnson & Johnson or AstraZeneca shots. Hypotheses grow that both ‘vaccines’ and ‘vaccinated’ are ‘spreaders’ of the intrinsically mutating virus known as  COVID-19. 


Still, preventions and remedies remain for us. Ivermectin and Hydroxychloroquine are denied to the public in the U.S., Israel, and many NATO nations, but they still can be had through responsible physicians’ prescriptions. Preventions and remedies available since

inception of this needless ‘pandemic’ still help. Vitamins D3, C, B12, and citrus and elderberry; and exercise and diet; and contact among masses outdoors still can gain health for us and achieve herd-immunity and rid us of anything like a plague from COVID-19. 

'The Story of Ivermectin and COVID-19' video of Sept. 2 is excellent. It has 99K+ Views on Rumble in less than three days. It's filled with good facts and indignation.


You'll see below in the ‘Fourth Reich Rising’ of October 2001 that several of the Corporations and families profiting from theft Afghanistan;s resources then are profiting from COVID-19 in 2020-2021. 

Bayer, parent now of both Johnson & Johnson and Monsanto, is one such profiteer. Bayer, a subsidiary of the NAZI Government’s largest Corporate partner, I. G. Farben, had in October 2001 control of the  ‘U. S. rights to the only vaccine for inhalation of anthrax spores’ approved for sale in this nation.'


Bayer’s drug, Cipro, then cost $690 for two months’ supply, while generic and forbidden equivalents from India were priced many multiples less … like Ivermectin and Hydroxychloroquine are priced many multiples less than Pfizer’s, Moderna’s, Johnson & Johnson’s concoctions now. 


BioPort was another drug-maker making money in October 2001. BioPort had ‘in 1998 somehow gained control of U.S. rights to the only vaccine against skin-contact with anthrax that’s approved for sale in the U.S. till 2003.’ BioPort’s CEO was former Admiral William J. Crowe, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff under Ronald Reagan. Among  BioPort’s major shareholders was the investment-management firm The Caryle Group, a Group whose Chairman was Frank Carlucci, a former executive with the United States HUD and CIA, a Group whose highly paid principals included George H.W. Bush and James Baker. The Carlyle Group was heavily invested in oil and pipelines; oil and pipelines were taken from Afghanistan’s Taliban in the 2001-2002 invasion after the pretext “ ‘9/11’ ”. 


‘Fourth Reich Rising’ of October 2001 looks back to the 1930s and World War II. It notes: ‘Even during World War II General Motors, General Electric, Standard Oil, the Chase Bank, International Telephone and Telegraph, and the investment-bank of Brown Brothers, Harriman partnered with businesses in Fascist Germany and Italy. I. G. Farben, maker of Bayer commercial products, was among the largest of such German businesses.’ Big Oil Corporations with large interests in Afghanistan included Chevron and Texaco (merged on September 7, 2001) and Exxon Mobil. Chevron Texaco had 45% of the Tengiz oil-field; Exxon Mobil had 25%. All of Big Oil in the West wanted a pipeline from Afghanistan that would skirt Iran.


Other partners of Nazi Germany and Fascist Italy extend from the 1930s and World War II into 2020-21. IBM was essential to Nazis’ punchcards for Jews and other millions who were encamped and then mass-murdered. IBM remains essential to Microsoft’s Patents for monitoring and controlling individuals through devices inserted into our circulatory and neural systems. Klaus Schwab, Director of the unelected and anti-democratic World Economic Forum that’s central to every Governmental mistake as regards public health and COVID-19, descends from a Nazi family. Arnold Schwarzenegger, former Governor of California, is another son of a Nazi. We may remember, too, how Bill Gates shakes his fist. Bill Gates insists that a “vaccine” has to "go into seven billion people.” Adolf Hitler shook his fist with the

same kind of arrogant and crazy insistence.


More likenesses may occur to us. We may see more now. We may see from many current realities that we’re in the middle of World War III. We may see, too, that the same Few families and cliques of delusional lunatics orchestrate this World War III that  ravages old Nations of Western Empire in particular. We may see  that the 21st-century ‘Transhumanism’ of Google and Elon Musk regurgitates the reasonless racism of ‘Eugenics’ and its sponsors among the Bush, Churchill, Rockefeller and Rothschild families.


We may find that it's good to see that we're in the middle of World War III. Such a perception may help to explain the nonsense we're asked to accept. Nothing is so suited for promoting nonsensical orders as War. A covert, unadmitted War may most need obedience to nonsenical orders to conceal its agendas. That we're in the midst of a covert World War III, meant to kill 

many more than the 20 million or so of World War I, and many more thant the 58 million of World War III, may explain some of the inhumane and ruthless brutalities that we're undergoing. It may explain why Governments are now so desperate to again lock down Australia, New Zealand, France…. Public health is far from these Governments and their orchestrators’ concern. Subjugation is their overriding aim, cruel and devastating as in any war against civilain humanity.  


We may now know, too, September 5 of 2021, how desperate the Few who are humanity’s enemy are. Their stupendous role-of-the-dice for a ‘Great Reset’ comes from their recognition of how literally bankrupt their Game of Debt has again become.  


It’s good to know how much the Few fear the genius of We Masses. They fear us particularly when we dare to act and make ourselves free. 


We Masses are, after all, the makers of human miracles. Our stock of multiracial genius

has done the unveiling work of every major step of knowledge and progress by humanity.

We, seven billion unto eight billion and more strong, hold the hope of our race, generations of free beings to come, and our promise will be seen every day in which we leave traps and lies behind and shine, shine, shine.

'Dr. Anthony Fauci Hits the Streets' video, Sept. 4, 2021. Laugh them to scorn!


March and Dance for Unity on Labor Day, September 6, 2021.




                                              FOURTH REICH RISING: 

                    BOMBS, OIL, DRUGS, STOCKS AND BANKS 

                              (published Oct. 24, 2001 in the San Francisco Bay View


That Corporations now rule Governments is felt by many people. 

Since the last Across the White Divides column, two weeks ago, we've seen many more U. S. bombs, made by and for Corporations, blow up helpless civilians in faraway places. 

We can now see more clearly the reality that Governments serve Corporations. We can better see the underlying reality that the national U. S. Government and its Armed Forces serve the interests of Chevron around the Caspian Sea--just as local Governments serve Chevron in the San Francisco Bay Area. 

Some people think that this is how things should be. 

They make statements such as: “The business of America is business.’ 

They favor completion of the “New World Order” that the first President Bush promised us more than 10 years ago. 

Benito Mussolini, an outright fascist, was one person with such thinking. The proudly Fascist dictator of Italy and ally of Adolf Hitler during the 1930s thought so much of businesses’ dominance that he called his nation ‘the Corporate State.’ 

TIME Magazine, NBC radio, and Henry Ford all praised Mussolini’s and Hitler’s new model of a Nation-State. Even during World War II General Motors, General Electric, Standard Oil, the Chase Bank, International Telephone and Telegraph, and the investment-bank of Brown Brothers, Harriman partnered with businesses in Fascist Germany and Italy. I. G. Farben, maker of Bayer commercial products, was among the largest of such German businesses. 

These U.S. Corporate and Nazi/Fascist partners helped to kill tens of millions in World War II. 

Now the United States and its Western allies are entering into a new war. They're devastating the nation of Afghanistan, forcing the flight of thousands of refugees, enraging millions of Muslims by bombing those they purport to save. This new war is supposed by Corporate media to be against the “terrorist” Osama bin Laden and the Taliban Government that “harbors” Osama bin Laden.


Propaganda unprecedented in my lifetime surrounds us. 


Every Network’s screen shows the Stars-and-Stripes like a logo. ‘America Strikes Back’ is the slogan of the day and night. James Brown, Paul McCartney, Michael Jackson, Clint Black and Faith Hill perform to benefit victims of September 11. At the same time, four everyday workers in the U. S. already are dead from exposure to anthrax spores that were delivered via letter. 

Citizens’ fears and calls for patriotism increase together. 

One certainty also grows clear, however, from observing the complex of connections now. Scan events from the 1930s onward that have led to horrific profiteering by a relative few; note those few whose privileges and machinations go back generations; and you too will see: This new war is an old one. 


This war on Afghanistan is not for freedom.

This war is not for justice.

This war is for the rich and fear-mongering. This war is for Corporate interests. This war is for the stuff of modern, hidden fascists’ dreams--the dreams of George W. Bush, his father, both 

their Cabinets, and their supporters in and outside Government. 


Those Darn Coincidences 

Bear with me through some history, please. 

You will remember Brown Brothers, Harriman from the collaborators with Nazi Germany that are listed above. A Senior Partner in this investment-bank was Prescott Bush, father of George Herbert Walker Bush and grandfather of somebody’s President. After World War II Prescott Bush and Banker’s Trust helped I. G. Farben executives (see above) and other Nazis retain their assets. Worldwide cartels in aluminum (Alcoa one partner), oil and synthetic rubber (Standard Oil of New Jersey one partner), and pharmaceuticals were thus protected. 

Now, October of 2001, we learn that Bayer of Germany, an I. G. Farben subsidiary, somehow controls U. S. rights to the only vaccine for inhalation of anthrax spores that’s approved for sale in the U. S. 

Bayer’s drug, Cipro, costs $690 for two months’ supply of it here. Generic equivalents from India would cost us $20 for the same supply. 

We also know now that BioPort, a Michigan firm headed by former Admiral William J. Crowe, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff under Ronald Reagan, in 1998 somehow gained control of U.S. rights to the only vaccine against skin-contact with anthrax that’s approved for sale in the U.S. till 2003. 

(Please also know that many Doctors believe varieties of readily available penicillin to be equally effective, much cheaper antidotes to anthrax.) 

George W. Bush has ordered National Guard units to protect BioPort’s plant. 

A major stockholder in BioPort is the Carlyle Group, a Washington, DC firm that manages more than $12 billion for investors (including $425 million from the California Public Employees’ Retirement fund). Former Secretary of State James Baker III is among the Carlyle Group’s staff. His former boss, George H.W. Bush, also visits heads of state on behalf of the Group, paid a fee of $80,000 to $100,000 per speech. 

Oil is also big with the Carlyle Group. Baker III, the elder George Bush, and the current U.S. Vice-President, Dick Cheney, have all negotiated with Governments that surround the Caspian Sea about how Corporations can profit from oil there. Pipelines are their particular interest. The Group’s Chairman, Frank Carlucci, has a resume of multiple, related interests. Carlucci was Secretary of Defense under Ronald Reagan, Deputy Director of the CIA under Jimmy Carter, Undersecretary of HUD under Richard Nixon, and a classmate at Princeton with Donald Rumsfeld, the current Secretary of Defense and this Bush Administration's chief cheerleader for bombing Afghanistan. 

Back to BioPort. Another major stockholder in this sole patent-holder for a vaccine against anthrax in the U.S. is--brace yourselves--the bin Laden family of Saudi Arabia. 

George H. W. Bush also acts as a consultant for the bin Laden family. The “terrorist” Osama, you will remember, is the most famous son of this family. 

Then there are stocks. Bush family connections also figure in the suspicious purchase of a wildly high volume of “short” stocks in United and American Airlines just before September 11. To “short” a stock is to bet it will fall--your profit will then be the amount of that stock’s drop when you sell it minus your broker’s commission. On September 6 and 7 “short” orders were taken for United Airlines at rates over 1000% the norm at Chicago’s Board of Options Exchange, according to Michael Ruppert in his newsletter From the Wilderness. The same was true for American Airlines on September 10. The CIA monitors such transactions for signs of trouble afoot. Somehow, however, the extraordinary spikes of “shorts” against United and American didn’t prompt the CIA to warn anyone we know of danger. The source of much of these “short” stock transactions was Deutsche Bank in Germany and its new subsidiary in the U. S., Banker’s Trust (see above), a firm for which the current Executive Director of the CIA, A.B. “Buzzy” Krongard, served as Vice-Chairman till 1999. 

Back to oil. On September 7, 2001 Chevron and Texaco merged, creating a Corporation with more than $100 billion in assets. Among those assets are a 45% interest in the Tengiz oil-field of Kazakhstan. Exxon Mobil owns 25% of this field that’s estimated to hold nine billion barrels of oil (multiply nine billion by $20 or $30 for revenues). Dick Cheney was on the Kazakhstan Oil Advisory Board while head of Halliburton, an oil-field supplier, before his selection as U. S. Vice-President. 

On September 7, too, Jeb Bush, the younger brother or son or grand-son, signed an Executive Order in Florida that readied the National Guard for martial law there. 

You may be seeing a pattern from the complex of connections and coincidences immediately above. 

That pattern may in turn form a picture in your thoughtful mind. 

To me, the pattern is of privileged insider after insider profiting from events on or around September 11 while they--through the agency of the U. S. Government--also take steps to both suppress dissent and to reap further profits from much greater violence and expropriation in the future. 

That is, the pattern that I see is one of covert fascism.

On to the Taliban.

The Taliban means “students.” Thus in Afghanistan there is currently a “Government of students.” Although military novices, the Taliban took power in 1996 from seven factions of warlords who had fought over Afghanistan after the Soviet withdrawal of 1989. The Taliban have since rebuilt schools and hospitals and eliminated (according to a year 2000 United Nations Drug Control Program study) opium cultivation in their territory. They have barred the selling of women as chattels. In fact, according to a speech by their roving Ambassador, Sayyid Rahmatullah Hashemi, at the University of Southern California on March 10, 2001, women work in the Taliban’s Ministries of Health, of Education, of the Interior, of Social Affairs, and more women than men attend the schools of Medical Science that the Taliban had re-opened in all of Afghanistan’s major cities. 

Such, however, of course, is not the representation that Corporate media makes of the Taliban here. 

Nor is the Taliban’s and Unocal’s failure to agree on a pipeline through Afghanistan much mentioned here. 

Contrary information doesn’t suit the Corporate State. Real journalism reveals contradictions that upset thought-control. We must therefore find out as much as we can of independent information.We must resist the programming that would rob us of judgment and compassion. 

The U. S. Government--not our government--is again bombing Hospitals, convoys of refugees, and Red Cross food-centers even as celebrities on TV appeal for donations to “aid the victims of terror” in New York City through the American Red Cross. 

How is any civilian casualty--mother, father or child--worth more than another? How does pitting Northern Alliance warlords against the Taliban in order to return a King--a King!--help? How is the United States’ Corporate Government accomplishing ANY of the goals it tries to sell us? 

(Compassion is more alien to the Corporate Government than sweat is to a stone.) 

How is such a Government deserving of any respect? How can it be honored if it chooses to use its power so selfishly and cruelly and for ends so brutal and stupid as money for oil? 

The Corporate Government wants us to buy for it and to die for it and that is all. 

And so, folks, … Knowing what we do know now, … we must go on WORKING and FIGHTING for justice and peace, however we can, here in the San Francisco Bay Area, and everywhere. 

While horrible truths about the 'vaccines' emerge, realities that expose lies about 'the pandemic' remain constant round the world. The least vaccinated Nations on Earth remain the least afflicted by COVID-19. See this map from 'Our World in Data.'

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