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We have many to thank in our pools of blue! Thanks in particular to the 247 Radio-Stations across North America and Europe that have played Roger Lewis' ALRIGHT! and Don Paul's LOVE OVER WAR  since last June! 

Now three friends, Voting Members in the Recording Academy,  
have entered the two I/R Records' albums and tracks from 2022 into the running for Grammy awards.

Please have a listen to the entries. Click and jump to the tracks on
Apple Music and on Bandcamp!


Best Jazz
on Apple Music and on Bandcamp

Best Jazz 
Improvised Solo--
'Maybe You See Horses'

on Apple Music and on 

Song of the Year--
"Little Things"
Apple Music and on 


Best Alternative
Music Album
Apple Music and on 

Record of the Year--
"Get Your JAM On!"
Apple Music. and on Bandcamp.


Screen Shot 2022-10-07 at 10.22.09 AM.png

Come 2077, the above image will be what it's all about. Roger posted this photo with 'Great grandchildren' on Facebook three years ago. ALRIGHT! is his début as the leader of an album. He's now 81 years young!

Happy Session 2--Rick G. Nelson, Roger, Don, Herlin, Kirk.png

A happy day! Rick G. Nelson, Roger Lewis, Don Paul, Herlin Riley and Kirk Joseph in a tracking session for ALRIGHT!, Rick's Marigny Street Studio, New Orleans, August 3, 2021, with Cisco Bradley's book about William Parker, Universal Tonality. Photo by Maryse Philippe Déjean.

Roger Lewis and Don Paul, August 16, 2021, after great overdubbing andf mixing session wit

Roger and Don outside Marigny Recording Street Studio during over-dubbing and mixing session with engineer Adam Keil. Photo by Adam.

As said, we have many to thank! More than 247 Radio-Stations across North America and round 'da world  have played ALRIGHT! and LOVE OVER WAR between June and September of 2022, . We are GRATEFUL! We are inspired by the thousands who make Community and College Radio happen. These people --most of them volunteers--make a whole 'nother world happen.

Roger's ALRIGHT! is a star. It was #1 among all Jazz albums in the Chart by Roots Music Reports for the Week ending July 26. It was #1 among Contemporary Jazz albums for eight of nine weeks from late July to late September. LOVE OVER WAR was #7 among all albums in Louisiana and #1 at several Stations across the U.S.  The 2021 album with Hamid Drake, COMPASSION, Poems and Drums with Hamid Drake, has more than 25 Weeks in the top 10 of Contempoary Jazz albums in 2022.

It's great to see, hear and know the whole 'nother world represented by Community and College Radio-Stations and the millions whom they reach. Early on as November 2020, we met the sympathetic homes of WZRD, WODU, KKFI, Jazz at Gallery 41, KUCI, taintradio,  .... Folks in Radio have became online friends. Communicating with them is like: Cultures that endure in New Orleans are enlarged to international dimensions. 


We have more than 247 Radio-Stations to thank. Such a number
have played ALRIGHT! by Roger Lewis and LOVE OVER WAR by
Don Paul with Rivers Answer Moons between June and September
of 2022, across North America and round 'da world. We are GRATEFUL! We are inspired by the thousands who make Community and College Radio happen. These volunteers--most, by far, of 'em--make a whole 'nother world happen.

Roger's ALRIGHT! is a star. It was #1 among all Jazz albums in the Chart by Roots Music Reports for the Week ending July 26. It was #1 among Contemporary Jazz albums for eight of nine weeks from alate July to late September. LOVE OVER WAR was #7 among all albums in Louisiana and is reading into Europe. COMPASSION, Poems and Drums with Hamid Drake, sits at #3 among all albums
in Indiana and has more than 25 Weeks in the top 10 of Contempoary Jazz albums in 2022. As said, a whole 'nother world
is represented by Community and College Radio-Stations and the millions whom they reach. Early on as November 2020, we met the sympathetic homes of WZRD, WODU, KKFI, Jazz at Gallery 41, KUCI, taintradio,  ....

They became online friends. It be like: cultures that endure in New Orleans are enlarged to international dimensions.


Offbeat logog.png
O's Place,Jazz Newslatter.png
Leon Wire.png
Anne Carlini.png


Next we get to thank reviewers. First we get to thank Kate Smith 
and Jim Eigo Jazz Promo for the "mind-blowing" (Roger) wonders that they've worked with Radio-Stations and Written Media both Online and In-Print. 

Roger and Adam outside Marigny Studio, August 16 2021.png

Roger with engineer Adam Keil during overrdubbing
and mixing session at the Marigny Studio, August 16,

DODIE MILLER-GOULD on ALRIGHT! in The Lemon Wire, June 24, 2022.
'Roger Lewis is making his debut as a bandleader.... An energetic, engaging recording, “Alright!” contains ... “Carrying the Saxophones” which is a masterwork of style and groove.... The sound and rhythm are danceable, but there is no denying the art of what Lewis is doing. This is a song that must be heard to be appreciated.'

'Alright! is the debut album for Roger Lewis, a musician who has had a long history in New Orleans ... In 1977, Lewis was among the founding members of the Dirty Dozen Brass Band ... Lewis truly reaches the mountaintop on 'Maybe You See Horses', showing that it is impossible to pigeonhole his playing into any genre as he can cross over into any that he wants.' 

'This is a seasoned, multifaceted artist that can lead with precision as well as quietly follow.... The sides of Paul’s artistry only get more pronounced from there [after "Get Your JAM On!"], with the following tracks providing a stage for his musical skill as well as his gifts as a poet.... The band itself plays madly and roars with the passion fitting a song of such high and mighty extollation ["Glory Glory Glory Is For Us All"].... Finally, however, I believe the most striking attribute of Love Over War is its diversity. Paul leads the band effortlessly into funk, fusion and abstract jazz, as well as arrangements that have been stripped bare.'

David Farrell in his studio, March 15, 2

The great David Farrell, five-time Grammy winner, in
his studio during March 15, 2022 session of mixing and mastering.

ANNE CARLINI on ALRIGHT! in Exclusive Magazine, July 2022.
'Now 80, Roger Lewis has pursued throughout his career ... tones and expressions unique to his decades of upbringing and his own voice....
One of my own personal favorites [is] the almost crystalline, skillfully crafted improvised tribute to Kidd Jordan, 'Maybe You See Horses (Instrumental)' ...'  

ANNE CARLINI on LOVE OVER WAR in Exclusive Magazine, July 2022.
'Opening on the righteously funky and groove-laden Get Your JAM On!, ...', the album closes 'on the gently bombastic and quietly fervent rhythms within Bobee (What a Spirit Walks That Way).'

LEONID AUSKERN on ALRIGHT! in the Jazz Squad, Russia.
'Roger Lewis plays all four major types of saxophone that are used in jazz today.... And it begins with the composition Bobee (What A Spirit Walks That Way), which Roger Lewis dedicated to his late son.... Amazing composition! ... Roger Lewis remains optimistic - it was not for nothing that he called his album Alright! - that's right, with an exclamation mark. One can only wish many to maintain the same mental fortitude and good spirits as this musician from New Orleans.'

DEE DEE MCNEIL on ALRIGHT! in Musical Memories.
'Born October 5, 1941, Roger Lewis is in his eightieth year and still going strong.... Herlin Riley brings youth and excitement on his drums and the soothing voice of Don Paul on spoken word is an unexpected addition to the recording. I enjoyed the sensitive interaction of Don’s voice with Roger’s expressive saxophone improvisation. Roger Lewis has interwoven poetry, history and spirits into his horn-playing like knitting needles weaving a shawl.  His music covers us, warms us and surprises us with both its intensity and rawness.’  


Don Paul and Roger Lewis, Sept 8, 2022, at Kidd's.png

Don and Roger in a visit with Kidd Jordan,
September 2022.

ALLEN MICHIE on ALRIGHT! at The Arts Fuse.
' ... This is the sound of New Orleans if it were on Saturn. They’ve processed the sound of the sousaphone into something weird and wobbly, and Lewis has overdubbed himself multiple times into a kind of one-man Sun Ra Arkestra saxophone section.... The result is a record as fun as it challenging and surprising.... The music shifts to soulful gospel with “Glory Glory Glory Is for Us All,” again in two versions with and without vocals. Joseph’s sousaphone sounds powerful in combination with Michael Torregano Jr.’s church organ. Lewis’s multiple overdubs on various saxophones make an entire choir.... Lewis thrives in the spirit of dialogue.... Free, funky, bluesy, endlessly creative, fun, unpredictable, independent, jazzy, and a gumbo of influences — that’s New Orleans, and that’s Roger Lewis’s Alright!'  

NORMAN DARWEN on ALRIGHT! at Blues and Rhythm.
' ... It's an intriguing release. Some is very listenable, some is less so. But it is still an album I'm glad I've heard.'

OSCAR GROOMES on ALRIGHT! at O's Place Jazz Magazine.
' ... We enjoyed “Maybe You See Horses” and “Little Things” with spoken word by Don Paul and the sax melody on “Maybe You See Horses”. It’s Alright!.'

OSCAR GROOMES on LOVE OVER WAR at O's Place Jazz Magazine.
' ... The horns are wailing in harmony on “Glory, Glory, Glory Is For Us”. Vocalist Erica Falls adds a meaningful message on “Love Over War, Every Time We Play”. There’s also spoken word from the polished poet Don Paul, notably on “About Reinaldo, Mourning And Outrage”. Love Over War is a good blend of funk, fusion and acid jazz.'

DICK METCALF on ALRIGHT! at Contemporary Fusion Reviews, Sept 24.
' ...
The high-energy percussion on the opening track, “Bobe (What A Spirit Walks That Way)“, had me up and dancing ’round the room within the first two bars… I fully expect this tune will be getting heavy rotations from the DJ’s!

It was the down & FUNKY vibes on the closer, “Get Your JAM On instrumental“, that made it my personal favorite of the nine tunes offered up… finger-snappin’ good, to be SURE!'

DICK METCALF on LOVE OVER WAR at Contemporary Fusion Reviews, Sept 30.
' ...
author, bandleader and grammy-nominated producer Don creates some of the most superbly creative funky fun you’ll ever hear on this great album.... In addition to Don’s excellent vocals and spoken-word, you will also enjoy the players… Roger Lewis alto, baritone, tenor and soprano saxophones; Herlin Riley  drums-set, Kirk Joseph sousaphone, Michael Torregano Jr. piano and electronic keyboards, Mario Abney trumpet, Erica Falls guest singer; Dhyani Dharma slide-guitar on “My Old Man”; Kidd Jordan tenor saxophone and Morikeba Kouyate kora on “About Reinaldo Mourning and Outrage”; Don Paul bhodran on “A Baby’s Smile Is Sweet To See”… I was especially impressed with the soul-laden “Glory Glory Glory Is For Us All”… Erica’s vocal is strong and filled with life.... I give Don and all his players a MOST HIGHLY RECOMMENDED rating for this high-energy album, with an “EQ” (energy quotient) score of 4.98.'

NORMAN DARWEN on LOVE OVER WAR at The Jazz Rag, page 25.
'Backed by his band Rivers Answer Moons, New Orleans poet, occasional singer, experienced jazz producer, writer, runner and full-time activist Don Paul ranges far and wide over the Crescent City soundscape on this enjoyable release.... The first six tracks are actually three songs, present in both vocal and instrumental versions, and the format actually works well.... Try GetYour Jam On for a good example, but you can really pick any at random - all are effective and memorable. '

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