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Here are six among the many
good Doctors and brave Patients
who figure in Ivermectin's results
of saving hundreds thousands lives
over the past eight months.

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Over the past eight months the benefits of Ivermectin, an inexpensive, anti-viral drug (as cheap as 83 cents per pill from Walgreen's) have been proved for tens of thousands in many Nations (India, Mexico, Brasil, Argentina, Peru, Paraguay, ...) and for thousands of patients in the U.S. Yet Ivermectin remains suppressed by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (75% funded by major Pharmaceutical Corporations such as Pfizer, Johnson & Johnson, et ceteraand by supposed 'social media' such as Facebook, Google/YouTube et cetera.

Below you'll see many charts of Ivermectin's boons to general populations. You'll read, too, stories of many individuals whose lives seemed to be in their final stages, ravaged as they were by COVID-19's bronchial attacks (Louis Gossett Jr., Judy Smentkiewiz, Natalie Kingdollar, ...), but who found recovery through a few doses of Ivermectin. These stories owe in large part to Mike Capuzzo's 15-page piece, 'The Drug that Cracked COVID' for the Wellsboro, Pennsylvania monthly Mountain Home. (1) You'll read, watch and hear astonishing testimony from Doctors with hundreds of peer-reviewed articles in their histories (Dr. Peter McCulloch, Dr. Harvey Risch, Dr. George Fareed, Dr. Paul Marik, Dr. Pierre Kory) and with hands-on care for thousands of COVID-19 patients since March 2020. You'll see, too, these Doctors ignored by U.S. Senators and discredited with terms such as 'Snake-Oil Salesmen' in media such as The New York Times.   

I wanted to place here a video from one group of intent and well-meaning Doctors and their journalist partners, the Frontline COVID-19 Critical Care Alliance (the FLCCC). It's from May 12, little more than two weeks ago, and it features Dr. Pierre Kory,    a Professor of Clinical Medicine in New York City and Wisconsin during his 26-year career and one of five principal Physicians in the FLCCC. This episode in the FLCCC's 'Weekly Updates' of presentations, or discussions, or interviews, is described thus:  

'In this episode, Dr. Pierre Kory, Chief Medical Officer of the FLCCC Alliance, discusses the ways that public health organizations are manipulating scientific data on early COVID-19 therapeutics in order to sow uncertainty; and why they are doing it.' (2)

I wanted to show a chart cited by Dr. Kory around 5:30 into his talk as regards Mexico looking like "the model for the world" through its results with Ivermectin. However, this video is now deleted by Google's YouTube (3). We'll see it below in the section of this post that's devoted to Mexico

The closing section of my post here concerns the correlation between surges in four Nations' mass 'Vaccination' campaigns and their surges in mass COVID-19 'Deaths'. It hopes that Ivermectin may prove, too, to be a remedy for those hundreds of millions around the world who are already injected with Pfizer'sModerna'sAstraZeneca's, and Johnson & Johnson's gene-based 'Trials'. Insightful explanations as to how

these 'Emergency Use' shots have produced through their 'spike proteins' over 1.3 million of 'Adverse' reactions and over 14,000 deaths, across the U.S., the U.K., and elsewhere in Europe, is offered by Dr. Suchart Bhakdi and Dr. Karina Reiss in my Flipping the Script piece of May 16, 'Dr. Bhakdi, Dr. Morgan,

and Shots to Our Brains: Refusing 'The Great Reset' #8', here. (4)

Mexico deaths and hosp. from CV19 before


The top four charts below draw from Mexico. They depict results from
Mexico's adoption of the inexpensive, patent-free, anti-viral
drug Ivermectin late in December 2020. Mexico, as you can
see, was then suffering from a huge surge in COVID-19. The individual  gesturing to our right in the screen-shot is Dr. Pierre Kory of the FrontLine COVID-19 Critical Care (FLCCC) as he speaks in the group's 
'Weekly Update' of May 12, 2021. Unfortunately this video, watched by tens of thousands within two weeks, has been deleted by Google/ YouTube. (5) 


Mexico huge dexrease in excess
Mexico deaths and hosp. from CV19 before

Around 7:30 in the video, however, Dr. Kory bemoans that “No major media in Mexico is talking about how they emptied the Hospitals by virtue of a national program of Ivermectin distribution." Instead, he
says, dominant media and Governmental agencies in Mexico, too, tout the rise and efficacy of "vaccinations" there. The title of his FLCCC talk
is: 'How Public Health Agencies Are Manufacturing Uncertainty About 
Early COVID-19 Therapeutics--And Why'.

Governmental agencies suppress Ivermecti

Let's look at what's happening in Mexico into our present month of May. You'll see that 'Vaccinations' have indeed risen--from much less than 1 million 'fully vaccinated' in early April to nearly 10 million 'fully vaccinated' by mid-May. The chart (6) is from Our World in Data, (7) based in the University of Oxford, UK, and funded in part by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. 

Mexico Vac world in data.png

Next, please see statistics that may surprise and even perplex you. 'Daily New Deaths' in Mexico surge upward--by dozens unto hundreds--by more than 200% in middle April--about one  month after the nation's 'mass-vaccination campaign' has 'ramped up.' The chart is from is cited by  Financial TimesThe New York TimesThe Washington PostFox NewsCNN, and Rede Globo. (9) 

Mexico Daily New Deaths rise.png

How can this be? Yet you'll see below exactly the same, distressing
correspondence between 'mass vaccination' for COVID-19 and huge
increases in Daily New Deaths from COVID-19 ... in Hungary, Mongolia ... and India.

Such a grievous and troubling reality may explain why Dr. Pierre Kory and his colleagues in the Front Line COVID-19 Critical Care Alliance, promoting Ivermectin as a safe and dramatically effective prevention and remedy to COVID-19, are inspiring international gratitude. See below the cartoon of thanks to Dr. Cory from Japan.

It's one graphic from that piece of May 2021 by New York Times' best-selling author Mike Capuzzo for the Mountain Home monthly of mid-State Pennsylvania. Again Mike Capuzzo's excellent, multi-layered and moving piece is titled: 'The  Drug That Cracked COVID'.

The five Physicians who form the core forum for Front Line COVID-19 Critical Care are among the 'top academic critical care doctors in the world,' Capuzzo writes. Dr. Paul Marik brought the five together. Marik, 63, South Africa-born, is an endowed Professor at East Virginia Medical School; creator of the HAT "cocktail" of Hydrocortisone, Ascorbic Acid (intravenous Vitamin C), and Thiamine that's reduced in-hospital death from Sepsis round the world; and Chief of Pulmonology and Critical Care at the 563-bed Sentara Norfolk General Hospital. He was watching dozens of patients die from "the COVID." He recruited Dr. Joseph Varon of Texas and Mexico; Dr. Gianfranco Umberto Meduri of Italy and the University of Tennessee; Dr. Jose Iglesias of Cuba
and Seton Hall in New Jersey; and his protegé, Dr. Pierre Kory, director of the Trauma and Life Support Center at the University of Wisconsin-Madison Hospital. 

'If you go by the traditional measure of lives saved by research breakthroughs or bedside care,' Capuzzo writes, 'Marik, Meduri, Varon, Iglesias, and Kory—four brilliant immigrants from South Africa, Italy, Mexico, Cuba, and one brash New Yorker—are the finest COVID-19 clinician-researchers of the pandemic.' 

Mountain Home front, May 2021.png
Kory and cartoon of thanks from

Dr. Kory received a thankful cartoon from Japan after his testimony to the U.S.
Senate last December about benefits of Ivermectin.


India's roller-coaster ride with Ivermec


Below are charts from India. The first, from the highly informative and cheeky website Daily Expose, depicts the roller-coaster ride in 'New Deaths' attribute to COVID-19 that this second-most-populous nation on Earth has known since Spring of 2020.

You'll see a crest on September 27. Shortly thereafter Ivermectin was widely approved by State agencies as a treatment against COVID-19. Utter Pradesh, population 231 million, added Ivermection to its protocol on October 10; the island of Goa did the same that day. (11) Daily deaths fell with huge savings of tens of thousands lives ... till widespread vaccination with the World Health Organization (WHO)-approved experiments, led by the AstraZeneca / Oxford University double-dose, accelerated in late February. (12) The WHOAstraZeneca and Oxford University are each funded by Bill Gates or the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. (13)

India's roller-coaster ride with Ivermec
India vaccinations 2021 climb from early

Exactly coincident with India's rise in 'Vaccinations' came a similarly steep and giant rise in India's number of 'Cases.' Johns Hopkins University is source for the chart below. (14)

India CV Cases.png

Even steeper and more gigantic was the rise in 'Daily New Deaths'
attributed to COVID-19, its climb on a line with mass 'Vaccinations.' The chart below is from (15)

India New deaths dialy into mid-may.png

Then, April 28, 2021, the All India Institute of Medical Science recommended Ivermectin in its 'guidance' for treatment of COVID-19. (16) The immediate and continuing result of this use is steep drops in COVID-19 Cases across India and especially steep drops in Deaths within India's National Territory State of Delhi. (17)

India graph of Cases March 2020 to May 2
Delhi from Frontline CV-19 Cricial Care

Ivermectin works wherever it's approved and applied in India, just
as it's worked everywhere.


George Fareed.png

Dr. George Fareed,
southern California



Dr. Paul Marik,
eastern Virginia

Screen Shot 2021-05-29 at 11.52.03

Dr. Tess Lawrie,
United Kingdom

Peter McCulloch, closer-up.png

Dr. Peter McCulloch,
Texas, Michigan


"There are pieces in the timeline suggestive of something very wrong going on in the world.... I have seen things in the past year that I can't explain as a Doctor"--Dr. Peter McCulloch, Vice-Chief of Medicine at Baylor University in Dallas, TX, to Tucker Carlson on May 7, 2021.

Peter McCulloch is now age 59. He's been a practicing Physician for 30 years. He has an extensive Curriculim Vitae. His biography on the website Radcliffe Cardiology ('Lifelong Learning for Cardiovascular Professionals) states: 'Dr. McCullough is recognized internationally as a leading figure in the study of chronic kidney disease as a cardiovascular risk state, having over 1,000 publications to his name and over 500 citations in the National Library of Medicine.  (18)


Since April of 2020, Peter McCulloch has watched his father and dozens more who were sick with COVID-19 suffer. In August of last year he and 22 other Doctors recommended early home-treatment to thwart COVID-19 before hospitalization. They included in their recommendation scheduled doses with the anti-viral options Hydroxycholoroquine, Azithromycin and Zinc. (19)

Peter McCulloch was one of three Doctors who spoke at a U.S. Senate Hearing on early home-treatment of CV-19, November 19, 2020. Joining him in advocacy was Dr. Harvey Risch of Yale University's School of Medicine and Epidemiology, author of over 300 peer-reviewed articles and a Physician who treated "the COVID" in Brasil during early 2020. Last July and August Dr. Risch clashed with Dr. Anthony Fauci, Director since 1984 of the National Institute of Allergic and Infectious Diseases (NIAID) in the U.S. National Institutes of Health. They argued in media over Dr. Risch's contention that 'tens of thousands with COVID-19 are dying unnecessarily', as these patients could be healed with 'the medication Hydroxychloroquine.' (20)


Dr. Risch's two-page PDF  'Statement' for the Committee and Hearing lists nine References to Doctors' studies in the U.S., Brasil, and France. (21)


Dr. George Fareed also spoke at the Hearing in support of HCQ, Azithromycin, and Zinc. Dr.  Fareed, Harvard graduate and a Professor there and at UCLA, had by Summer of 2020 treated more than 2400 COVID-19 patients in Brawley and El Centro of California's Imperial Valley (22). 


Opposing the three Physician proponents of early home-treatment for CV-19 with HCQ and Ivermectin and their like was Dr. Ashish Jha. Dr. Jha, 50, was appointed in February 2020 to be Dean of Brown University's School of Public Health. He was previously Director of Faculty at Harvard University's Chan School of Public Health. He's author of more than 200 articles. His research has had, according to Brown University, 'sponsored funding from sources such as the National Institutes of Health, the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, the Climate Change Solutions Fund, and the Commonwealth Fund.' (23) His Bachelor degree from Harvard is in Economics. According to the Desert News newspaper of southern California, Dr. Jha has never treated a COVID-19 patient. (24)

At the Senate's Homeland Security Committee Hearing of November 19, Dr. Fareed offered a paper with his dosages and  results from months of practice in the Imperial Valley. (25)


'Since early March both in my Brawley clinic and Dr. Brian Tyson’s The All Valley Urgent Care Clinic in El Centro (where I also work), over 25,000 fearful people were screened, over two thousand four hundred were COVID-19 positive and we treated successfully many hundreds of the high risk and symptomatic ones. 

We have always used a triple HCQ cocktail: HCQ (3200 mg over 5 days), azithromycin or doxycycline and especially zinc, which is often left out in the studies…. I blend in corticosteroids and prolong the HCQ treatment for 5 to 30 more days if symptoms warrant but they generally do not. I use it especially in high risk individuals (over 60 or with co-morbidities and anyone with moderate to severe flu symptoms)---the healthy do not need the treatment. 

I used this regimen to successfully treat 31 elderly nursing home residents in an outbreak in June and 29 recovered fully.' (26) 


George Fareed.png

Dr. George Fareed in practice.


Dr. Ashish Jha discredited the three Physicians' proposals for
non-vaccine solutions to COVID-19, both in the Hearing and in statements that were directly afforded him by CNNMSNBC, and the New York Times.

Dr. Jha's Times piece of November 24, 2020, concerning the three advocate Doctors and their testimony, was titled 'The Snake-Oil Salesmen of the Senate.' (27)

NYT Snake Oil Salesmen of the Senate Nov

Three weeks later, Senator Ron Johnson, Republican, Wisconsin, called another Hearing of his Committee on Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs.' The Senate Hearing of December 8, 2020 is titled 'Early Outpatient Treatment: An Essential Part of a COVID-19 Solution, Part II.' (28)

Dr. Pierre Kory was among the six Physicians who were Witnesses
at this Hearing. Their credentials are below. Before this Hearing the the New York Times characterized it as a 'forum for amplifying dubious theories and questionable treatments pushed by President Trump.' (29) Clang again to the NYT, for violations of objectivity.

Dec 8 Committe hearing Witnesses.png

Gary Peters of Michigan, ranking Democrat on the Committee, accused the Hearing of "playing politics with public health".
Senator Peters then walked out of the Doctors' Testimony.

Also absent were the six other Democrats on the Committee.

The seven are pinned by Mike Capuzzo in his 'The Drug that Cracked COVID' piece for Mountain Home as the recipients of 'a total of $1.3 million in big pharma bucks from Pfizer, AstraZeneca, Johnson & Johnson, Merck, Gilead, and others).

Capuzzo gives equal recognition to the four seven Republicans also absent: 'including Utah’s Mitt Romney (more than $3 million received from big pharma), Ohio’s Rob Portman ($542,400), and Florida’s Rick Scott (more than $1 million in stock in Gilead Sciences, maker of Remdesivir).' (30)

Dr. Kory's testimony drew over 8 million Views on YouTube before Google's subsidiary removed it as 'misinformation.' 

He said: "We have a solution to this crisis. 
There is a drug that is proving to be of miraculous impact.” He said that the FrontLine Critical Care Alliance was presenting 'a scientific recommendation based on mountains of data that has emerged in the last three months."
The proofs were more than a score. Again I quote Mike Capuzzo's piece. 'The data from twenty-seven studies, sixteen of them randomized controlled trials, demonstrated, with highly statistically significant, overwhelmingly positive, consistent, and reproducible rates, that people who got sick with COVID-19 were far more likely to quickly get better at home when they took Ivermectin. They didn’t go to the hospital. Housemates of people with COVID-19 who took Ivermectin didn’t get infected. People who got moderately ill in hospitals didn’t go to the ICU; they got better quicker and went home faster. Hospitals didn’t get overrun. The drug even saved elderly, critically ill COVID-19 patients from dying compared to those routinely dying elsewhere. Six prevention studies showed Ivermectin reduced the risk of getting COVID-19 by 92.5 percent, superior to many vaccines. Dr. Hector Carvallo, a professor of medicine at the University of Buenos Aires, gave 788 doctors and other health care workers in three medical centers weekly Ivermectin prophylaxis, with a control group of 407 doctors and others who didn’t get the drug. In the control group 236 people, or 58 percent, “had become ill with COVID.” Among the 788 who got Ivermectin, “no infections were recorded.” '

58% of 407 without Ivermectin in the Argentine trial got COVID-19. 0% of 788 in the Trial with Ivermectin did not get COVID-19.

Dr. Kory grew impassioned about his United States, that Tuesday, December 8, 2020. Mike Capuzzo recounts Kory. ' “We have 100,000 patients in the hospital right now dying,” he cried out to the committee. “I’m a lung specialist, I’m an ICU specialist. I’ve cared for more dying COVID patients than anyone can imagine. They’re dying because they can’t breathe. They can’t breathe...and I watch them every day, they die....I can’t keep doing this. If you look at my manuscript, and if I have to go back to work next week, any further deaths are going to be needless deaths, I cannot be traumatized by that. I cannot keep caring for patients when I know they could have been saved by earlier treatment with a drug...that will prevent the hospitalization, and that is Ivermectin.” (31)

The next day, December 9, the New York Times headlined its report on the Committee's Hearing: '
A Senate hearing promoted unproven drugs and dubious claims about the coronavirus.” The NYT report did not mention Dr. Kory or his testimony. (32)

The NYT is now much less than the dominant outlet of reputation past. As noted earlier, whatever defamatory swipes to the Hearing, over 8 million people watched Dr. Kory's testimony before YouTube on January 27, 2021 removed the video from the Channels of FOX News ... and Senator Ron Johnson. Censorship took a bold, if not brave, new step.

On February 2, Senator Johnson wrote in the Wall Street Journal:

'Google’s YouTube has ratcheted up censorship to a new level by removing two videos from a U.S. Senate committee.'

Johnson recalled the letter that he and Senator Rand Paul of Kentucky sent to the National Institutes of Health on December 10 and the NIH's subsequent, continuing denial of approval for Ivermectin as a treatment against COVID-19. (33) You can still see
Dr. Kory's December 8, 2020 testimony, thanks to the FLCCC and Vimeo, here. (34) 


Guilt for crimes against public health make a hand-in-hand line
as regards disrespect for the Hearing's information. First in this company are the 11 Senators who did not attend, live or online. Second, predictable in its 21st-century abandonments of journalism, the New York Times gave its readers neither message nor messenger. Third, and most criminal and perhaps murderous, Google/YouTube ignored the U.S. Constitution by taking away from both a member of Congress and his or her and the Nation's public information for assessment, discussion, and perhaps for saving lives. 

So Dr. Peter McCulloch of Buffalo, NY and Michigan and Texas, had large foreground of causes for concern when he came on the FOX Network's Tucker Carlson Today, Friday, May 7.

Peter McCullough.png

You can watch the entirety of the interview here, thanks to a YouTube channel administered by one reedr6, another of the numberless citizen journalists working the Internet. (35)


Peter McCulloch's broad statements begin around 19:00. As the Doctor goes forward, clearly puzzling and worried, Tucker Carlson registers his astonishment: "This is not the interview I was expecting!"


Dr. McCulloch says: “There are pieces of the timeline” that suggest “something very wrong is going on in the world … and it’s worldwide." He adds that "things are worse in Canada" and that "there are anguishing Doctors in the northern E. U."


The Doctor says: "I have no agenda, but I am deeply concerned that something has gone off the rails in the world. It involves science, it involves the medical literature, it involves the regulatory response, it involves populations kept in fear and in isolation and despair."


Around 24:55 he declares: "I have seen things in the past year that I can’t explain as a Doctor."


For instance ... "There have been three cases in New York, the past year, where seniors are struggling in a Hospital and the families ask their doctors to use Ivermectin, a simple drug that’s used in the early outpatient realm to reduce viral replication, it’s an anti-parasitic drug, very safe and effective, … and the Doctors say, No, we’re not going to use it."


The families then "go to a Court, they get a Court Order, and the Judge says listen to the families and give them some Ivermectin." And: "In those three cases the Seniors survived." (36)

Judy Smentkiewicz.png

Judy Smentkiewicz


Louis Gossett Jr.

Resistance, Persistence, and Victories 

Judy Smentkiewicz is one of those surviving seniors.

She's also one focus among the stories and layers that Mike Capuzzo unfolds in 'The Drug that Cracked COVID'. (37) Judy was 80, living in Cheektewago, NY, eight miles from Buffalo, and retired from 35 years as an office-manager for Metropolitan Life Insurance, but still cleaning houses with her girlfiends "to keep busy", when her back began to twinge and ache and her appetite to falter.

December 22, Judy tested positive for COVID-19. Her son Michael and his wife Haley were already north from Florida to join Judy's other child, daughter Michelle, for the holidays. Their mother was sleeping 12 hours a day and declining any food. They cancelled the planned Christmas dinner; their mother was in quarantine.

December 29, an ambulance carried Judy to the Millard Fillmore Suburban Hospital. Then, New Year's Eve, Michelle, Michael and Haley learned that Judy was transferred to the Intensive Care Unit. Michael started a notebook to gain some control of 
ravaging reality. He wrote: 'Hearing her voice on the phone crack as she agreed to go on the ventilator was HEART-BREAKING.'
He, Michelle, Haley and five others close to Judy prayed and sang and pressed their hands to the brick wall below Judy's room in the ICU on that cold New Year's Eve.
New Year's Day, Haley's mother Jan heard via the Internet Pierre Kory speak about Ivermectin and the drug's "miraculous" record. A first dose of IVM to Judy helped. Then the Hospital prohibited any more Ivermectin to this patient and the family had to engage attorney Ralph Lorigo. Judge Harry Nowak of the New York Supreme Court issued an Order that Ivermectin be used again. Still, the Hospital refused. A further, 40-minute Hearing ensued ... before the four more doses recommended by Judy's physician were allowed. With them, attorney Lorigo says about Judy: "She's off the cardiac floor, she's off the COVID floor, she's cured of COVID, she's released." (38)

Judy Smentkiewicz.png

Judy Smentkiewicz, recovered from COVID-19, with her
dog Calle. Photo by Michael Kilbucki.

Across the U.S., similar recoveries went forward that holiday season. Actor Louis Gossett Jr. (Academy Award for "An Officer and a Gentleman"), so weak from "COVID" that he struggled to walk, checked himself out of Hospital in Atlanta because he preferred to make his transition at home. Ivermectin came to him from a FLCCC Doctor in Florida. Gossett is quoted in his wikipedia bio from his video narrative. "I was desperate. I needed to find something. That ivermectin interrupted a process that was doing me harm. We use it now for the conquering of COVID-19." (39)

Lou Gossett Jr. We Use it now for the co

Louis Gossett Jr. testifies on the uncensoring Vimeo

Others are noted by Mike Capuzzo. Dr. Manny Espinosa was flown by his wife, Dr. Erica Espinosa, to Houston and care from a FLCCC principal, Dr. Joseph Varon. In four days the 'cheap little pill' (Ivermectin) had Manny Espinosa 'sitting up smiling and telling their children about the “miracle” that saved his life. “We see this every day,” Dr. Varon says. “They say it’s a miracle, I say it’s the science, but it’s the truth.” ' 

Natalie Kingdollar, 65, in Rochester, NY, started on Ivermectin with an 83-cent 12-miligram pill bought by her daughter Glenna Dickinson at Walgreen's through a prescription from Dr. Tomas Madejski, internist and chief of medicine at Medina Memorial Hospital, former president of the New York State medical society, a clinical instructor in medicine and pharmacy at the University of Buffalo who also sits on the Board of Trustees of the American Medical Association as an expert in geriatric medicine.

More than 20 patients were treated by Dr. Randy Greller with Ivermectin in Cushing, Oklahoma. ' “The first thing that surprised me was how fast was the recovery in seventy-five and eight-five-year-old people,” Dr. Grellner said.' (40)

We may remember here, too, the tens of thousands in Uttar Pradesh, the National Territory of Delhi, the nation of Mexico and especially its State of Chiapas, and results in Argentina,
Brasil, Paraguay and Peru.

Belem and Fortaleze.png

See, above, results from Ivermectin in two cities of Brasil, Belem and Fortaleza, their combined populations over 4.6 million people. Analysis by Juan Chamie of the FLCCC Alliance.

State of {uno true in Peru.png
State of Tacna in Peru.png

See results of Ivermectin against COVID-19 in States of Puno and Tacna in Peru. Much more can be seen in the 'Epidemologic Analysis' on the FLCCC Alliance website here. (41)

Mike Capuzzo opens his compelling piece, an investigation that includes profiles and short-stories, 'The Drug that Cracked COVID' with this appeal to peers. 'I call on my fellow colleagues, including former colleagues and friends at the Washington Post and the New York Times, to open their hearts and minds to legitimate, unreported doctors and therapies and write about all sides of the Ivermectin story, like journalists always have. It is a historic opportunity. For the first time in the long journey from Gutenberg to Google, journalists may be the ones to save the world.' (42)

Mountain Home front, May 2021.png

Ivermectin and other 'Early Home Treatments' offer ways
out of the COVID mess with which certain Governments still wish to grip, stall and poison humanity's progress.

You can access Ivermectin through this FLCCC web-page here. (43) The benign website provides multiple resources for information and healing. Dr. Pierre Kory says: "It’s really almost totalitarian, what’s happening, when we’re just well-meaning scientists trying to do the right thing by our patients.” (44)

FLCCC Alliance banner.png

Ivermectin is available through many retail outlets.

Ivermectin retail.png

You can see Clinics' and Doctors' statistical outcomes of saving thousands of COVID-19 patients' lives with Hydroxychloroquine (HCQ), Azithromycyin, and Zinc in this piece of mine from last September, 'The Good Doctors and Their Friends: Promoting Remedies.' (45) 

Screen Shot 2021-05-30 at 9.35.28 AM.png

HCQ, too, is available from many sources, retail and online,
for per-dose costs many times less than the amounts charged
by the Big Four of PfizerModernaJohnson & Johnson, AstradZeneca for each 'Emergency Use' shot of their 'Clinical Trials.' 

HCQ (Plaquenil) retail.png

We can take care of ourselves. We can prevent a great many causes of COVID-19 through diet, exercise, and supplements of minerals and vitamins. We can treat the sickness of those who
fall ill with COVID-19 with the 'Early Home Treatments' championed by hundreds unto thousands of Doctors, Nurses, and researchers worldwide. We can refuse the Big Four's gene-based non-vaccines' changes to our DNA. (Please see warmly eloquent explanations from Dr. Bhakdi and Dr. Reiss (46) in the piece below.) We can thus reject the evident enslavement intended by billionaire transhumanists' further idiocy of a 'Great Reset'. We can instead get free once more. We can discover more of the liberating possibilties that human compassion and genius still present for OUR 21st century.

Drs. Bhakdi and Reiss.png

Don Paul and Maryse Philippe Déjean work with Sticking Up For Children
in Haiti and New Orleans. He's the author of more than 30 books and the
leader or producer of 27 albums, the youngest winner of a Stegner Fellowship at Stanford and a two-time qualifier for the U.S. Men's Olympica Marathon Trial. PDFs of his latest books, The World Is Turning and Animals
Are Always Making Music
, are available on this website and trunkloads
of posts and links are up on the We Are Revolutions website. You can hear him read great poems by John Sinclair about American exemplars (Hound Dog Taylor, Alison Miner, Howlin' Wolf, Charles Olson among them) through this link kindly offered by New Orleans' Offbeat magazine here--please check out the "Just One Big Heart" hour on Radio Free Amsterdam. You can, too, if you want to do more of the Internet jump-around for riches at hand to our as yet unchipped minds, hear tracks from inspired and superlative musicians of the San Francisco Bay Area, 1993-1995, here.























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