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Abandoning the World Enslavement Forum: Thievery ($48 Trillion!) and Tyranny We Can Defeat

Updated: Jul 30, 2022

July 30, 2022

I've just spent five weeks with the World Economic Forum. A more lifeless group may

you never have to meet. Every day that I thought my Survey of the WEF (our Survey, I hope) could be finished, more of absurd contradictions (an $111-million estate, a $250-billion yacht, $48 Trillion in Loans to the Western world's biggest Banks over the seven months of 2019-2020 in which a Coronavirus became pretext for an impoverishing Plague across our planet) and infuriating evils (76,253 dead from needless and much-worse-than-useless COVID 'vaccines') came to light. Believe not an "iota"--to quote from Ché Guevara in 1965--of the WEF Programme. It and its 100 'Strategic Partners' are 21st-century embodiments of Mussolini's 'Corporate State'--the State shall devour its people's individuality. Klaus Schwab, Chief Executive for life of the WEF, and his Partners and Agenda Contributors do want billions of us to accept digital, injectable control by Banks. They do want us 'happy' with owning 'nothing.' They want all of us who are creative, independent and loving to be instead like robots, beholden to their forms of Social Credit--or they want us dead.

But ... You may see, I hope, by close of this 6-Part series, how ready and at hand are the means for us to abandon and defeat the WEF. This Forum may better be understood and better named the WEEF (the World Economic Enslavement Forum), or, more simply, the World Enslavement Forum.

May we continue to work at winning freedoms through tools that we deserve to own! May we regain control of our lives! May we celebrate by dancing in the streets!


This 6-Part series from my 'Stands the Human Being' blog, concerning the now 35-years-old World Economic Forum, is meant to affirm or persuade, dear Reader, that a truer name for the WEF, as suggested above, is the World Enslavement Forum.

This Survey of the WEF is big with facts, figures and links. They connect WEF's 100 'Strategic Partners' among multi-national Corporations with Agenda Contributors who conveniently head Corporations or Governments and who profit stupendously from this or that WEF Programme. Many of the WEF's major Partners, individual funders and annual speakers control hundreds of billions of United States' Dollars through their investments and Foundations, as you likely know--Bill Gates, George Soros, Jeff Bezos, Larry Fink, et cetera, et cetera.

Less well-known, of course. are crimes involving Agenda Contributors and heads of Strategic Partners. The media they own are, of course, averse to journalism that reports their employers' misdeeds. Said media seldom do more than lick the hands that feed them. The Series and its Survey offers information never before seen on Airports' Networks' screens. Many friends of the public through their truly independent Websites help this Series show how TRILLIONS of tax-payers' supported DOLLARS have sustained Strategic Partners during our 30 months of Plague under

fraudulent, villainous and mass-murderous COVID pretexts. You may find the

Thievery and Tyranny that we've suffered to be even more galling and monumental

than you previously knew.

You may learn about 'Strategic Partner' Goldman Sachs' part in the theft of at least $4.5 billion U.S. Dollars from Bonds that were billed as benefiting 'Development' for the aspiring middle-class and poor of Malaysia. You may learn about the amiable and star-struck thief Jho Low's $250-million yacht, named Equanimity, and about the $27-million Manhattan apartment and $111-million Southhampton estate of the then Chairman of Goldman Sachs Asia, J. Michael Evans, gold-medalist among Canada's Men's Eight in the 1984 Olympics and from 2015 onward President of 'Strategic Partner' the Alibaba Group, the mainland China-based rival to yet another, you may guess, 'Strategic Partner,' Amazon.

You may learn that J. Michael Evans was among 17 Goldman Sachs executives charged by Malaysia's Attorney General in 2019.

You may watch this President speak on May 24, 2022 among a panel (the panel's title was 'Strategic Outlook: Responsible Consumption') at the WEF's Annual Meeting in Davos, Switzerland. You may hear Evans announce Alibaba's new work-in-progress for traveler's and other consumers--the 'Individual Carbon-Footprint Tracker'.

You may share aghast laughter with me. You may wonder at how sick this once-great athletes and how he dares to speak as he does.

You may tour Bill Gates' four private jets, the four together costing a sum over $150 million, and watch Gates in his Summer 2022 paid pitch over YouTube highlight "jet fuel" as an especially large cause of the " 'greenhouse gases' " which "we" have to combat if we're to reach " 'Net Zero' " by the year 2050. You may wonder at the obtuse

(a favorite word of my grandmother Molly's) hubris of Gates and how sick he, too, looks.

You may already know that Bill Gates is the WEF 'Contributor Agenda' who donates by far the most tax-deductible billions of Dollars to the WEF's neighbor in Geneva, Switzerland (and the WEF's frequent partner in global campaigns), the World Health Organization (the WHO). The WHO is an agency of the United Nations. YouTube, you may already know, is owned by 'Strategic Partner' Google.

In Part 2 of the Survey you may join another group of Public Speakers at "Davos 2022". Their gathering-in-a-circle is titled 'Strategic Outlook on the Digital Economy'. You may watch Nokia CEO Pekka Lundmark predict that " '6G" " will pervade our reality in the year 2030 and that current capacities of " 'Smart-Phones' " will "be built directly into our bodies." You may learn that Nokia " 'Smart-Phones' " have enabled the Governments of Iran (2009) and mainland China (2019) to surveil citizens.

In Part 4 you may learn about the 'Strategic Partner' and multi-national pharmaceutical Corporation Pfizer. You may know--or know again--the promises of

Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla, a Greece-born veterinarian, for the Pfizer/BioNTech 'vaccine' against COVID-19. The oft-said " 'safe and effective vaccine' " was "the greatest medical breakthrough" of the past 100 years', Bourla declared on November 10, 2020, 20 months ago. You may be astonished and anguished to know the number of Deaths and Injuries from COVID 'vaccines' that have been reported to Governments' Agencies through July 16 of this year, 19 months since their first " 'roll-out' " (Pfizer's). That awful number is 76,253 deaths and 6,033,218 injuries 'Recorded in Europe and USA Following COVID Vaccines', as transmitted by the online Health

Impact News and its Editor, Brian Shilhavy. (1)

You may learn that Pfizer's dominance as the COVID 'vaccine' causing

Deaths and Injuries corresponds with its Earnings from literal billions of injections world-wide--at least $51 billion between Pfizer and second-earner Moderna already and more than $100 billion for Pfizer anticipated through 2023.

You may learn that ownership of Pfizer Shares is dominated by the two 'Asset-Management Firms', Vanguard and BlackRock, that are anticipated to control more than $20 TRILLION (permit me the capitalization, please--one trillion is BIG--one trillion equals 1000 billions) of the world's Corporate wealth by the year 2028. You may know, or guess again, that BlackRock is another Strategic Partner within the WEF. You might already feel that World Economic Enslavement Forum, (WEEF),

or the simpler World Enslavement Forum Is a better name for this WEF.

The Survey that I hope you'll take with me encounters even greater, more staggering and revealing, I think, trillions of U. S. Dollars. Thanks to two of the literal dozens

of investigators whom I owe for information and insights, Pam and Russ Martens

of Wall Street on Parade, we may see that the United States' Central Bank, its

Federal Reserve System, and particularly the privately owned Federal Reserve

Bank of New York, gave the 25 Banks that make up "the Fed's" infinitely favored

'Primary Dealers', each of these giants of Wall Street, the City of London, and Switzerland enjoying access to the Fed's 'Discount Window', a total of $47.93 TRILLION

in lending between September 19, 2019 and March 31, 2020.

This span of less than seven months, you know, included onset of the Coronavirus that the World Health Organization would declare a 'Global Emergency' in late January and then a 'Pandemic' on March 11, 2020. The first three months of 2020

begat the COVID Plague that literal billions of us have suffered since. Four of the WEF's ' Strategic Partners', Goldman Sachs and Citi and Barclay's and JP Morgan Chase, are among the six largest recipients of less-than-Market-rate loans from the Federal Reserve Bank of New York in the first Fiscal Quarter of 2020. Investigators forced the Fed to disclose its Loans, two years after the Loans were speedily dispensed, and the Martens dissected this 'data-dump' for analysis. (2)

With these $TRILLIONS we come, I think, to crux of why and how the World Economic Forum is such a Big Lie and such a Bane to people's health and people's wealth around our Earth.

The World Economic Forum functions, of course, to coordinate and voice the aims of its Strategic Partners and its major funders. Leading among its Strategic Partners are the multi-national Banks whose intramural, inside-game speculations ('Repo' is short for 'Repurchase Agreements', the post Dodd Frank Act trading between Banks of Wall Street and the City of London and Switzerland et cetera, et cetera that parallels the 'Market' in 'Derivatives' which CRASHED into the Bailouts and Great Recession so destructive to middle-class and working-class families from 2008 onward.

Other WEF 'Strategic Partners' have otherwise destroyed environments--Chevron in Ecuador, bp in the Gulf of Mexico, Dow from dioxin in Vietnam, Michigan, Colorado, ... (3)

Yes, and two other of the major sellers of COVID 'vaccines', AstraZeneca and Janssen (Johnson & Johnson) are with Pfizer "Strategic Partners' in the WEF. This pair of lesser profiteers from COVID 'vaccines' both exceed even Pfizer and Moderna in their per-dose percentage of both Deaths and Injuries from 'vaccines' in Europe.

You may wish to check out numbers drawn from 27 Nations reporting to the European Union's European Medicines and Agency and its online EudraVigilance publication. (4)

The United States' counterpart to EudraVigilance's reportage is VAERS--the Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System. Its data as of July 15, 2022 'found 1.350,950 cases where Vaccine is COVID19'. And the number

large Concert crowd.

Megan Redshaw writes for the Childrens Health Defense website and its online Defender publication. Please click over and have a look at Megan Redshaw's report of July 22, 2022. (6)

Please look, too, at the screen-shot below of the data for the VAERS three youngest age-groups, ranging now from infants six months old to age 17.

You may see how large a portion of post-shot diseases in the hearts of young people, ages 12 to 17, that Pfizer's 'vaccine' has caused in the United States.

Pfizer: 97% of 62 'reports of anaphylaxis'; 644 of the 656 reports of myocarditis and pericarditis; all of the 164 reports of blood-clotting disorders; and all 20 cases of postural orthostatic tachycardia syndrome.

You may ponder faces of young athletes who have collapsed with heart-attacks soon after receiving a COVID 'vaccine.' One very dedicated researcher has compiled the gallery and video of victims below. (7) Their sobering procession lasts more than one hour and 23 minutes. 1000 athletes in 15 months!

Among the sick or the dead after their shots are 16 in the Brooklyn Half-Marathon on May 22, 2022. (8)

You may wince, too, at the accounts of hundreds of victims whom you can see on (9) Hundreds of victims have become thousands and millions, you may see through EudraVigilance. (10)

'First dose of Pfizer ...', First dose of Pfizer ...', 'First dose of Pfizer ...' The repetition is like bells tolling.

Yet Pfizer and CEO Albert Bourla are celebrated by the WEF. Together they're treated like Benign Conquerors for 'a Healthier World' during "Davos 2022". (11)

'A Conversation with Albert Bourla' features the 'CEO of Plizer', center stage with the World Economic Forum's Chief Executive for life, 84-year-old Klaus Schwab. (12)

Around minute 13:20 of this video Schwab asks Bourla: "What drives Dr. Bourla?"

Bourla responds (and again I bold): " ... I like what I do. I like what we do.... It's also has the additional benefits of bringing good to the world." (13)

You may howl. You may gasp. You may remember the hundreds unto thousands unto millions already injured or dead after their Pfizer 'vaccines.'

The morning of this same May 25th, 2022 the WEF held a Press-Conference that gave publicity to Pfizer. The 'Accord for a Healthier World' announced Pfizer's intention that drugs from it were to be made available to 1.2 billion people in 45 Nations of Africa. Of course, this 'not-for-profit' move by Pfizer WOULD let it be paid for its ostensible costs and for costs of shipping to Africa. Of course, the move may afford Pfizer monopolies as provider. Of course, it may preclude competition from generic drugs. Of course, it may let Pfizer again dump into Africa drugs that are banned in

Nations of the Northern Hemisphere. (14)

have suffered hundreds of thousands of deaths and and millions of injuries from mass injections facilitated by the WHO, provided by Strategic Partners of the WEF, and funded by another panelist in the 'Accord for a Healthier World, Bill Gates. You can read in 'Asante, Africa ...' the account from a medcal worker in the field, Thomas Mountain, about Gates in Eritrea. (16)

In 2018, two years before the completely avoidable COVID Plague upon humanity, the then Chief Operating Officer of Pfizer, Albert Bourla, participated in a WEF

panel with executives from Microsoft and Nokia and Centene and moderator Rebecca Blumenstein, Deputy Managing Editor for the New York Times.

The panel's title: 'Transforming Health in the Fourth Industrial Revolution'. The title's sub-heading (and again I bold): 'From ingestible sensors and AI-assisted doctors to healthcare that is affordable and accessible to all, how are technologies shaping the future of healthcare?'

In WEF video of the panel Bourla grabs a softball, so to speak, in volunteering to answer a question about "patient engagement".

The future CEO says: "I think it's fascinating what is happening in this field right now. The FDA approved the first electronic pill, if I can call it like that. So it is basically a biological chip [cheep] that's in the tablet and once you take the tablet and it dissolves into your stomach it sends a signal that you took the tablet. So, imagine the applications of that" (Bourla spreads his hands as if enlarging a bowl) "compliance! The insurance companies to know that the medicines the patients should take they do, ah, take them. It is fascinating what happens in this field. But of course there will an initial cost that someone is to invest." (17)

The Vigilant Citizen website included Bourla's approval of this 'ingestible sensor'

how acutely and perceptively viewers detest Bourla's presumptions. (19)

You may already share their abhorrence. You may already feel where the WEF wishes to drive humanity. I hope that this short 'Opening Call' gives a handy review of tools that the WEF wishes to command? An "electronic pill ... a biological chip" ... 'ingestible sensors and AI-assisted doctors' ... the "Smart-Phone" to be bygone and "built directly into our bodies" ... "the Individual Carbon-Footprint Tracker" ...

Mad! Madly delusional and destructive as to what partnerships might really 'Improve the State of the World' ... Yet perhaps not mad except as criminals committed to fantastical ends may be mad.

For, you may now see with appropriately angry clarity, the WEF fronts for our world's biggest thieves. May I emphasize again: $48 TRILLION! The WEF's Strategic

Partners want nothing good for all humans' freedom.

Consider these Partners again, please. Consider also the WEF's most major Contributors and these 'philanthropist multi-billionaires' Agenda. Consider these Partners' and Contributors' acts of repression--their subversions of organic community--their dumping for sale into Africa and India drugs banned in North Amerrca-- their ravages of Forests, Lakes, Rivers, Gulfs, Oceans, ...

These mad few want no good for we masses, we of the working-class and middle-class who have created their tools of 'Technology' and thus the 'Earnings' that purchase the private jets of Strategic Partners and Contributors Agenda.

The Few fear We Masses. They fear capacities of ours that out-perform theirs. They fear also what we know of their lies and their crimes. They fear our awakening.

Thus their mad rush toward enslavement or--tell the truth: what do you really see as objective behind the needless perishing of millions due to COVID pretexts?--mass death for us.

They Few have, however, only the powers that we enable. Without our play, their games are gone. Without our "compliance", their Systems collapse.

How much better for a true, multi-racial and multifarious whole of humanity that the Few's systems really and finally fail as their actual crimes and losses should fail? How much better for us that the Great Lender to Trillions-Dollar Thieves of Wall Street, the City of London, and Switzerland, the privately managed Federal Reserve System, should fail as it deserves to fail. How much better for us if criminal

Banksters were sent to prison as they were in Iceland after the last Great Bail-out.

'Local news outlet Fréttablaðið has calculated that in the past few years the Icelandic judiciary has sentenced 36 bankers to a total of 96 years in prison. All of the criminal cases are linked to the notorious crash of the Icelandic banking system in 2008.' (20)

Without exception the supposed problems and supposed solutions that WEF's "Davos 2022" banners favor top-down control through 'Strategic Partners'? Their gulling guises are so obvious--transparent as nerdish campaign-promises.

'The SDGs ' (always the WEF claims proprietary acronyms as self-serving proper nouns that should be acknowledged as benefiting 'all') stands for 'Social Development Goals.

Under cover of 'making the internet safer by tackling harmful content' Strategic Partners such as Google and Amazon could censor even more ... and even more rob mothers and children of their own choices and capacities for critical thinking.

Bill Gates and his Foundation with former wife Melinda and financier Warren Buffett are charged in India, Kenya, and elsewhere of Africa with deceiving or coercing populations into injections that cause polio and sterilization. (21)

So much better for us if we we step away from Big Lies, pills and chips and mass death from Strategic Partners of the WEF or WEEF--the World Economic Enslavement Forum.

So ready and at hand are those steps away from the World Enslavement Forum's deadly, deadly dull, and one-dimensional foolishness.

So much better for us to refuse any 'Revolution' or 'Accord for a Healthier World' sold by Klaus Schwab and Bill Gates and Albert Bourla, et cetera, et cetera.

We have only to look to ourselves. We have only to act for ourselves and for each other in our immediate communities.

Make local global. Everywhere, make local global.

Buy from those we know. Seek out goods grown or made nearby. Embrace

the Farms and Banks that know your name as a neighbor.

Resist. Break free. Leave behind false Partners. Grow into who and what Creations have made us to be.

Boycott, one by one, every Strategic Partner. Pfizer, Chevron, bp, Johnson & Johnson sell straight to consumers for billions of Dollars every year. Leave them alone. Leave them behind. Abandon communication with every Contributor whom you know wants to diminish you, your loved ones, and the unborn. Leave behind all of evil as obvious as its nonsense.

Freedom is an air meant to make us fly. Link arms. Grow strong. The most glorious century of our species awaits our taking control of our creations.


"Step up. Step out. Link arms. Grow strong.

Throw off the fangs, pills, needles, Debts

That eat your life, your future and children.

Boycott this. Boycott that. Embrace

The farms and Banks that you can touch.

Form new unions with tools we own.

You are your answer. We are our answer.

You are our answer. We are your answer.

Rainbow's arch plants to worlds unknown.

The arches we make extend beyond horizons.


13. Ibid.

Don Paul co-founded Housing Is a Human Right (HIHR) and From the Ground Up in

San Francisco, worked as Operations Director for Common Ground in New Orleans,

co-founded the Wesley Untied Digital Arts Center, and currently co-directs Sticking

Up For Children (SUFC) in Haiti and New Orleans with his wife Maryse Philippe

Déjean. He was the youngest winner of a Wallace Stegner Fellowship in Creative

Writing at Stanford University, age 20 in 1971, and held the World Road Best for

running 50 kilometers between 1982 and 1988. His books include four novels and five

collections of poems or songs. He's led or produced 28 albums. The latest of these

are his LOVE OVER WAR and the great Roger Lewis' ALRIGHT! Please click on front-covers to listen on Bandcamp. Photo of Roger by Jake Ricke.

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