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Bill Gates Debugged after 24 Years--Prosecuting the Most Destructive Person Alive.

Updated: Feb 2, 2023


Sham and Shambles

Gates 2017 and 2020

Gates '98 in His Deposition

Gates 2015 and 2017--His 'Next Epidemic'

and 'Next Great Epidemic'

Gates' and Colleagues' 2021 Profits

from the " 'COVID' " and Its Pretexts


Gates 2022: 'How to Prevent the Next Pandemic'

Gates Unchecked by Facts

Gates and I-D Tracking

" ... we're using vaccines to kill people or to make money

or, you know, we started the pandemic"

Our Community of Resisters Is Great and Growing;

The Keys in Our Hands Are There through Millions' Suffering;

The Jolts We Deal Will Make the Waves for Spiritual Revolution.


Sham and Shambles

Bill Gates has for decades invaded societies with means and forces that enable him to control and exploit human beings. The force he wielded with Microsoft in the 1980s and 1990s was software for both monopoly and surveillance.

The force that Gates proposed for his 'Next Epidemic' at Technology Entertainment Design (TED) and the World Economic Forum) (WEF) in 2015 was a 'Global Alert and Response System'. Or: G.A.R.S.

The force that he proposes for 2022 at both TED and WEF with his 'Next Pandemic' is a Global Emergency Response Mobilization. Or: G.E.R.M.

Clever, obsessive Bill. We may see that even his Acronyms scarcely change. Crazy Bill,

you're sure to see from his more and more revealing, public statements, below.

Over decades Gates' pursuits persist unto reasonless monomania. He appears less and less in control of his gestures and other behavior. His hands fly up like birds of prey. His fists suddenly sweep up and pump. He ignores realities (the fatal failures of 'Lockdowns' and 'Vaccines' during our past three years of 'COVID', one reality) that refute his fantasies and manipulations.

Bill Gates to me most represents the Lunatic Few who would rule our world and end human freedoms and creativity. The Few really want to enslave us with their ongoing adaptations of 'The Great Reset.'

The piece below is my latest effort to help us (we Eight Billion Survivors of the Great

" 'COVID' " Scam of the past 34 months) get these Lunatic Few off of our beautiful necks (A poem begins: 'Genes wend to necks like swans / Alabaster and onyx. /Myriad! / ...)

We all may have seen more of Bill Gates since January 2020 than we would have wished. He's visited Big Media platforms at will over 34 months. Neither a Physician, Epidemiologist, or Virologist, he was treated as Expert Authority.

Bill Gates had, after all, "predicted the Pandemic." The Philanthropist had "warned us" specifically through TED and the WEF and the United Nations' World Health Organization since 2015 ... over seven years ... and earlier!

And in 2020--and early as 2017!--Bill Gates offered Solutions that were specific as "a novel vaccine, called the DNA/RNA vaccines" (January 18, 2017) and then the "mRNA vaccines" (April 30, 2020) to which he and colleagues Dr. Anthony Fauci of the United States' National Institutes of Health, Dr. Albert Bourla of Pfizer, Dr. Klaus Schwab of the World Economic Forum, Larry Fink of BlackRock and the World Economic Forum's Board of Trustees, ... already were invested.

Gates in JANUARY 2017, speaking from the World Economic Forum on CBS News, pitched for the mRNA vaccines that have injured and killed millions.

Now, October of 2022, Bill Gates' lies about 'vaccines' are cause for wincing wonder. More and more evidence of the destructiveness. of these 'vaccines' mounts. More in Alberta, Canada died of 'Unknown Causes' in 2021 than any other diagnosis.

Day after day the count of Deaths and Injuries after 'vaccination' rises higher into the millions across Europe and North America. The Sham of the Great " 'COVID' " Scam is now in Shambles.

Yet Bill Gates in his Public Statements and his Platformed Pursuits of 2022 appears unchecked--oh, grim humor--by facts. You can see and hear below Gates persist in absurd non-remedies such as lockdowns (Australia's in particular) and

" 'vaccines' " that we can "inhale". You can hear him plump for his invasive Global Emergency Response Mobilization 'innovation' ... his G.E.R.M. of an idea ... that the W.H.O. would control ... beyond the reach of Nations' citizens and even Governments.

We see astonishing gaffes by Gates in 2022. His perhaps conscious guiltiness comes out in facetious but gratuitous statements such as these at TED in April 2022: " ... we're using vaccines to kill people or to make money or, you know, we started the pandemic".

Bill Gates tells his TED interviewer, Helen Walters, that it's "somewhat ironic" that he's accused of such crimes as "using vaccines to kill people or to make money", when his Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and Gavi have "saved tens of millions of lives ...."

Does Gates not recall the Indian Government's charges of crippling, or sterilizing, or killing poisons in his 'vaccines' ... the evidence of harming 100,000s of injectees ... that drove the BMGF and Gavi out of India? Does his mind not retain that he now faces Charges in the High Court of Bombay, India that his co-sponsored Covishield 'vaccine' killed a 33-year-old Dentist, Dr. Snehal Lunawat, who took the shot in order to keep her job, in March 2021?

Who will prosecute Bill Gates in the United States?

His victims are beyond number. We who have survived the Great " " 'COVID' " Scam of the past 34 months, whether 'vaccinated' or 'unvaccinated', now hold the Keys to our Self-Defense and to Justice. We all may know people among the many millions who have suffered from COVID " 'vaccines' ". We all know now that these billions of injections were "rolled out" at " 'Warp Speed' " under a blanketing blitzkrieg of Corporations' and Governments' lies. Neither the 'novel' mRNA shots sold by Pfizer/BioNTech and Moderna. nor the later, still gene-based shots sold by AstraZeneca/Oxford University and Johnson & Johnson's Janssen Pharmaceutical Company, could EVER prevent infection and transmission of the 'novel', viral disease that the United Nations' World Health Organization named COVID-19 on March 11, 2020.

Millions unto billions of our Eight Billion have suffered needlessly due to the Great

" 'COVID' ' Scam. We may know that millions of lives TRULY could have been saved through Early Home Treatments and Focused Protection. We may know more than one person injured by COVID " 'vaccines' ". We may suffer from such injury or injuries ourselves. We may know, too, people who have died soon after they accepted into their bodies one or more of the COVID " 'vaccines' ".

We all are victims of Bill Gates and a Criminal, Lunatic Few. We all have the means to fight back. Those of us who have suffered most from Gates' and colleagues' profitable lies have the readiest means for fighting back through Lawsuits.

Lawsuits can be numberless as there are victims of COVID and its Pretexts. Those of use who have lost loved ones in Nursing-Homes and Hospitals due to COVID Pretexts hold heart-rending means for gaining some closure and justice ... Those of us fired from our life's work due to COVID Pretexts--Doctors, Nurses, Firefighters, Police, Airlines' Pilots and other Personnel, Military, ... have grievous grounds for fighting back with Lawsuits.

We all can engage in the most public and the most inclusive acts of retribution, justice, and--perhaps above all; 'We are each responsible to all for all,' said Father Zossima--compassionate unity among both 'vaccinated' and 'unvaccinated.'

We now hold the keys to our future. We can wrest the Few off of our billions of beautiful necks.

Gates 2020 and 2017

Bill Gates is a partly pitiable monster. He's appears so sickly and tortured. He appears so unhappy within his skin. He's so limited and predictable in his attributes. We may see him like Ancients' myths of the Hydra.

Like the Hydra, Bill Gates has grown many Fanged Heads throught his investments in Corporations and Governments over more than 30 years.

Gates' investments in Agencies and Alliances--in land, food, water, ...--and in

" 'vaccines' ", ... let both his resources and his Fanged Heads multiply. Like the Hydra, too, Gates in his powers for conquest seems to never rest. He arises from lairs--crosses Oceans secretly as Gulfstream G650ER private jets may carry him--and changes shapes to attack States of India, Nations of Africa, even whole Continents (Australia, ...) for more control and exploitation ... a more whole and perfect World Economic Forum of his and fellow platformed Partners ... the more accurately titled World Enslavement Forum ... or more fully titled World Economic and Technological Enslavement Forum.

Bill Gates said early-on in the Great " 'COVID' " Scam--on April 30, 2020--that seven billion of us human beings "have to get" his recommended " 'vaccines' " into our arms.

Please see Bill's 'Gates Notes' of 31 months ago. (1)

Gates on APRIL 30, 2020, speaking on his 'Gates Notes' platform and thence to CNN etc., pitched again for the mRNA vaccines that have injured and killed millions.

On this date and thorugh multiplied Platforms (CNN, Reuters,etc.) the investor points again to the "mRNA vaccines" whose like he promoted ... three years earlier, in 2017, at the WEF and through CBS News.

How did the one we call "Dollars Bill" know so much about our predicted plight back in late April of 2020, less than two months after the WHO named 'COVID-19'?

Further, how was Bill Gates able to say more than five years ago, in January of 2017, on CBS News and from the World Economic Forum's Annual Meeting at Davos that year: "The idea is to take a new way of building vaccines that can let us develop in less than a year a novel vaccine, called the DNA/RNA vaccines ... " (2)

A Tycoon is always close to Tyrant. We may look to Bill Gates' childhood to see a fears-ridden but ambitious boy. We may see nurture of his increasingly incriminating confidence. We may see there too, that Bill Gates has imagined instruments for dominance since his adolescence. May we see, too, that he thinks that his privileged intelligence can be all-conquering, however limited his body and his worldly experience?

Bill Gates mingled with few as a child. He stumbled in other boys' sports. He was as much sheltered as he was privileged. Also, he was aloof by choice. He knew that pursuits in his own home were far more powerful in their potential (1970s' Dawning of the Computer Age!) than schoolmates could imagine. He would dwarf them. He would bestride them at the least. He would maybe even "piss on" on any peer. He would have women, too. He would fulfill his elitist class's destiny ... and his personal destiny ... to be like an Alexander, Caesar, Napoleon ... without his ever leaving home, desk, Office, Corporation for any stupid battlefield.

He would enjoy revenge--and how!--forever!--against those who dared to slap him upside-the-head with a pie for his and Microsoft's efforts to monopolize control of computers' software and the Internet. Those who dared to cross, or even endanger, Bill Gates would become dead or robots.

Gates '98 in his Deposition

More than 20 years ago, the Federal Judge who presided over Bill Gates' Deposition in the U. S. Government's Anti-Trust Case against Microsoft, Thomas Penfield Jackson, compared Gates' ambitions and arrogance to the Emperor Napoleon's.

You can watch through links below the 42-year-old Gates endure questioning from attorney David Boies in 1998. Dan Goodin of Ars Tecnica recalled the 'spectacular failure that was the Bill Gates' deposition.'

'Two decades ago, the US Justice Department, 18 states, and the District of Columbia sued Microsoft on allegations the Windows operating system represented a monopoly that the company was wielding to prop up its then fledgling Internet Explorer browser, in violation of the Sherman Antitrust Act of 1890. (3)

You might see this look as saying: "Why must I listen to people who are not nearly as smart as I am?"

Gates stated that of course exclusive dominance--in this instance to the disadvantage of Netscape--"would have the most interest" to Microsoft.

Also, Gates said "I don't recall" so often that Judge Jackson laughed. Microsoft submitted two video-tapes that were shown to be altered for exculpation.

It was judged Guilty in 1999 and ordered to be broken into two enterprises. In 2001 another Court affirmed Facts in Judge Jackson's Finding.

That year, the BBC quoted Jackson in its comparison of Gates with a 19th-century battlefield General and and self-declared Emperor, Napoleon (4)

Gates 2015 and 2017--

His 'Next Epidemic' and his 'Next Great Epidemic'

We may say that the past is always prelude for Bill Gates' fixations.

Even his Acronyms scarcely change.

In 2015 Bill talked at TED about a percursor to his Global Emergency Response

Mobilization--his G.E.R.M. of 2022.. In 2015 what the Philanthropic Investor wanted was a 'A GLOBAL ALERT RESPONSE SYSTEM.' (5)

Gates wanted this G.A.R.S. to be deployed like Military. He told his TED and hence global audience--in his typically fragmenting syntax--that: ' 'The best lessons, I think, on how to get prepared or again, what we do for war." '

Below is a slide from Gates' 2015 TED talk. (6)

In 2015 Gates also used the World Economic Forum to advise us and set stages. Bill's heading at the WEF was: 'How to fight the next epidemic.' (7)

The boldings that follow in Gates' 2015 proposals through the WEF are mine. 'Compare all this to the preparation that nations put into defense,' Gates wrote. 'Armies have systems for recruiting, training and equipping soldiers. NATO has a mobile unit that is ready to deploy quickly. Although the system isn’t perfect, NATO members do joint exercises where they work out logistics like how troops will get food and what language they will use to communicate.

Few if any of these approaches exist for an epidemic response. The world does not fund any organization (not even the W.H.O.) to coordinate all the activities needed to stop an epidemic. In short, in a battle against a severe epidemic, we would be taking a knife to a bazooka fight." ' (8)

H'mm ... March of 2015. We know that Bill Gates had by 2015 already funded the United Nations' WHO with billions of tax-deductible USD over more than a decade, through the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, and achieved a position of individual dominance. He could imagine the WHO coordinating his fancied 'mobile unit' from NATO ... This military unit would invade Nations and regions (Africa, India, ...) that Gates' 'vaccines' had already plagued with mass sterilizations, injuries, and deaths. Please see Christina England's and others' detailed histories of Gates' damage. (9)

In 2017 Gates was back at the WEF's Davos meeting. His 'Next Epidemic' had become 'The Next Great Epidemic'.

CBS News offered the non-Physician, non-Epidemiologist, and non-Virologist another platform. (10)

Gates' foresight here in 2017 was specific as to 'novel' remedies that soon would profit him. He pre-programs exactly the scripted realities of 2020-2021 from which millions of people are still suffering: "The idea is to take a new way of building vaccines that can let us develop in less than a year a novel vaccine, called the DNA/RNA vaccines ... You can get into manufacturing quite rapidly." (11)

Gates' touches his his left ear around 0:35 into this video. He touches his glasses around 0:50. He looks so pained and strained that he's almost pitiable.

The most up-voted Comment on this video, viewed by more than 405,000 on YouTube, is: 'Easy to predict the future when you write the script.' (12)


You may want to glimpse some part of the Profits that have accrued to Bill Gates through the "COVID" that he in 2022 bemoans as "awful". In 2021, four years after promoting "DNA/RNA vaccines" over CBS News, Gates was among 10 'Big tech' multi-billionaires whose net worth grew by more than 360 billion during the first 12 months of " 'COVID' ", March 5, 2020 to March 2021. (13)

Gates' recommended investment in vaccines during December 2019.

Pfizer and Moderna and their mRNA 'product' exploded in Profits during 2021.

Pfizer/BioNTech's Comirnaty 'vaccine' gained $36.9 billion in Sales, Moderna's Spikevax $17.7 billion. (14)

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Investigate, Prosecute, and Imprison Bill Gates!


GATES 2022

In 2022, this our third year of the " 'COVID' " Plague and its Pretexts, Bill is back with his 'Next Pandemic'.

Now Bill is with us to not only prepare, but to 'Prevent', says the

World Economic Forum in its June 7, 2022 capsule of Gates' April 2022 presentation at the TED 'New Era' gathering in Vancouver. British Columbia. (14)

Early in the talk, Bill expressed to his 'New Era' audience "how awful" COVID has been. (15)

He bemoaned "millions of lives lost."

He said "the poor" had suffered most.

He compared "COVID" to an 'horrific global fire' and affirmed that individuals needed 'help from the community' to fight both fires and epidemics. He said that societies needed to draw from COVID's lessons to build 'a prevention system.'

Then Bill Gates leapt to his G.E.R.M.

For 'a prevention system', Bill did not cite the Nations and methods that have succeeded best and most in maintaining their peoples health and their economic and overall stability since COVID-19 was declared a global 'Pandemic' by the WHO on March 11, 2020.

Gates did not mention 'Focused Protection' of the elderly and otherwise most vulnerable. (16)

He omitted Africa as a whole. The 53 Nations of Africa and their approximate 1.4 billion people have at least three times less in COVID 'vaccination' and at least five times less in COVID-attributed deaths and injuries. (18) My third Post on the WEF--since renamed the World Enslavement Forum and then the World Economic and Technological Forum, the WETEF--cites data and graphics from Gates' ally Johns Hopkins University and its Our World in Data. (19)

How can Gates not see what's so clear and true in his own sponsored sources' evidence?

Instead, Gates jumped in his 2022 TED talk to his GERM, his would-be, new but permanent force, stationed in Nations and ready to intervene 'when a lot of people show up with a new kind of cough.'

Gates talked at TED 2022 about costs for his GERM and the 3000 specialists at its core ... and the entity that would control these specialists.... the WHO. ''The cost of this team is significant. It's over a billion a year to support the 3,000 people who would be on this team. And its mission is to stop outbreaks before they become pandemics. The work would be coordinated by the WHO. They'd be present in many locations around the world, stationed in public health agencies. They'd work closely with the national teams, depending on the income level. They'd have more in the lower-income countries....' Bringing shots to the "poor" is part of the WHO's Burden.

Gates recurred to 'vaccines'. Let me bold for telltales regarding Gates' and the WHO's and WEF's 'Agenda'.

Gates said: 'When we look at vaccines, they were the miracle of this epidemic. They saved millions of lives, but they can be far better. We need to invent easier-to-deliver vaccines that are just a patch you put on your arm or something that you inhale. We need vaccines that actually block infections…. We need vaccines that are broad spectrum, so they work against most of the emerging variants, which we did not have this time. And we also need factories that are standing by so we can build enough vaccines for the entire world within six months and achieve far better equity.' (19)

Ingesting Gates' words and their denial toward the past 22 months of evidence--registering again how fantastical and self-serving are his wish-dream goals--and hearing his voice of strangulated emphases, one can't help but worry and wonder about his physical and mental health.

How far removed into his own desires is this personality? How sick is Bill Gates? One remembers the megalomania most consistent in his character. "The issue that would have the most interest to us," he revealed in his 1998 Deposition as his and hence Microsoft's focus in their bullying manipulations. Has his own ego deranged him. Somehow--despite all that one knows about Bill Gates' deceitful crimes and consequent mass-murders in India, Africa and NATONations over more than 15 years--his delusions and how he strains to deliver and maintain them arouse empathy. His disconnect with everyday people's reality must sometimes pain him.

Does Bill Gates really believe that "vaccines ... were the miracle of this epidemic"? Does he not know that COVID 'vaccines" and especially his vaunted Pfizer/BioNTech and Moderna mRNA 'vaccines' have FAILED--failed completely to prevent infection and transmission--failed injuriously and fatally in Europe and the United States. Please see Governments' own gatherings of facts, published regularly on the Health Impact News website. (20)

Surely he knowss that COVID 'vaccines' have failed in Germany with enormities of 'Excess Deaths.' (21)

Surely Bill Gates must know, too, that COVID 'vaccines' have failed and killed in the United States--have failed, injured and killed most grievously among those ages 12 to 45. (22)

Surely Bill Gates' many-headed sources have reported from January 2021 onward how COVID 'vaccines' immediately and progressively murdered vulnerable populations in Gibraltar (23), Upstate New York (24), Spain (25), Israel (26), Alberta (27), ...

How far within the web of illusory COVID propaganda does Bill Gates live? He stated to his TED audience in British Columbia: 'Now, we did have countries that did a good job. Australia is an example.'

Can Gates not know that Australia is the Prime Example in the British Commonwealth of States' obedience to WHO directives (Lockdowns, Closures of Businesses and Schools, Masks, Censorship and Denial of cheap anti-viral drugs, Coerced Injections, ... ) FAILING to prevent infection and transmission of the COVID disease? Does he not know that COVID 'vaccines' in Australia are putting hundreds into Hospitals?

Thanks to one of many careful researchers on the Substack platform, data-analyst Joel Smalley, we know that the 'vaccinated' in Australia's most populous state, New South Wales, are now 37 TIMES more likely than the unvaccinated' there to be hospitalized due to the disease known as COVID-19 and its Variants. (28)

Gates may or may not believe in the already failed remedies that he wants the world--in its elitist form of the WHO and WEF bodies that's he's in large part purchased--to deliver.

What matters most is that he's intent on pushing through his Global Emergency Response Mobilization, his GERM through channels of the United Nations' WHO and the WHO's effectual parent, the World Economic Forum. Both WEF and WHO reside with '51 international Banks' in Geneva, Switzerland.

Gates and Helen Walters of TED exchange words of encouragement for his G.E.R.M.

at the 'New Era' showcase in British Columbia.

Walters invites Gates to answer: " ... who's running this, how does this work, how do we make this happen?"

Gates replies that his "this" can happen through a resolution at the WHO's 'World Health Assembly' the following month, May. He executes a characteristic sidetrack--to World War II and the United Nations--and then re-affirms with the confidence of one who's always won or bought his way: "I'd be stunned if we don't go forward with something pretty close to what I'm laying out there." (29)

Gates may have been "stunned" by African and other Nations' rejection at the World Health Assembly, May 24 into 27, 2022 of a Biden-Administration sponsored Amendment that would have enabled the WHO and its 'International health Regulations' to deploy just such a force as his G.E.R.M. Please see the courage

and ingenuity of activists with the World Council for Health, along with many links here. (30)

Further, whether Bill Gates is a witting criminal or a delusional maniac in the damages that he's done to humankind matters less than our being rid of the damages that he's done and that he proposes.

During months of 2006's work with "Common Ground" in New Orleans (Common Ground Relief and the Common Ground Collective shared members and the abbreviated, spoken name_), we long-termers came up with a summary of how to treat a volunteer whose actions were sabotaging our progress in the Upper and Lower 9th Wards and the Woodlands apartments-complex.

"Well, he's either crazy, or a plant, or both, but anyway, he needs to go. We need to stop his destroying of what we're trying to do." (The sabotaging volunteer was always a him, by the way; the women Coordinators in "Common Ground" were wholly committed to CG's gutting of houses and Schools, our Gardens, Clinics, Legal Center, ...)

In Vancouver, BC, April 2022, Bill Gates and Helen Walters (head of 'Curation' for TED), teamed in a dialogue that cast critics of him into the status of "crazy people".

'HW: This has been pretty personal for you. You know, the anti-vaxxers are out there, they are loud, and this has become personal. I just wanted to ask, like, how are you managing that?'

Gates' answers favor him, of course. He responds with praise for his Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and Gavi first. Let me bold--I so love Bill's crazy, syntactical twists. 'Now, our foundation, the Gates Foundation, is very involved in vaccines, the invention of new vaccines, funding vaccines. And we're very proud that through joint efforts like GAVI, that saved tens of millions of lives. So it's somewhat ironic to have somebody turn around and say, no, you know, we're using vaccines to kill people or to make money or, you know, we started the pandemic, even some strange things like, that I somehow want to track, you know, the location of individuals because I'm so deeply desirous to know where everybody is.' (32)

Regarding the question of Gates' desire to 'track ... individuals', neither Gates nor Walters mentions, of course, the ID2020 Alliance that the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and Gavi have funded with many millions USD since 2016. (33)

During its 'Summit' in New York City, September of 2019, one month before the BMGF-sponsored Event 201 that simulated a Coronavirus pandemic, the ID2020 Alliance announced that it had partnered with the City of Austin, Texas and the Government of Bangladesh to inject homeless in Austin and infants in Bangladesh with identity-tracking 'vaccines.' (34)

The report by on September 20, 2020 explains more beneath its succinct heading, Let me bold. 'Newborn in Bangladesh and homeless in Austin, Texas were among the 'partners' set to receive the vaccine-with-ID. The CEOs of both Gavi, Seth Berkley, and ID2020, Dakota Gruening, spoke about their mutual objective and supposed benefit: closing "the identity gap." ' (33)

A piece of mine from October 28, 2020, titled 'Hitler, Gates, IBM, the ID2020 Alliance and Vaccines with 'Digital Certificates' (34) may help you see how selective Gates' memory is, again. Dollars Bill through the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) requested and funded a novel means, the 'Dot Tattoo', for tracking the 'vaccinated not later than 2019.

'Science Alert revealed about MIT's December 2019 'Dot Tattoo':

'The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation funded the team's research, which was published in the journal Science Translational Medicine on Wednesday.

According to a Scientific American story, the project came about following a direct request from Microsoft founder Bill Gates himself, who has been personally involved in efforts to eradicate polio and measles through vaccinations.' (35)

Please examine the graphic from Science Translational Medicine that's published

We may wish to note that Gates' $2 million 'donation' (read: tax-deductible investment) to MIT was facilitated by Gates' frequent companion between 2011 and 2013, Jeffrey Epstein. (36)

Does Gates really expect his omissions or outright lies to not be found out? Does some largely unexamined part of him want, in fact, to be found out?

Regarding the question that Gates raises as to whether "we're using vaccines to kill people or to make money." neither Walters nor he mentions, too, of course, the Charges that this promoter of COVID 'vaccines' faces in India, this year of 2022, for his facilitation of 'vaccines' that killed a 23-year-old son (37) and a 33-year-old Dentist, Dr. Snehal Lunwat (38)

'India's National Adverse Event Following Immunisation (AEFI) committee has finally acknowledged that the death of Dr. Snehal Lunawat, a 33- year-old doctor from Maharashtra working in Gurugram, was due to a rare blood clotting event that occurred after she took Covishield.'

You will guess, too, that neither Gates nor Walters mentions the Charges against him and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundations SINCE 2013, charges that have resulted in the BMGF's eviction from States of India and Nations of Africa.

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. chronicled some of the offenders' history in early April ... of 2020. RFK Jr. wrote (the bolding is mine):

Bill Gates, we see, has years unto decades of causing mass deaths from his sponsored or mandated 'vaccines.'

He has years of predicting or begetting 'epidemics' or 'pandemics'. He has statements and outcomes plain as dates and places and fatalities and injuries on his record.

Why does he bring such subjects up in so public a platform as a TED presentation? Does he think no one consequential observes him? Has he succeeded so profitably and so long in his crimes and deceits that he assumes impunity is forever due his purchased eminence?

Or does some secret gnawing, some uncheckable stirrings of both self-knowledge and remorse, move him near conscience? Or are his delusions now so deeply coupled with his unquestionable arrogance that he can't help himself from crazy behavior--from self-generated suppositions that any Prosecutor or Attorney would delightedly explore to their deepest reaches.

"He's either crazy, or a plant, but anyway, he needs to go. We need to stop his destroying what we're trying to do," we agreed in "Common Ground", New Orleans, 2006.

Lawsuits are under way against Bill Gates in 2022. Lawsuits proceed at the level of Bombay's High Court in September 2022. (40)

Meanwhile, up to our current month of October 2022, Dollars Bill sails along and feeds on familiar courses. He flew on to Davos, Switzerland for the World Economic Forum's Annual Meeting, May 24 to 27. There, he convened with colleagues such as Pfizer's CEO Albert Bourla to offer more Drugs to Africa (41)

In August of this year the WEF followed with offers of more Debt to Africa... without acknowledging, of course, the root guilts of international Banks--such as the 51 with headquarters in Geneva, Switzerland--in whatever 'crisis' may somehow afflict an entire, resources-rich Continent. (42)

This past Summer Bill Gates also flew about in one or more of his four private jets (43) ) to speak on global platforms about "climate change" and humanity's need to decrease "our' production of " 'greenhouse gases.' " (44).

You see, the 66-year-old grows more absurd in his contradictions. His flimflam falls back on Transparent Bogeys. "Greenhouse gases"! He and other Agenda Contributors can only field more of Con-Games to try again for We Masses' impoverishment and destruction and for their, the Lunatic Few's, profits and empowerment. But we Eight Billion Survivors now know too much.

Our Community of Resisters Is Great and Growing;

The Keys in Our Hands Are There through Millions' Suffering;

The Jolts We Deal Will Make the Waves for Spiritual Revolution.

Bill Gates and his colleagues in the WEF and the WHO and in international Banks of Geneva, Switzerland have never felt the Jolts of a Winning Opposition.

They have even less ever felt the Waves of a Spiritual Revolution ... that will leave them high and dry.

We can deal such Jolts. We can ›make such Waves.

Below is a list of Lawsuits under way or in prospect, found within a search of Articles by the Defender online publication of Childrens Health Defense.

This October, too, the website Health Impact News gave a graphic ranking of its most-viewed 'Top Stories' of the Week. The stories speak to horrors that surround us. 'Security

Cameras' showed 'COVID 19-vaccinated' individuals evidently hallucinating and then collapsing. One victim fell beneath a freight train's wheels. Over 30,800 viewed this video.

The next most-viewed 'Story' was: '100,000+% Increase in Strokes'. Health Impact News' editor, Brian Shilhavy, wrote in detail about his findings from the U.S. Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System (VAERS. Let me add bolding to increases that he states.

'What I am going to show in this article today, using the U.S. Government’s own data in VAERS, is the explosion of neurological diseases that have been reported following COVID-19 experimental shots, as compared to all FDA-approved vaccines for the previous 30 years. We will see, for example, that cases of Aphasia (the inability to comprehend or formulate language) increased 6,808% in 2021, cases of palsy, primarily Bell’s palsy (facial paralysis), increased 3,614% in 2021, cases of encephalopathy (disease of the brain) increased 3,128% in 2021, and cases of strokes, primarily ischaemic strokes (blood clots in the brain), increased by an incredible 101,863% following COVID-19 vaccines in 2021.' (46)

Then in the 'Top Stories' list: Two in Japan were found with unnatural inflammation in their hearts soon after each received a Pfizer/BioNtech 'vaccine', as reported respectively in the publications Legal Medicine and Thrombosis Journal.' (47)

Then: three M.D.s in Italy used 'dark-field microscopic analysis' to assess the blood of 1006 recipients of either the Pfizer/BioNTech or Moderna mRNA 'vaccines'. Blood of 94% of the 1006 'showed aggregation of erythrocytes and the presence of particles of various shapes and sizes of unclear origin one month after the mRNA inoculation.' (48)

Tolls are sure to mount. Evidence is already grisly unto science-fiction grotesquery.

But ... AS EVER... We hold the keys to our self-defense. Our health, freedom,

and our futures are in our hands.

Investigate, prosecute and imprison Bill Gates and dozens more.

One spear to its heart can slay a Hydra. Billions of linked arms can take down Empires. WE can turn the world upside-down.

With Compassionate Unity, we Eight Billion Survivors can leave our victimized oppression under the Lunatic Few.

We can make with Our Tools the New Worlds of Cooperation, Creativity and Prosperity that are more possible than ever now.

For more H-O-P-E, please see these several of the more than 30 writers and sources whom I read on SUBSTACK. I listed them in a piece of last August about the 'WEF's Soft War' killing millions ... like 'NAZIs' Hard War' had killed millions. (49) Check it and its particular Lunatic Few (Freeland, Macron, Newsom, Trudeau--WEF Young Global Leaders all--out if you wish; for me, knowing our enemies' 'Banality of Evi' (Hannah Arendt) thoroughly may best help ... 'To Prevent the Next Pandemic.'

Now for some good people ... Some of our truly Great Majority. Here's that quote and set of thank-yous to Substack writers and sources, with hyperlinks to their Substack sites.

'Joel Smalley is one of scores of authors telling truths on Substack. My window of Subscriptions on this online platform looks to more than 30 writers (47); Dr. Paul Alexander (48), Dr. Pierre Kory (49), the Frontline COVID-19 Critical Care Alliance as a whole (50), Dr. Robert W. Malone (51), Celia Farber (52), Margaret Anna Alice (53), Karen Bracken (54), Edward Slavsquat (55), eugyppius (56), Steve Kirsch (57), RESCUE with Michael and Teresa Capuzzo (58), Peter and Ginger Breggin (59), Sage Hana (60),

Dr. Tess Lawrie (61), and Mark Crispin Miller (62) ... are just some MORE who give facts, insights and inspiration, often with élan and humor and always with heart.'

Indeed, there's a great and growing community out there. Joel Smalley, the England-based data-analyst who's quoted above, regarding COVID-hospitalized in New South Wales, Australia, recently passed 15,000 subscribers on Substack. Margaret Anna Alice recently passed 20,000. A worldwide 'Reignite Freedom' movement (50) is emergent, starting this past September from Victoria, Australia, and already has posted eight Steps for Global Walkout. (51) Also, the tirelessly helpful Frontline COVID-19 Critical Care Alliance (the FLCCC) hosted more than 300--most of them Physicians and Nurses--(52) at the FLCCC's Educational Conference in Orlando, Florida, October 14 to 16. (53)

For more on Bill Gates and the Few, please see:

'Bill Gates' Lies Are Killing Us' from April 2020, with some focus on Jeffrey Epstein and the WHO;

'Hitler, Gates, IBM, and Vaccines-with-IDs' from October 2020, with some focus on IBM and MIT.

'Monsters Mentor Monsters' from February 2021, with some focus on Klaus Schwab,

Henry Kissinger, and crimes against children and against 'the Third World'.

For uplifting victories against oppressors and enslavers, please see "The Woman King", (54) the most popular movie in the United States during middle September 2022. (55)

Lessons in fierce courage and Wa.










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