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The WETEF Wants Missouri (with my thanks to Substack Authors for their Illuminations)

Updated: Oct 25, 2022

Klaus', Bill's and Yuval's Song

to the World Economic and Technological Enslavement Forum


The world could be shaped

As small and as square

As minds like our own!


Every child could be shot

To conform soon after it was born

(A Digital AND DNA System)!


A COVID, a Pox

Could kill all "useless people"

Before they're much grown!


Sleek, blue-and-white Spaceship

We would leave the Earth happy

With nothing but I-D's to own!

The World Economic Forum has co-hosted an Annual Summer Meeting in China

since 2007.


The World Economic Forum needs an expanded, truer name, don't 'cha think?

A name more grand. A name less neutral--a name less Switzerland!

A name that more bespeaks this 35-year-old (yes, in 1987 Executive Chairman for Life Klaus Schwab went global with his European Management Forum and birthed the ever-growing WEF we know today) vehicle's real ambitions, deeds, and designs.

Is not the WEF of 2022 'Committed' to a 'Digital Future'? Do not all its Meetings', Conferences' and Platforms' Leaders promise us of poor, struggling, inadequate humanity that we must fall further behind 'Artificial Intelligence'?

Have not all of the WEF's 'Urgent Plans' since January 24, 2020, addressing the 'Novel Coronavirus' that the WEF called 'Wuhan' even then, focused on 'a vaccine' ... A 'vaccine' that all 8 billion or so of us poor, vulnerable 'Sapiens' must inject for our and our poor, struggling Cities', Countries', Grandparents' and Infants' 'health ... Vaccines whose novel nano-particles will 'help' us with tracing and tracking our Digital I-Ds

Oh, WEF, with your be-all and end-all, 'Technology', what boons do you Two bring us "useless people"! ... How much easier for us to simply 'implant' our Smartphones to better order our inevitable 'Digital Future'! ... How much better for us if we 'help' our nominally elected Governments in their 'Public/Private Partnerships' with international Banks! Help them to manage our finances, our food, our 'Social Credit', our 'Digital Future', with those devices now implanted in our bodies and our brains! "Why have a Digital System when you can have a DNA System?" Dr. Charles "Andy" Morgan asked West Point students at the Modern War Institute in 2018. For more

on Dr. Morgan and the humane Dr. Bhakdi and Dr. Reiss please click, sometime,

on the banner below.

Oh, help us, W-E-F? Help us help ourselves and help us all and help us all to help you, dear WEF! Help us decide! Help us decide for our poor, struggling and overloaded convenience where and if we can shop ... whether we're to live or die that ... so that we in the once-prosperous Industrial World can share a poor, disempowered Fate with those billions of people who still are so exploited, deprived and vulnerable in the Neo-Colonial Cities, Countries, Continents that Banks and other Corporations dominate, oh, WEF ...

Oh, and Oh, oh WEF, must we not see that these literally blood-sucking and back-breaking Banks and other Corporations are among your 100 'Strategic Partners' oh, WEF?

Yes, oh, blue-and-white WEF, how can we not see you Central, oh, WEF, in shackling these poor billions into straitened submission through the wholly iniquitous, from-the-top-down Economies and privileged, from-the-top-down Technologies that your 'Young Global Leaders' and 'Young Global Shapers' and Heads-of-State 'Agenda Contributors' and 100 'Strategic Partners' and 115 'New Champions' impose, perpetuate, and, yes, exacerbate, oh WEF?

Truths will ouf, oh, WEF! Isn't a better, expanded name for you: the World Economic and Technological Enslavement Forum?

The WETEF! Say it, make it, BIGGER and make it BOLD!

The WORLD ECONOMIC and TECHNOLOGICAL ENSLAVEMENT FORUM! The WETEF, forever and unto all the days of its Lords, their Acolytes in Fortress Castles and Headquarters, and their Descendants.

Let's see.

Let's look at a World Economic Forum that’s grown far more famous and notorious over the seven years since Bill Gates began to use this 'Forum' as his platform for promoting 'vaccines' as the 'solution' for a 'Next Epidemic'

If anyone embodies programs of the WEF and the WEF'S fellow resident in Geneva, Switzerland, the United Nations' World Health Organization, that person is the leading, private funder of both global bodies. Yes, we're talking about Dollars Bill.

Bill Gates told us again in 2017, speaking from the WEF's Annual Winter Meeting in Davos, Switzerland. The regularly far-sighted Gates advanced then the prospect of "a novel vaccine, DNA/RNA vaccines."

Yes, Dollars Bill was that prescient, that precise! And the 'novel vaccine' could be developed 'in less than a year'!

Gates told his Network applauder CBS News: "The idea is to take a new way of building vaccines that can let us develop in less than a year a novel vaccine, called the DNA/RNA vaccines ... You can get into manufacturing quite rapidly." (2)

See and hear Gates through the link below. Watch him touch his left ear. Watch him touch his glasses. Watch his many nervous giveaways. You may have to squint to read the top Comment, from 'watchman on the wall': 'Easy to predict the future when you write the script.' (3)

Gates returned to Davos 2022 .., with another 'Next Pandemic'. (4)

Bill was again preparing. Ah, but now he was preparing to 'Prevent'.

He elaborated on 'How', now, through another favored acronym and platform for Transhumanist projections, TED (Technology, Entertainment, Design) and its Talks. Gates spoke via TED on April 22, 2022 (5) and the WEF presented an excerpt on June 7. (6) Well-coordinated, wot?

What Bill advanced for us this year was one more whopper from whatever and/or whomever feeds his brain: the Global Emergency Response Mobilization.

Yes: the GERM. Clever, wot? The GERM in Bill's head is a 3000-member Team of epidemiologists, clinicians, front-line responders ... readied, trained and deployed into Nations by the World Health Organization ... the WHO for which Dollars Bill is by far the largest, private, multi-billionaire funder ... this GERM of the WHO

meant to fly into action like 'firefighters' during the next, certain 'Outbreak' and Contagion'.

Bill's GERM squads could complement and ENFORCE proposed Amendments to the

WHO's International Health Regulations that would themselves let, as I wrote last June, 'the WHO's Director General, Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus of Ethiopia, a long-time beneficiary of. the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, declare a health Emergency, and even a Pandemic, within the the borders of any WHO member Nation.'

Then the Gates-funded Director could 'form a Committee of his choosing to direct responses--even unto quarantines, closures of Schools and businesses, and mandatory injection with chosen vaccines--to address the declared Emergency.' (7)

Why is Bill Gates not called out on stages? Why is he not laughed off stages? Why is he not yet arrested and prosecuted? India has charged Gates' with murder through 'vaccines' since 2014. (8)

He's charged in India again through two separate COVID-'vaccine' cases of 2022. January here. (9) September here. (10)

Why don't we have Charges against Gates in the United States and Europe? Charges that will entail Discovery, Depositions, and many Trials for Bill Gates ... the leading funder, orchestrator and profiteer of the WEF and of the World Health Organization? (11)

Let's go straight-on back to the WEF. Let's review defining language of the WEF. Does the WEF say outright that it's 'Committed’ to combining Economic centralization with Technological ‘innovation’ to ‘Improve the State of the World’?

Two World-Improvers in 2016.

Is the WEF forever presenting 'Leaders' who insist our 'Future' must be 'Digital'? The CEO and President of Thomson Reuters, Jim Smith, prescribed in 2019 'the digital future we need'. (12)

Are the WEF’s and indeed all of ‘Transhumanist’ expectations for our species’ based on the premise that Artificial Intelligence must 'out-perform' humans’ creativity and intelligence? Is the WEF forever trumpeting United Nations'-spawned Acronym 'Goals' (SDG, ESG, ...) that we must fulfill? (14) Who set up the WEF's 'race to meet the SDGs'? Who created SDGs? The Bank of America tells us about Partners. (14)

Yes, all mandate or otherwise coerce toward the 'goal' of employees and customers injecting COVID-pretext poisons. (16)

And: Do ALL of these ‘Partners’ and their Investments DESTROY MUCH, MUCH MORE of humans' environments and STUNT MUCH, MUCH MORE of humans' development than ALL of the eight billion or so of us who make up the Earth's human population?

Do slogans of the WEF's such as 'You Will Own Nothing and Be Happy' echo Benito Mussolini, head of Italy's Fascist Party and Prime Minister of that Nation from 1923 till 1943? Mussolini wrote: ’The Fascist conception of life stresses the importance of the State and accepts the individual only insofar as his interests coincide with the State.' (17)

Economist and engineer Klaus Schwab wants all to work for a Corporate State, too. Let's have a scan of Klaus, too, before we enjoy, thanks to Substack author Eugypius, a humorous look through the Schwabian 2020 book COVID-19: The Great Reset.

In 2016 Schwab and co-author Nicholas Davis published The Fourth Industrial Revolution. They wrote about the perceived need for societies to keep their aged working. The bolding here is mine. The prose is Schwab's and Davis'.

'Aging is an economic challenge because unless retirement ages are drastically increased so that older members of society can continue to contribute to the workforce (an economic imperative that has many economic benefits), the working-age population falls at the same time as the percentage of dependent elders increases'. (18) Thus an end to rewards, such as Social Security, for a life well-worked

Schwab's three books of the past six years favor outright replacement of humans through technology.

Drones fly high in his estimation. 'Drones represent a new type of cost-cutting employee working among us and performing jobs that once involved real people'.

In fact, as foreseen by Schwab/Davis in 2016: ‘“Sooner than most anticipate, the work of professions as different as lawyers, financial analysts, doctors, journalists, accountants, insurance underwriters or librarians may be partly or completely automated.

Indeed, Schwab and Nicholas Davis anticipate in their 2018, two-years-before-COVID- 19 book, Reshaping the Future, that humans will themselves be automated.

Humans will, in fact, the pair foresee, self-automate.

'Fourth Industrial Revolution technologies will not stop at becoming part of the physical world around us—they will become part of us. Indeed, some of us already feel that our smartphones have become an extension of ourselves. Today’s external devices—from wearable computers to virtual reality headsets—will almost certainly become implantable in our bodies and brains.’ (19)

Technological? Absolument! Economic? One and the same with the Technological!

Both Economic and Technological twained toward human SCE... SCE being, don't-cha-know, one more awkward acronym: Stakeholders Convenient Enslavement.

Yes! Yes, we must say Yes! Implantable--or Injectable--Digital I-Ds will enable Economies!, Individuals and Societies to be ENTIRELY controlled through Technology.

Oh, I am warming to this WEF-Speak! ... Oh, I can feel It--It--It--the I.I.I.R. (oh, Acronym)--the Inevitably Imminent Industrial Revolution) coming--coming--coming!

We survivors may see that COVID-19 and its Pretexts were intended to advance the WEF’s Agenda with Trumpian ‘Warp Speed’ We may further perceive that WEF ’Strategic Partners’ of the Western world have mandated ‘Vaccines’ to disable and reduce human populations ... Likewise, we may see that the WEF’s 115 ’New Champions’ among Corporations of Asia hasten to compel the key of a ‘Digital ID’ into every citizen and/or worker.

Yes, Dr. Charles "Andy" Morgan, you told IT true at the Modern War University, West Point, in 2018! "Why have a Digital System when you can have a DNA System?"

Decimation and Enslavement through Vaccines. D-E-V ... The Devil of a Development!

The WETEF, in other words--plain, thorough, and true! Say IT loud! Make it bold! The WORLD ECONOMIC and TECHNOLOGICAL ENSLAVEMENT FORUM!

Ah, but We, the People, now know too much. Thanks to sources such as Substack authors, we and what we now know are most dangerous to Tyranny.


Since early July of 2022 three Substack authors have published pieces that illuminate the World Economic Forum. Early July is also when I began Subscriptions to

many more writers on the Substack platform. More than a few are Physicians. Over 20 are now my 'Recommendations'. Very welcome and refreshing are their contributions! Their hearts are in their work. Their styles are warm and personal--passionate, even--and they deliver information and opinion with an often funny edge. Almost all are animated against Big Lies of the COVID Plague and are moving with concerted energy toward humane and positive solutions.

Margaret Anna Alice considers the WEF at length and in detail in her ‘A Mostly Peaceful Depopulation’. Margaret Anna Alice especially examines heralded WEF advisor Yuval Noah Hariri. (20)

and pondersous ‘Schwabisms’ may make you laugh with wonder and delight. (21)

These three authors, like many on Substack, are distinct in their forms and style. They shape their material with purpose and flair.

Margaret Anna Alice in her nearly book-length ‘A Mostly Peaceful Depopulation’ focuses sections on Yuval Noah Hariri. She quotes the Israeli Pop historian opining that masses of humanity have become “superfluous”. You may see that Hariri’s pronouncements are in their sweeping simplification like those of his professed admirer, Klaus Schwab.

Yuval Noah Hariri--some call him a 'Prophet'.

Useless people? Like the similarity of Klaus Schwab’s statements to Benito Mussolini’s, Hariri’s words may or may not be witting in their echoing NAZIs’ perspectives and programs.

The skinny and balding 40-something continues with his views as to “a solution” and the “ultimate destiny” of people--that is, our poor, outmoded, obsolescent species.

Hariri (Little-Hair-I, you may notice) thinks that we should be addicted to Drugs and Gaming. We should, first and last, fulfill our destiny to "just be consumers."

“My best guess, at present, is a combination of drugs and computer games as a solution for [most]. It’s already happening.… Maybe the ultimate destiny of homo sapiens is just be consumers. You don’t need humans for anything except as consumers.”

Don't 'cha just smile, fellow Sapien, at how sheltered and skewed little Hariri's

life-experience must be? He brings to mind Louis Armstrong’s generous excuse as regards a square bandleader and suspected snitch: “He just ain’t lived much.”

Hariri does, however, judge that humans are able enough to need monitoring.

He agrees with his patron Schwab, too, in the opportunities for surveillance that are introduced through COVID-19. Hariri says that people need to be monitored “under their skin.” He advocates "total biometric surveillance."

COVID is critical because this is what convinces people to accept, to legitimize, total biometric surveillance. If we want to stop this epidemic, we need not just to monitor people, we need to monitor what’s happening under their skin, their body temperature …”

How can we accomplish this "biometric" advance for humanity? How? The WHO, that's how. Small-boned, middle-aged Yuval agrees with big-boned, aged Klaus about the World Health Organization, too.

The skeleton of such a global anti-plague system already exists in the shape of the World Health Organization and several other institutions. But the budgets supporting this system are meagre, and it has almost no political teeth. We need to give this system some political clout and a lot more money, so that it won’t be entirely dependent on the whims of self-serving politicians.”

Yes-Yes-Yes, the WHO, the WEF’s fellow resident in Geneva, Switzerland along with 51 international Banks, should rule Nations’ public health. Or: should it?

Again Hariri is like Schwab in contradicting himself. “As noted earlier, I don’t believe that unelected experts should be tasked with making crucial policy decisions. That should remain the preserve of politicians.

We'll leave the " 'Prophet' " now. He's said enough, through the lens that Margaret Anna Alice provides, to make his callow confusions clear.

Now let's enjoy Eugypius of Substack.

This author has fun with Klaus Schwab. His focus of 'Terrifying Vacuity' is Klaus Schwab’s and Theirry Malleret’s COVID-19: The Great Reset of July 2020. The book regularly astounds Eugypius with its crudity, hyperbole, laziness, and lack of empathy

So impressed was Eugypius that he began to collect ‘Schwabisms’. He strings together a sequence from a span of 225 pages in the book. Let me add bolding again, please.

Eugypius on Schwab and Malleret. ‘These are brief statements that are so tautological, banal or bizarre that they ought to embarrass any author. Statements like “Everything now runs on fast-forward” (p. 7); or: “Complexity can be defined as what we don’t understand or find difficult to understand” (p.31); or: “If an observer can only make sense of ‘reality’ through different idiosyncratic lenses, this forces us to rethink our notion of objectivity” (p. 121); or: “Predicting is a guessing game for fools” (p. 126); or: “Many states that exhibit characteristics of fragility risk failing” (p. 127); …or: “In times of adversity, innovation often thrives – necessity has long been recognized as the mother of invention” (p. 232)’

Don't 'cha wonder? Can Dr. Schwab not be conscious of his clichés? Or are his platitudes and his physical awkwardness part of a Psy-Op-through-Persona? Are we meant to mock, rather than combat, a clown like Colonel Klink of the 1960s' Network TV series --Hogan's Heroes--?

Eugypius, however, recognizes that the WEF’s Chief Executive for Life has large roles to play: an Elder's affirmation and assurance for Young or at least younger globalists.

One base that Klaus Schwab never leaves is the WEF’s and United Nations' keystone of ‘global governance.’ He always comes back to this fixed point for a One World order. He argues that ‘In the face of … a vacuum of global governance, only nation states are cohesive enough to be capable of taking collective action, but this model doesn’t work in the case of world risks that require concerted global decisions.’

And so: ‘Global coordination will be even more necessary in the aftermath of the epidemiological crisis, for it is inconceivable that the global economy could ‘restart’ without sustained international cooperation.’

Of course, we know that economies at Town, City, County, State, and National levels were regaining revenue and strength rapidlytheir late 2021 and early 2022… till War in the Ukraine and Governments’ strangling of supply-lines compelled the kind of crises that the … WETEF exists to promote and exploit.

Let me point now to three earlier studies of Schwab and his less-than-great Reset. The first, from October 2020, is voluminous. The Winter Oak website's 'Klaus Schwab and His Great Fascist Reset has 137 endnotes, a rebellious overview, and a defiant close. (26)

Winter Oak's examination alerted me to much in background and connections. Late November of 2020 I published 'The Great Reset Is a Global Techno-Fascist State.'

In this piece I tried to trace Schwab's psyche to his childhood.

'Klaus Schwab was born on March 30, 1938 in the prosperous town of Ravensburg and very southern Germany, the State of Baden, nearby Switzerland. Baden was a State in which the Nazi Party had first successes (1933) and also a State that led Germany in forced sterilizations (1934) after passage of Nazis' 'Law for the Prevention of Generically Diseased Offspring.' ... Klaus Schwab's childhood consciousness formed during the brutal, orderly rise of Nazis' Third Reich. The child Klaus also felt this Reich's brutal, chaotic fall. He was a baby during blitzkriegs. He was in short pants when Karlsruhe and Stuttgart and Munich were bombed into jagged shells of Cathederals by Allies' Air Forces.' (27)

That is, I tried to suggest that Klaus Schwab's childhood traumas cause him to grasp for certainties that he can hold tight as the right fist that he's wont to wag.

In February of 2021 journalist Johnny Vedmore of Liverpool, England and the Unlimited Hangout website published 'Schwab Family Values.' (28) Johnny Vedmore's and the website's effort is one of broad uncovering. Again let me bold some of the piece's information.

'In this Unlimited Hangout investigation, the past that Klaus Schwab has worked to hide is explored in detail, revealing the involvement of the Schwab family, not only in the Nazi quest for an atomic bomb, but apartheid South Africa’s illegal nuclear programme. Especially revealing is the history of Klaus’ father, Eugen Schwab, who led the Nazi-supported German branch of a Swiss engineering firm into the war as a prominent military contractor. That company, Escher-Wyss, would use slave labor to produce machinery critical to the Nazi war effort as well as the Nazi’s effort to produce heavy water for its nuclear program. Years later, at the same company, a young Klaus Schwab served on the board of directors when the decision was made to furnish the racist apartheid regime of South Africa with the necessary equipment to further its quest to become a nuclear power.' (29)

In August 2022 I wrote about the NAZI connections of another higher-up in the World Economic Forum, Chrystia Freeland, Freeland is Canada's dual Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Finance. (30)

Chrystia Freeland is above with seven other of the 31 WEF Trustees, including Larry Fink of BlackRock and Mark Carney, once of Goldman Sachs and the Bank of England and now the United Nations' Special Envoy for Climate Action and Finance.

Banner-image courtesy the Western Standard of Alberta.

Freeland and Justin Trudeau commanded the theft of more than $10 million from Canadian truckers' and supporters' of the truckers' 'Freedom Convoy' last February. (33) Click the banner below to see those great, humane rebels in Canada. (34)

The grandfather whom Freeland continues to extol, Michael Chomiak, was Editor of daily and weekly Ukrainian-language newspapers of Krakow, Poland that propagandized for the NAZI Wehrmacht between 1939 and 1945. The six years in which Michael Chomiak served as Editor included the 'Holocaust by Bullets' of an estimated 1.5-millions Jews who were shot dead--thousands of them in mass graves--during 18 months of 1941 and 1942 by NAZIs and their collaborators. (35)

Now let's turn to 'Global News' to which Dr. Robert W. Malone linked on his Substack.

On September 5 and September 7, 2022 Dr. Malone brought us updates regarding the

World Economic Forum. The links reached from small-town Missouri to three Nations of Central America to the WEF's Annual Summer Meeting in Dalian or Tianjen of mainland China.

A scene from Cape Girardeau, Missouri.

Another 'Young Global ... Network' through the World Economic Forum.

Dr. Malone's round-up of 9/5/2022 (36) reports on a new Global Shapers' Hub for the WEF in the town of Cape Girardeau, Missouri.

The Southeast Missourian ran a story by Gary W. Rust II on this addition to the town of about about 39,000 people, midway between St. Louis and Memphis, along the Mississippi River.

'What do Cape Girardeau, Algeria, Kuwait, Gambia and Lichtenstein have in common?

They are all newly-formed hubs of the Global Shapers Community sponsored by the World Economic Forum.

Alright, WEF! Your GSC believes " ... young people are central to solution-building, policy-making and lasting change.”

Newly arrived in Cape Girardeau are Global Shapers Kalyan Gauthan of Bangalore, India and Courtney Cannell of Portland, Oregon. Gauthan is 31 and Cannell his near peer. Both have worked in multiple international locations over the past decade. Let me bold for emphases below.

The Southeast Missiourian continues. ' “Having lived in the UK, Dubai, Manila, Hong Kong and Singapore, I have always been involved in social initiatives through Global Shapers, contributing to a greater cause,” Gautham said.... To succeed, Gautham knew he needed help. Enter Courtney Cannell. Cannell relocated to Cape from Portland with her own startup opportunity. Having lived abroad in Ecuador and Peru, she also worked for the government of Spain on immigration issues and with U.S. Senator Jeff Merkley in Oregon, which were precursors to her move to Cape and quest for a cause-based community.

“We found we had similar personal pillars and a passion to make a difference,” Cannell said about Gautham.'

Do you see an apparatus of overt, proudly publicized Cells (Cape Girardeau #481) multiplying? Could these Hubs grow to "penetrate" (Klaus Schwab's boast at that

Harvard John F. Kennedy School of Business in 2017, 50 years after K. S. studied there with Henry Kissinger) Governments? (38) ... Click below to watch Klaus boast.

A scene from Latin America.

Dr. Malone also linked to a WEF 'initiative' that unites participants from Guatamala,

Prepare, please, for more of WEF language. The WEF piece of August 18, 2022 by Spencer Feingold, Digital Editor, Public Engagement, World Economic Forum, quoted Marisol Argueta, 'the Forum's head of Latin America' Let me again bold.

'Business leaders gathered last week for a series of high-level events in Guatemala, Honduras and El Salvador to kick off a new initiative that aims to contribute in improving socioeconomic conditions and environmental resilience across the Northern Central American countries.

The initiative, organised by the World Economic Forum, supports the implementation of better environmental, social and governance (ESG) reporting standards and the adoption of various stakeholder metrics by the private sector. The launch was rolled out in partnership with local business organisations: CentraRSE in Guatemala, COHEP in Honduras and Fundemas in El Salvador.

"Amid an increasingly challenging context confronted with overlapping global crises, public-private collaboration and the decisive action of local leadership are even more necessary to improve economic, social, environmental and governance conditions,” said Marisol Argueta, the Forum’s head of Latin America.'

ESG, don't 'cha know, is all about compliance with the United Nations' SDGs--'Sustainable Development Goals.' Again let me bold. The language below might amuse

Robert Musil in grand command of Bureaucratese in his The Man without Qualities.

'The adoption of ESG metrics and disclosures can help bolster digital and financial inclusion, food security, clean energy, skills development in the workforce and public health access, to name a few positive outcomes. Moreover, they can enhance the private sector's contribution to improving socioeconomic conditions and environmental resilience, attracting investment and fostering regional and global trade opportunities that align with international standards.'

Voila, WEF-Speak for a world of '51 international Banks.'

Do you see anyone among the 'high-level members' and 'private sector leaders' who appears to work with his or her hands? Do you see anyone Brown or darker in skin-tone? Click on the photo above for more.

of a less notorious WEF Annual Meeting than its Meeting at Davos. (40)

Jeremey Harrigan tells us: 'The WEF Annual Meeting of the New Champions (“Summer Davos Forum”) has been held each year in China going back to 2007, with Tianjin and Dalian taking turns to host.'

Harrigan quotes from the daily tabloid Global Times, published through the People's Daily conglomerate of the Chinese Communist Party, to recount how long Klaus Schwab has fostered connection with mainland China. In 1978, as a mere 40-year-old, 11 years after his studies with Dr. Henry Kissinger at Harvard University’s John F. Kennedy School of Business, ‘Dr. Schwab extended an invitation to Deng Xiaoping ...' to attend the then European Management Forum. ‘Deng didn't attend himself, but he sent a high-level delegation headed by Qian Junrui, Director of the Institute of World Economics and Politics of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, to the 1979 Annual Meeting. Three months later, Dr. Schwab visited Beijing with a European business delegation that included 20 CEOs. The two sides signed a memorandum of understanding in Beijing and established contact. From then on, China has never been absent from the Davos meetings.’

How big is the WEF's 'Summer Davos' in either Dalian or Tianjin?

Jeremy Harrigan describes, through the extensively detailing and repetitive prose of Global Times, the WEF / CCP Annual Meeting of the New Champions in 2019 at the Dalian International Conference Centre.

‘That particular three-day WEF annual meeting, also known as WEF Summer Davos, was held July 1-3 with the theme — Leadership 4.0 - Succeeding in a New Era of Globalisation. Chinese premier Li Keqiang inaugurated the meeting on Tuesday morning. WEF founder and executive chairman Klaus Schwab and Liaoning Province governor Tang Yijun spoke on the occasion. An astounding assembly of over 1800 leaders, including heads of state and government from more than 120 countries, business, civil society, academia and the arts, from across the world gathered at the port city of Dalian in Chinese Liaoning province which is a trading and financial centre in North-eastern Asia and known as the Hong Kong of Northern China…..’ (41)

So: the 'Summer Davos' attracts 'over 1800 leaders, including heads of state and government from more than 120 countries, business, civil society, academia and the arts, ...'

So: the gathering of 115 'New Champions' complements the WEF's 100 'Strategic Partners' with a vast but specific regional reach: Corporations can more effectively 'cooperate.'

In January 2021 China's President, Xi Jinping, addressed the WEF''s virtual Annual Meeting. It was Xi Jinping's second speech of high prominence at a Davos Meeting since 2017. His third came last January.

Host Klaus Schwab responded with particular praise for Xi Jinping's speech in 2021.

The Chinese news-agency Xinhua gave a report of Schwab's praise, a report in which I will again bold. 'Chinese President Xi Jinping's speech at the World Economic Forum (WEF) Virtual Event of the Davos Agenda on multilateralism on Monday was "historic" and came at a crucial point "in the history of humankind," said Klaus Schwab, founder and executive chairman of the WEF.

"The speech of President Xi Jinping was historic. Four years after he made a famous speech in Davos, in 2017, where he emphasized the need for the world to embrace multilateralism, he came back to this proposal and notion of multilateralism at a very crucial time in the history of humankind," Schwab said in a video message sent by the WEF to Xinhua.' (42)

We may wonder what the 'multilateralism' embraced by Xi Jinping and Klaus Schwab could mean to the millions, billions "useless people" designated by Yuval Noah Hariri ... and to the 'stakeholders', however skilled, whom Klaus Schwab tells will be 'Sooner than most anticipate ... automated.'

Xi's virtual speech to the WEF this past January recurred to his years-long theme

of 'cooperation.'

His speech is translated by the WEF on its website (as 'part of The Davos Agenda').

The speech of 2022 as translated repeats watchwords of the WEF's. Again I'll bold some of them. 'Economic globalization is the trend of the times.... Countries around the world should uphold true multilateralism.... We should guide reforms of the global governance system with the principle of fairness and justice, and uphold the multilateral trading system with the World Trade Organization at its center. We should make generally acceptable and effective rules for artificial intelligence and digital economy on the basis of full consultation, and create an open, just and non-discriminatory environment for scientific and technological innovation.' (43)

Again: the authoritarian, supranational 'rules' of 'global governance' are supposed

Xi's translated speech goes on to endorse the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change and to wish 'synergy with the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development and so as to 'boost common development across the world.'

Will this 'synergy' be in part driven by BlackRock, one of the WEF's 100 Strategic Partners?

Jeremy Harrigan's contribution to Dr. Malone's Substack concludes with two links that both involve BlackRock (Vanguard and BlackRock are the West's two leading 'Asset-Management Firms', controlling together hundreds of Corporations and trillions of Dollars) in partnerships with mainland China. (45)

One BlackRock breakthrough is a rather minor opportunity: a BR-fronted $1 billion

'initiative', shall we say, for Chinese citizens to speculate in mutual funds--the 'BlackRock China New Horizon Mixed Securities Investment Fund.' The Wall Street Journal reports on this 'First Chinese Mutual Fund Run by Foreign Firm.' (46)

The second, concluding link in Jeremy Harrigan's piece on Dr. Malone's Substack takes us to BlackRock's and Vanguard's profitable part in enabling Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) whose indices contain 'Chinese companies building and modernizing the CCP's military.'

A Shanghai-made aircraft-carrier is the latest named 'product' for increasing investors' wealth through the Vanguard and BlackRock ETFs. The Coalition for a Prosperous America reports on August 18, 2022. (47)

BlackRock's CEO, Larry Fink, sits among the 31-Member Board of Trustees for the WEF ... along with Chrystia Freeland, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Finance for Canada, and Mark Carney, once of WEF Strategic Partner Goldman Sachs and the Bank of England and now United Nations' Special Envoy for Climate Action and Finance. (50)

The long arms and means of the WETEF, not the simple and seemingly neutral WEF, we may see again.

The World Economic and Technological Enslavement Forum!

A Forum for the Tiny Few ... to guise and gull and tell us, We Masses, we Eight Billion-or-So, we who dig the earth and pick the crops and make the chips, ... we who bring the Banquets their food and the the Boards their riches, ... we of the Working-Class and the Middle-Class who have always created the MOST of inventions and wealth toward human progress and freedoms ... The Tiny Few still want to order us, one way or another, order us through their concocted crises, now and to 2030 and forever .. The Tiny, Sick and Small-Minded Few of the WEF that's truly a WETEF still try to tell us through their Partners and Champions, their Agenda Contributors, Meetings, Hubs, Shapers and Leaders, how we are--"Useless people"!--and must be and must do? Their Developments are the Devil against our illimitable godliness.

We know now and forever--know from the genuine compassion, cooperation and creativity still flowing between us on every Continent--who we are and what we

can do.

The World Economic and Technological

Enslavement Forum (The WETEF)



















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