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                                   QUOTES and LINKS

‘Like Shakespeare and Jack Kerouac, Langston Hughes and Carson McCullers, Don Paul uses words like music.’


‘Read these poems and listen for the music that is there.’
MATT GONZALEZ in his Foreword to the 2002 book of poems and prose and songs, Flares.


‘Don Paul’s novel Good Intentions proposes and explores the only kind of revolution that seems possible in North American in these days of Reaganocracy.’
on the 1986 'novel about revolution'.


‘I was moved deeply by Don Paul’s poetry. A way sane as dance.’
JEANNETTE ARMSTRONG on the 2000 book of poems, Pulsing


‘One of the San Francisco Bay Area’s artistic treasures.’
WANDA SABIR in the San Francisco Bay View, 1998.


‘A fascinating and breathtaking tour de force…. A must-read for anyone who is questioning the media’s spoon-fed journalism of recent world events and is asking themselves, “What the hell is really going on here?” ‘
JEFF ADACHI on 2002’s
“ 9/11’ “ / Facing Our Fascist State


‘Don Paul is a young writer who shows all the signs of possessing an important future…. Fresh, original, and very lively … His insights are always his own and his mind illuminates unexpected aspects of his subject.’
JOHN W. ALDRIDGE on 1981’s Lawrence and Mann Overarching; Once Üp

‘Lawrence and Mann Overarching ... reveals unexpected connections between these two great novelists and it provides new readings of their major works. Don Paul is an appreciator. His essay leaves me with the feeling that, yes, Lawrence and Mann were giants who overarch our world of dwarfs and marionettes.'
MALCOLM COWLEY, on 1981’s Lawrence and Mann Overarching

‘Don Paul lives with three dogs in a flat piled high with books, LPs,
and folders in San Francisco’s North Beach. He’s produced brilliant
albums by Glenn Spearman, Lisle Ellis, India Cooke and Paul Plimley
during the past five years.’
ALL ABOUT JAZZ  interview by GLENN ITO in 2000.

‘Don Paul's work reaches the core of the crime of 9/11/01, follows it beyond US boundaries to its global roots, and is one of the rare efforts that also moves the case forward as a serious criminal investigation. Paul's books also are inspiring, touching on social movements and figures that point toward solutions to benefit all.’
VICTORIA ASHLEY on 2008’s The World Is Turning

‘Excellent, soulful, political.’
BLACKLIST MAILORDER on 1982’s AmeriModern

What really happened on September 11, 2001 remains one of the burning issues of our day. Don Paul is to be commended for ... linking this issue to the financial 9/11 going on right now. A man of diverse talents (novelist, poet, musician, environmentalist), Paul is also focused on presenting practical solutions for a sustainable future.'

’Whether soccer-playing in Tanzania, punk-rocking in London, or logging in Alaska, Don Paul searches for--and yes, even finds--spirit, noble effort, honesty, hope.'
AMBY BURFOOT on 1981’s Lawrence and Mann Overarching

‘A real eye-opener.’
BURNING TODDLERS on 1986’s Just Like You


'Everything expressed by Don Paul has the ring of truth, beauty, balance, and love.... No one has taught me more about the greatness of our human potential.'

‘May Don Paul and his Rivers of Dreams band flow on, exciting our feelings and imaginations, for a long time to come.’
AL COLON, show-host on WWOZ, 2018

'The best kind of revolutionary upbeat sound.'
FACTSHEET FIVE on 1989’s album We Could Use The Rain

'Don Paul's Good Intentions proposes and explores the only kind of revolution that seems possible in North America in these days of Reaganacracy.’
LAWRENCE FERLINGHETTI on 1986’s Good Intentions /
A Novel about Revolution

‘Read these poems and listen for the music that is there....
If you read carefully you will hear Don Paul, transparent of heart, singing his songs.’
MATT GONZALEZ in his Foreword to 2002’s Flares

‘Don Paul is a voice that will likely last far beyond our time.’
MICHAEL ROGERS, novelist, futurist for the New York Times

’The poetry and music intertwine in a beautiful way and it’s all very moving and inspiring.’
PAUL SIEGEL, 2014, on the GALLOP TRIO of Don Paul, Alex de Grassi, and Hamid Drake

’Don Paul is an original voice in American poetry and a mesmerizing performer.’ APRIL SMITH, novelist
‘A great performer!’ ISABELLE JACOPIN, painter
‘It’s a marvelous book, lovely and heartfelt. Don Paul is New Orleans’ Lou Reed.’
THOMAS ZIGAL, novelist, on 2015’s  Animals Are Always Making Music
‘Don Paul’s voice in Animals Are Always Making Music is so authentic and full of heart that it sounds like a drum and sings from the book’s pages. It calls for our personal and collective self-determination.’ PAUL PLIMLEY
’Your past is your future repeated / Unless and until you listen to Don Paul—and transform!’ THOM WOODRUFF, poet,
‘Don Paul is a great conveyor of truth through poetry and music and magnetic presence.’ TARA SUFIANA, writer and dancer,
1980 to 2013
'I was moved deeply by Don Paul's poetry. A way sane as dance.' JEANNETTE ARMSTRONG

'Good Intentions is superbly realized, its scope and depth of characterizationdazzling.' TILLIE OLSEN
'Fresh, original, and very lively. Don Paul's insights are always his own and his mind illuminates unexpected aspects of his subject.' JOHN W. ALDRDIGE

'One of the Bay Area's artistic treasures' WANDA SABIR, San Francisco Bay View 'Another Woody Guthrie? Cool.' SOUND CHOICE

‘In Houston my appreciation for Paul’s immense multi-talents as a writer, musician, and an advocate for change grew.’
MARK WINITZ, California Track & Running News
‘What a range of emotions and ideas! Don Paul writes pissed-off poems that flare and flame and then turns around and writes poems of lyrical tenderness that somehow don’t collapse into sentimentality.’ CHUCK KINDER

'Don Paul has long cut a wide swath with his poetry and music. His collaborations over the past year with musical master adepts in New Orleans have broken new ground in a series of stunning presentations.' JOHN SINCLAIR
‘What does the attack of 9/11/2001 have to do with the 2008 Wall Street Bailout. If anyone can help us to understand these events, it’s Don Paul.’ JIM HOFFMAN
‘A poet, pure of heart, who gives off a light that either blinds or illuminates.’ DAVID RUBIEN


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