How many and how great are Community and College Radio-Stations across North

America! They're a world of variety and vitality outside Airports. They feel like the real America of many races. They're of before-Americas and boundlessly ambitious and creative and pollinating immigrants. They let free-form fly ... Fly even more now because much more from all Continents is here now for our ears and eyes.


And the love! The love you can hear and see in infinitudes of show-hosts' playlists!

The Sterne-like whimsy and O'Keefe-like beauty and Whitman's and Neruda's and jeanette Armstrong's embrace of what our unending skeins and strains have to offer.

Several have welcomed  The Time We Have (Meld #1) since early October 2020. Maryse and I are amazed and grateful. Thank you, Kate Smith and Richard, Bill, Kevin

of the KS Promotions (KSP--recalling the wonders-trove of ESP releases) team.


Thank you to each of the 65 Stations across North America and the several elsewhere that have put The Time We Have (Meld #1) tracks into the air.


Nine Stations have charted the album as Top-10 Jazz. One Station has charted it #1.

It's all quite wonder ful and mysterious to us.

Thank you, WODU and WZRD, WMSE and our hometown WWOZ, KCSB and WRIR, WWSP and the Jazz Gallery and by name Jay, Marta, Dave, Ron, Jerry, Mike, Cole, Hobart, Sakura, Erin, Trudy, ...


The whole reach and communicatiom feels like magic--this reach from strangers. It feels like places named in still vibrant songs.

Ron Pelletier's Jazz from

Gallery 41

Part of the great work done by Kate Smith Promotions

And on and on and on ... Monday morning with Trudy Leong on WZRD  ... Josie Falbo,

Jorge Garcia, Billy Jones, The Motet,  Burning Spear, Bela Fleck, The Specials, Dub Syndicate, Enrico Morricone, Magazine, Portishead, Django Reinhardt, Bonobo, Melvins, Les Paul, ...