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'Like Shakespeare, Jack Kerouac, Langston Hughes and Carson McCullers, Don Paul uses words like music.' DAVID AMRAM

'The kind of adventurous mix I like ....
Hamid is, well, Hamid and Kidd Jordan is something special.... 'The Same Way the Water' and 'Motor Land' are mighty fine story-telling, I'd say.' JONATHAN RICHMAN

'I love the energy and poetry in this
album, the stories it tells, and its celebrations of Goddesses. It's both
excellent and wonderful.'

'The album is like a journey through
Don Paul's life. The musicians are superb and respond in total sympathy
with the lyrics.' KATRINA FREY


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CDBabyTheTimeWeHaveBACK COVERTheTimeWeHa

"I love Meld One! I listen to it every 
Sunday morning while doing my
dishes." K. CHANTELLE

"I love it!" DAVE BLEVINS,
Music Director, WODU

"I just like it," JOHN SINCLAIR.
Radio Free Amsterdam

'The poetry and music of Don Paul
are, together, very passionate and
Director, International Poetry Festival,
Cali, Colombia

'thanks for the hard work and beauty
in this great project.' 

'Many thanks, Don, from a fan of great music and message.'


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The Time We Have (Meld #1) gathers 13 tracks from six albums, recorded between 1989 and 2018 in San Francisco and New Orleans.

It features many great musicians. Included are Don Paul's Suspect Many bands of San Francsico and members of his Rivers of Dreams band in New Orleans. Hamid Drake, frame-drum and voice and then

drums-set on two tracks dfrom his and Don's album Singing In The Airport. The GALLOP Trio of Hamid,

Alex de Grassi and Don Paul, with three tracks from their Make Magic GO album that owes to film-maker Melissa Gregory Rue. Kidd Jordan on tenor saxophone and Morikeba Kouyaté on kora in three tracks from their album with Don Paul Women Center, Earth, Sea and Sky.


You can STREAM the first four Tracks of The Time We Have (Meld #1) on Bandcamp.


You can also click to SEE the album's PERSONNEL


You can also click to SEE the album's BOOKLET and its pages of ILLUSTRATED LYRICS. 

Sticking Up For Children's partner for this album is the United States' first producer of organic and biodyamic wines, Frey Vineyards of Redwood Valley, California.

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