With Kidd

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1. Interview with Kidd
about Fred Anderson
by Joseph Chonto

2. 'Fanfare' (from and for 'Glenn Spearman) performed
with Kidd, Oliver Lake, Alvin Fielder, Darrell Lavigne, and Brian Quezergue--9:50 to

3. Interview with Kidd
by Ted Panken.

4. Pages about the 'Seventh Sun' Concert in tribute to Kidd.

5. The elegant and extensive KiddJordan.com website. 

8. Over 25 further Links to audio, video and print about Kidd.

Kidd Jordan and Don Paul after performing 'Fanfare' (for and from Glenn Spearman)
with a band of Oliver Lake, Alvin Fielder, Darrell Lavigne and Brian Quezergue in a 
benefit for the Louis Armstrong Summer Jazz Camp at New Orleans' Café Istanbul 
on May 1, 2014. One still from a video by Aristide Phillips that's part (9:50 to 20:15) of the 'Wings betyond Wings' compilation on YouTube.

Kidd and Fred in 2009, photo by Michael Wilderman.png

Kidd Jordan and Fred Anderson in a photo by Michael Wilderman
from Bill Shoemaker's website Point of Departure

Fred and Kidd by Michael Wilderman on Bill Shoemaker's Poit of Departure website.png

Another great photo by Michael Wilderman on Bill Shoemaker's vastly informative website Point of Departure

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Interview of Kidd, concerning Fred Anderson, by Joseph Chonto on his YouTube Channel, Some Real Music. 

Listen and see here for the respectful sympathy and astute inquiries of Joseph Chonto and the down-to-earth eloquence of Kidd. 18:49--"Every hit is memorable with Fred." Fred Anderson,
master musician, educator, club-owner, passed in 2010.

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Kidd with Ted Panken.png
Kidd with Ted Panken 2.png

Journalist and broadcaster Ted Panken interviewed Kidd in 2002.
Their exchange and Kidd's expositions are again inspiring. 

What I learned from this talk led--in part--to my conceiving the 'Make Your Own Shoes and Fly' project with a would-be GALLOP Sextet of Kidd, Alex de Grassi, Hamid Drake, William Parker, Paul Plimley, and myself. Kidd's talk about growing up on the southwest Louisiana Prairie amid newly electric Blues and Zydeco, late 1940s into 1950s, and then studying both Charlie Parker and eastern European composers, brought a lot back to mind. The nearest that 'Make Your Own Shoes and Fly' has come to performance is the 'Seventh Sun' concert at the New Orleans
Jazz Museum on November 1, 2019. A summary of the project's grounding in Kidd's history and its intentions is below.


Make Your Own Shoes and Fly.png
Musicians and Wirters on Kidd.png

A web-page from the set for 'Seventh Sun' and Kidd at stickinguprforchildren.com

Rachel Jordan, violinist and one of four professional musicians among 
Kidd's and Edvidge's seven children, spearheaded the assembly of an extensive and elegant website.


Kidd Last Trane to BNew Orleans.png

Below are more stills from Aristide's video of the performance of 'Fanfare' (for and from Glenn Spearman) at Chuck Perkins' Café Istanbul in New Orleans.

Kidd after his fanfare.png

Kidd blew a little fanfare before we began the poem.

Kidd Jotdan, Don Paul, performing 'Fanfare' for and from Glenn Spearman.png
Kidd and Don aft4er 'Fanfare' 3.png
Don Paul, Oliver Lake after 'Fanfare' for Glenn Spearman, benefit for the Louis Armstrog S

After the performance Oliver said: "Glenn was great." He and 
Glenn Spearman knew each other in Paris during the early 1970s. Kidd brought Oliver, Hamiet Bluiett, Julius Hemphill, and David
Murray together in New Orleans during the middle 1970s. Soon the four were the World Saxophone Quartet. Oliver's varied artisty can be heard and seen here


Rick Lopez's 'Sessionography' for Glenn is here.

Rick Lopez's Sessionography for Glenn.png