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Here are six tracks for freedownload that feature saxophonists blowing with lyrics. Three are Kidd and Oliver and Glenn. 

1. 'Maybe You See Horses' with Roger Lewis, Herlin Riley
and Kirk Joseph of the Rivers Answer Moons band. A tribute to Kidd.

2. 'It Must Be Love (Word Come Down through Forbidden Radio'.
A tribute to Chuck Kinder and John Sinclair.

3. 'Boy Breaking on the Old Manhood'


With Kidd, Glenn, and Oliver 2022

Oliver Lake is a marvelous artist. He’s a painter and poet of astonishing evocations and collages as well as the creator of memorable, paths-making music with the World Saxophone Quartet (with Hamiet Bluiett, Julius Hemphill, and David Murray at the group’s outset); with the Trio of Andrew Cyrille, Reggie Workman, and himself; and with numerous, often 

international collaborations. He’s given us over 30 albums as leader, including 1991's Virtual Reality / Total Escapism, their range a visionary's

and a devotee's (1) His website is a wonderland. (2)












Today, June 26, the Vision Festival (3) honors Oliver Lake with a Lifetime Achievement Award. Performances outdoors at La Plaza The Clemente (4) offer tremendous riches. They start at 4:00 and last past 9:00 in the New York City night. The forecast is for bee-you-ti-ful--mid-80's, calm sky.

Go there on 107 Suffolk if you can. Live-streaming is also available. 





















In 2014 I performed with Kidd Jordan, Oliver, Alvin Fielder, Darrell Lavigne and Brian Quezergue in that Spring’s benefit for Jackie Harris’ Louis Satchmo Armstrong Summer Jazz Camp. The show was May 1 in Chuck Perkins’ Café Istanbul during middle of the New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival. We worked with a poem of mine in tribute to another profound and visionary composer and saxophonist, Glenn Spearman. Oliver knew Glenn in 1970s’ Paris. Kidd knew Glenn from Glenn’s playing with Cecil Taylor, William Parker, Raphe Malik, and more.


Glenn—who left us due to colon cancer at age 51 in 1998—remains one of my closest, dearest and most inspiring collaborators, as this interview by Glenn Ito for All About Jazz tries to convey. (5)


None of the musicians had heard a word of the poem before we hit that night at Café Istanbul. Aristide Phillips recorded the performance with his Sony Pro. It can be seen between 9:45 and 22:00 of the YouTube compilation “Wings beyond Wings.”

Over the past month I’ve gone though the audio of this ‘Fanfare’

and adjusted volumes and done other editing second-by-second.

This assuredly obsessive process I call with a smile “the Fine-Tooth-Comber.” The FTC reference is to Ocean-wave surfing along with Pointillism. The process' intention always is to bring out the amazing sensitivity and prowess that can emerge among improvising musicians.


So, today, a Playlist offering to Kidd, Glenn and Oliver, accompanied by images, links and notes. You can hear the three tracks on Bandcamp.















1. “Fanfare’, a tribute to Glenn, live at Café Istanbul with Kidd, Oliver, Alvin, Darrell and Brian.




2. ‘About Reinaldo, Mourning and Outrage’, a poem with Kidd and Morikeba Kouyaté in tribute to Reinaldo Arana, co-founder in the middle 1980s of a pioneering Community Garden between Avenues B and C on Manhattan’s Lower East Side. ’About Reinaldo’ also got an Fine Tooth Comber process, so that the recording might better represent its subject, the AIDS victim Reinaldo, and Kidd’s and Morikeba’s artistry. “About Reinaldo, …’ is one track on my June 2022 album LOVE OVER WAR.






3. ‘The Skin She Bears’, recorded in 1995 at Guerilla Euphonics in Oakland, CA with Glenn Spearman, Donald Robinson and J. R. Routhier and with Josh Heller and Myles Boisen as engineers. ‘The Skin She Bears’ came to me whole, first thing in my last Saturday morning at  New Orleans’ 1992

U. S. Olympic Track & Field Trials, pouring out as I awoke at Tom-and-Annette’s. Earlier that week of June 1992  I’d visited a friend from Detroit, Toni, and heard her accounts of how New Orleans in that Crack-invasion year had dealt her shocks unexpectedly beyond her study of Marie Laveau. ‘Somebody was murdered’ in Toni’s living-room. ‘The Skin She Bears’ is part of an unreleased album titled Flowers Smell Of Gasoline.














Today’s piece closes with a video-still (Maryse on the camera again!) of Kidd and his daughters Rachel and Stephanie breaking up at news that his monetrary award from JAMBAR ‘Organic Artisan Energy Bars’ is meant so that he “can go away to Brasil.”







And photos of Kidd receiving the so-deserved Proclamation by the City of New Orleans and its City Council that May 5, 2022. Now his birthday (87 in 2022) will forever be known as Kidd Jordan Day in New Orleans and the State of Louisiana. (Thank YOU, Oliver Thomas and Lena and Diedre of your Office.)

Virtual Reality, Total  Escapism.png
Dedicated to Dolphy.png
Vision Festival Celebrates Oliver Lake June 26 2022.png
Don Paul, Oliver Lake after 'Fanfare' for Glenn Spearman, benefit for the Louis Armstrog S
•Kidd and Don more light, May 1, 2014.png
Kidd, Morikeba, Don transitional images.png

Aristide Phillips' video-still, May 1, 2014, Café Istanbul and benefit for
for the Louis Satchmo Armstrong Summer Jazz Camp.

Aristide again, May 1 2014.

Aristide AGAIN--montage of video-stills from the July 24, 2014 session by Kidd,
Morikeba and me for our album Women Center Earth, Sea And Sky at New Orleans
and Rick G. Nelson's Marigny Studio.

Kidd gets news of his trip to Brasil, video-still.png
•1995 w. Glenn Spearman copy.png

Glenn and I in the Xala band with Donald Robinson, J.R. Routhier and
Myles Boisen at San Francisco's Elbo Room, 1995. Photo by the painter
Gina Jacupke.


Rachel Jordan, Kidd, and Stephanie Jordan react to news of Kidd's prospective
trip to Brasil. The wonderful experiment of JAMBAR 'Organic Artisan Energy Bars'
are in the lower forefront, along with JAMBAR's check to Kidd. Video-still from 
Maryse Philippe Déjean.


Screen Shot 2022-06-26 at 6.22.19 AM.png
Rick Lopez's Sessionography for Glenn.png

Rick Lopez's 'Sessionography' for Glenn is here.

KIDD JORDAN Day #1 in New Orleans and Louisiana with the City Council, May 5, 2022, photo

Kidd receiving the Proclamation of his now-perpetual Day among family, friends
and members of New Orleans' City Council. Photo from Diedre Pierce of Oliver
Thomas' office.


The Kidd Stays in the Game, May 5, 2022 on his Day in New Orleans and Louisiana, with Rach




   Earlier--April 2022--Page about Kidd
             Anticipating his May 5 Day 

1. Interview of Kidd, concerning Fred Anderson, by Joseph Chonto on his YouTube Channel, Some Real Music. 

Check out the respectful sympathy and astute inquiries of Joseph Chonto and the down-to-earth eloquence of Kidd. 18:49--"Every hit is memorable with Fred." Fred Anderson, master musician, educator, club-owner, passed in 2010.


Kidd with Joseph Chotto.png
Kidd during interview with Joseph Chonto 2009.png

2. Interview with Kidd by Ted Panken.

Kidd with Ted Panken.png
Kidd with Ted Panken 2.png

Journalist and broadcaster Ted Panken interviewed Kidd in 2002.

What I learned from this talk partly led to my conceiving the 'Make Your Own Shoes and Fly' project with a would-be GALLOP Sextet of Kidd, Alex de Grassi, Hamid Drake, William Parker, Paul Plimley, and me. Kidd's talk about growing up on the southwest Louisiana Prairie amid new electric Blues and Zydeco, late 1940s into 1950s, and then his studying both Charlie Parker and eastern European composers, brought a lot to mind. The nearest that 'Make Your Own Shoes and Fly' has come to performance is the 'Seventh Sun' concert at the New Orleans Jazz Museum on November 1, 2019. A summary of the project is below.


Another great photo by Michael Wilderman on Bill Shoemaker's vastly informative website Point of Departure

Make Your Own Shoes and Fly.png

3. Pages about the 'Seventh Sun' Concert in tribute to Kidd. See appreciations by William Parker, Patricia Nicholson Parker, Dutch Keplet, Randy Fertel, Cyril Neville, Jackie Harris, T.R. Johnson, Larry Blumenfeld, and Darrell Lavigne.

Musicians and Wirters on Kidd.png

A web-page from the tab for 'Seventh Sun' and Kidd at

4. The elegant and extensive website. 

Rachel Jordan, violinist and one of four professional musicians among 
Kidd's and Edvidge's seven children, spearheaded the assembly of an extensive and elegant website.


Kidd Last Trane to BNew Orleans.png

Bill Shoemaker and Michael Wilderman are paired by their excellence and
their dedication. They're like Oliver. They're like Kidd and Fred--so pleased
when they could play together. They're like ...

Kidd Jordan and Fred Anderson in a photo by Michael Wilderman
from Bill Shoemaker's website Point of Departure

Kidd and Fred in 2009, photo by Michael Wilderman.png
Fred and Kidd by Michael Wilderman on Bill Shoemaker's Poit of Departure website.png

These reside on We Are Revolutions & You Are Here to Shine website and convey more to see and hear.

7. Over 25 further Links to audio, video and print about Kidd.

Kidd and Don after 'Fanfare' crop for Bandcamp.png

After 'Fanfare' on May 1, 2014.

Rick Lopez's Sessionography for Glenn.png

Rick Lopez's 'Sessionography' for Glenn is here.

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