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Chairman's Speech, Excerpts, square cove

Listen on BANDCAMP

to the Whole 

of Chairman Alexander

Ben Post-Serial's

"We Are NOT Superior!"

Speech to the HOABIB

(the Highest

Of All Believers

In Bamboozlement),

or to Seven Excerpts

from the 94-year-old's

Scathing but Tender

Warning to His

"Friends and Peers"

among the fabled

Society's Inmost Circle.

In 2009 the Chairman

Dares to Renounce


'Vision Plan'

for 'Depopulation'

of People on Earth.


           from Chairman Emeritus Post-Serial’s Speech

                               to the Inmost Circle

      of the Highest Of All Believers In Bamboozlement

                                       (the HOABIB)

                        on their 'Vision Plan 2009' for

                   'Improving the Species Homo sapiens

            through Massive though Selective Depopulation

                              in the 21st Century'


0:00-4:05  "Improve Human Life through Removing Human Life?" Prince Philip's "Deadly Virus"

Assuring "We Few's mastery of humanity for many more centuries.... Yes, the concept, "Improve human life through removing human life" may cause the HOABIB a little shock. But  the "Few .. must  never falter in the certainty that our superior awareness obliges us toward the enlightened extermination of those who encumber the Earth's environment."


Chairman Post-Serial refers, in precursive passing to the "blinding hubris" of Princes and multi-billionaires. "Our Prince Philip is one who understands our obligations." A review of Prince Philip of England and Prince Bernhard of Germany and Holland and their relations to Nazis and the World Wildlife Fund. "For we are, to be sure, protectors of animals as well as of the environment."


Prince Philip speaks (his voice imitated by Post-Serial) to German media in 1988 about his wish to be reincarnated "as a deadly virus ... to solve overpopulation" and to People magazine in 1981. "We have no option", he says, except depopulation.


4:40-8:00 Ted Turner's "Ideal" Number Would Kill 4.5 Billion People

What would be a "nice, sustainable number" of people on Earth? Ted Turner has given the HOABIB's Inner Circle "a range of numbers that he thinks are workable." Specifically, "our Ted" tells Audubon Magazine in 1996 that "250-300 million people, a 95% decline in human population, would be ideal." In 2008 he tells CBS that "about two billion" people would be "about the right number" for Earth. "A more modest proposal from our United Nations-funder Ted."


8:00-11:40 The WHO, Viruses, Vaccines and 'Contraceptive Corn'--"Are We Few Mad for Mass Murder?"

"The United Nations World Health Organization gives us supranational control of viruses and vaccines...." 4.9-billion doses of the supposed Swine Flu vaccine might be administered over the next year ... GMO crops of 'contraceptive corn' might also aid against " 'overpopulation.' "


These 'waving fields of maize' arouse "a true fear", something like "an epiphany" in Chairman Post-Serial. "Are We Few mad for mass murder?" How can the Few survive  consequences of 'contraceptive corn' and vaccines such as 2009's for Swine Flu? Can they all live with Bill and Melinda Gates and the Monsanto and Sygenta Corporations in Svalbard, Norway and the Doomsday Seed Bank. Can they join the Bush and Soros families and Ted Turner on South American ranches? 


11:43-14:28 "What If "Millions Unto Billions ... Stepped Away from Our Banks?"?"    

"Will we even escape consequences of our own lifetimes?" Millions unto billions of, you know, people around the world were seeing through the Few's game. They angry unto fury about the 23.7 trillion-dollar Bailout of Banks. Doctors and nurses by the thousands were refusing that year's vaccines. Firefighters were seeing through explantions for destruction of "our World Trade Center Twin Towers and Building 7. What if the "people" en masse, Prince Philip's "they," turned away.  "What if they took a torch to our means of control and exploitation by simply turning away from those means?"


14:30-16:58 "What If We Few Are Not Superior? Then We Are Lunatic Elitists At Best and Sheer Criminals At Heart"       

Coming to the heart. "What if We Few are not superior? If our presumed superiority is only blinding hubris, as posited earlier, then all our Plans and Programs are misguided at their best. If we are not superior (soo-peer-ee-oar), then we are lunatic elitists at best and sheer  criminals at heart.... Let us be honest, oh Inmost Circle ... Who has produced by far the greatest portion of human progress? From which class has individual genius most often arisen? Over centuries--over millennia! From We Few or from them" ... The Vision Plan for ... Depopulation would rob humanity of such genius.


17:00-18:51 This "Very Old Man" Dreams of Children's Hands that Reach Up as if They Are Birds and Lights

A "very old man" dreams beyond graphs and grids and World Trade Centers and beyond a 'New World Order' and he asks what might bring humanity "justice and thus peace and prosperity." He remembers Montaigne's motto: 'What do I know?' Death's gated arch is for him a closer light. His dreams now are of children's hands--hands of all races--that wave and reach up for what they might do and be. 'They fly up ... as if they are both birds and lights. I owe them all something, their simple being says, without their asking for a thing."


18:53-22:33 The 'New World Order' Is a Fantasy of Schoolboys in Short Pants. The Chairman "Throws Away: Away This Year's 'Vision Plan' to Instead Be WITH Peoples of the World

The 94-year-old Chairman straightens "once more" before the Podium in the HOABIB's Tomb. He closes with "this one last and  most fundamental truth I see ... Our fantasy of a New World Order can never be achieved.... We amount to Schoolboys in short pants. We knock against Nature with our ills-making Blocks. We plan, exploit and defile places we know only through Foundation papers and Bank statements. This main truth, Friends Peers: We are NOT superior [soo-peer-ee-oar]. Only the godly is superior--the God or Gods in us revealed through accomplishments. Sources for those feats are marvelous beyond our ken and reach."


The Few should let let "the people, you know, in the own places and locales, their neighborhoods and homes, rule." This "they" know their resources best. The Few should "LET GO" their "choking holds." "Think what We Few could do if we were with peoples of the world instead of presuming ourselves above peoples of the world. If we truly gave from the boundless, borderless riches we have to share and truly sought global solutions that raised everyone's capacities and possibilities."


The Chairman looks ahead to the 2016 Summer Olympics in Rio de Janeiro. With this 'turn South" he offers a "symbolic riddance." He hefts the bound Vision Plan of many hundreds pages--strains as he lifts the

Plan "heavy--heavy--heavy" with its "building-blocks" and "throws it

away" onto floor of the Inmost Circle's Tomb. "There! There! That

felt good! And it made a good smack!. Didn't it?"

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