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Roger's ALRIGHT! is #1 Jazz Album across
North America, July 26, 2022.

ALRIGHT! and LOVE OVER WAR on Charts from SP JUly 12 2022.png

ALRIGHT! is #1 Jazz Album on WWOZ, New Orleans and WRCU. Colgate University,
Upstate New York, for Week of July 12, 2022.

ALRIGHT! #2 among ALL albums in Louisiana, Week ending Sept 3 2022.png

#3 among ALL albums played on radio-stations in Louisiana, the Week of Sept 3, 2022.

We thank Kate Smith Promotions
for much good work!


ALRIGHT! is now up on Spotify, through I/R
Records engagement with Tunecore.

The first album as leader
by the great player of four kinds
saxophone, Roger Lewis of
New Orleans. Roger is a 
co-founder of the
Dirty Dozen Brass Band.

STREAM on Bandcamp
and Download there in full fidelity.

ALRIGHT! again #1 Contemporary Jazz, Week ending Sept 3 2022.png

Roger's ALRIGHT! continues to do great on Charts.
#1 again among Contemporary Jazz albums, Week
ending September 3, 2022. 

Roger with Treme Brass.png
Screen Shot 2022-09-06 at 11.07.40 AM.png

#3 among Jazz albums, the same Week.

Roger is also one of untiring players in Second-Lines
and other culture at the heart of the Americas. Photo
courtesy the New Orleans Jazz Museum and photographer Baylee Badawy.


The nine tracks of ALRIGHT!
feature Herlin Riley on 
drums-set and Kirk Joseph
on sousaphone. No support
could be more perfect.

Roger plays alto, baritone,
tenor and soprano saxophones.
He layers melodies, harmonies
and effects. He reaches for
expression in tunes and lyrics
that make up stories personal
to him. He plays piano on
"Little Things."

With Michael Torregaono Jr.
on keyboards and Mario 
Abney on trumpet of the
Rivers Answer Moons band
on "Glory ..." and " ... JAM On!"
With Erica Falls, singer, on
"Glory ..." With Don Paul, verse,
on "Glory ...", " ... JAM On!" and
"Little Things." Engineers
Rick G. Nelson, Adam Keil 
and David Farrell. Produced
by Don Paul.

Irresistible / Revolutionary
Records #28.

ALRIGHT! comes with a
8-page booklet. The booklet
includes Maryse Philippe Déjean's
appreciaitions of Roger Lewis;
a two-page biograpical sketch;
tribute to the Dirty
Dozen Brass Band; 

and many photos.


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Thanks always to JAMBAR
Organic Artisan Energy Bars
for inspiration and support.

Listen on BANDCAMP.


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