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"We Are NOT Superior!"


(Listen on BANDCAMP to the WHOLE of Chairman Post-Serial's Speech or

to seven EXCERPTS from it.)

On September 27, 2009 the Chairman Emeritus, Alexander Ben Post-Serial, of the Highest Of All Believers In Bamboozlement (the HOABIB),  addressed the Inmost Circle of that secretive group during their annual dinner. The Circle (the 66+33=99) were seated in their Tomb nearby the Tower of London.

Chairman Post-Serial was then 94, the same age as another Chairman of many Boards, David Rockefeller. Mr. Post-Serial's voice and diction are like Mr. Rockefeller's in their high pitch and adenoidal precision.

The Chairman was fulfilling his traditional role at Inmost Circle's Autumn dinner. The ninety-nine and their partners expected Mr. Post-Serial to deliver a praising précis of the Circle's voluminous 'Vision Plan 2009', a document comprising 944 pages. The Plan's title, 'Improving the Species Homo sapiens through Massive but Selective Depopulation in the 21st Century', hardly hinted at the violence of Mr. Post-Serial's reversal of attitudes toward it. He himself was the Plan's lead author.

Early in his speech, the Chairman noted Prince Philip of England and Ted Turner of CNN for their pronouncements regarding 'overpopulation.' Prince Philip told German media in 1988 that if he was reincarnated he wished to become 'a deadly virus ... to solve overpopulation." Ted Turner was more exact and sweeping. He publicly advised in 1996 and 2008 that an "ideal" number of people on Earth would require the removal of at least 4.5 billion people on Earth.

Chairman Post-Serial questioned the "presumed superiority" of the Prince and "our Ted." He suggested that if the Inmost Circle were, in fact, "NOT superior", they might be considered "lunatic elistists at best and sheer criminals at their roots."

He stated that "by far the greatest portion of genius and progress" for humanity had come from classes other than the 'We Few' of his 'Friends

and Peers'. He said that the Inmost Circle's Vision Plan might "wipe out" such sources of genius and progress. He asked: 'Are We Few mad for mass murder?'

He raised alternative prospects. Admitting himself "a very old man", he spoke of dreaming of childrens' hands, hands of all races, that reached upward "as if they were birds and lights."

He urged the Inmost Circle to give up their "fantasy" of 'a New World Order.' Let natives in their own places decide their futures. 

The Chairman concluded by offering a "symbolic" and very audible "riddance." 

One listener has exclaimed: "The pathos! How angry but tender his voice become! You can hear his transformation!"

Chairman's Speech, Excerpts, square cove

London, England, September 27, 2009, Audio and Print.


Chairman Emeritus Alexander Ben Post-Serial's Speech to the Inmost Circle of the HOABIB.

Edit, April 18, 2021.

" ...


First, let me dispatch the task foremost, Friends and Peers, Gentlemen and you few ladies of We Few.


Let me share key elements of our HOABIB's  'Vision Plan 2009: Improving the Species Homo sapiens through Massive though Selective Depopulation in the 21st Century'.


Our Vision Plan of this year is, you know, the latest formulation of long-term intentions: And it is of course meant to not only afford humanity survival for this century----it is meant to assure We Few's necessary mastery over humanity for many more centuries.

Improve human life through removing human life?


The concept, starkly stated, as our intimacy allows, may produce a little shock. Are you a little shocked, Hoabibans?


We Few, however, are pledged to never shirk the responsibilities that our positions and perceptions compel. We must never falter in the certainty that our superior awareness obliges us toward the enlightened extermination of those who encumber the Earth's environment. Yes?


For we are proud protectors of the environment. Our Prince Philip is one of us who understands our obligations.

We all know Prince Philip simply by his titled name. He's Queen Elizabeth's Philip, the Duke of Edinburgh, his Royal Highness and the Royal Consort. Prince Philip is of Danish/ Greek heritage, descended from a Prince of Denmark whom the British Empire helped to make King of Greece in 1862.


We may also remind ourselves, for my purposes here, that our Prince Philip is the brother of four sisters who married German Nazis. We may also be reminded that our Philip chose another Prince, Bernhard of Holland, to be the first head of the British chapter of the World Wildlife Fund, in 1961. Prince Bernhard was another Nazi, we know, and he was an agent for the I. G. Farben cartel that included several of the very great Corporations represented here tonight. Prince Bernhard was also a promoter of the United Nations and the host of global leaders' meeting at the Hotel Bilderberg, now fifty-five years ago.

For we are, to be sure, you know, protectors of animals as well as the environment.


Let us look back. Interviewed by Germany's Deutsche Press Agentur in 1988, Prince Philip afforded us a succinct view into concerns of his, concerns that extend past his present lifetime, as they of course should. 


Our Philip said (and I shall attempt his voice): "In the event that I am reincarnated, I would like to return as a deadly virus, in order to contribute something to solve overpopulation."


Seven years earlier, in 1981, Prince Philip pointed out to People magazine: "The more people there are, the more resources they'll consume, the more pollution they'll create, the more fighting they will do. We have no option. If it isn't controlled voluntarily, it will be controlled involuntarily by an increase in disease, starvation and war."

There we have some essences of perspectives we largely share, ladies and gentlemen. That is: the more, you know, people there are, the more that "they" will eat and pollute and fight and reproduce.


Nasty people!


Why do we let them live? Well, we are attending to remedies, are we not? "We have no option." Through our tools of fear, Food, Viruses and Vaccines, we can control "disease, starvation and war."


Now, what would be a nice, sustainable number of, you know, people on Earth? Enough of "them" that "they" can serve our needs, but not, you know, too many.


Ted Turner has given us a range of numbers that he thinks are workable. Our Ted we know from his Cable News Network and sports-franchises and his 'gift' of $1 billion to the United Nations in 1999 for efforts that promote 'peace'----a $1 billion that actually should be worth about $100 million on the plus side of $1 billion to Ted and his heirs, through the decades-long manipulation of tax-codes that We Few also know well.


Our Ted, Ted Turner, has contributed since the early 1990s to United Nations' programs of vaccination and sterilization that aim at populations in the Southern Hemisphere. Dark people, you know, down there.

In 1996 our Ted told Audubon Magazine: “A total population of 250-300 million people, a 95% decline from present levels, would be ideal.”


Quite an ambitious "ideal" from our Ted, thirteen years ago! A 95% reduction at "present levels" would mean 6.4 billion people gone--that is, killed--for how else would our Ted accomplish his "decline"--on the planet Earth.


Lately our Ted has spoken of more modest goals. He pointed out to Bob Pisani of CBS in April 2008 that we occupy "a finite-sized world". Yes! He noted "the pressure" being put on the environment "by the ever-increasing number of people and the number of people using more stuff and more energy-- that's what's leading to global climate change and the over-fishing of the oceans."


Ted now thinks--so he said to CBS-- that "about two billion" would be about the right number of people on Earth. That is, about four-point-five billion people would have to be killed.


Now, that's more do-able number, isn't it, Friends and Peers? A more modest proposal from our United Nations' funder Ted!



Of all U.N. agencies, the World Health Organization, begun in 1948, is proving most valuable for empowering the agenda of 'Depopulation' in our Vision Plan.


The W.H.O. you see, gives us supranational control of Viruses and Vaccines.


Thanks to us, the W.H.O. can determine for the vast majority of the Earth's nations which viruses threaten "them" and the vaccines that are to be administered.


This past July, the Director of the W.H.O., Margaret Chan, declared that 4.9 billion doses of vaccine against supposed " 'swine flu' " could be administered in the next year.


4.9 billion! 4.9 billion means that almost every person on Earth could receive at least one dose of the " 'swine flu' " vaccine.


4.9 billion must be music is our Ted's ears! And We Few might call Margaret Yes-We-Can Chan!



Fear--Food--Viruses--Vaccines. F--F--V--V.


Eight years ago--and two days before 9/11, my Friends and Peers--the Independent newspaper here in Britain announced that the Epicyte company in San Diego had genetically modified corn to kill human sperm. The Independent's piece began: 'Scientists have created the ultimate GM crop: contraceptive corn. Waving fields of maize may one day save the world from overpopulation.'


Our Philip, our Ted, and hosts more must have cheered the prospect of those waving fields!


I, however, remember the piece exactly because it aroused in me an apprehension, a true fear, and this fear has since grown. This true fear has in fact transformed into something like an epiphany for me.


Let me share my true fear with you now, Friends and Peers. Brace yourselves, please. It is: Are We Few mad for what we must recognize is prospective or ongoing mass murder?


I mean: Will food from those 'waving fields' not get into our loins, so to speak, and end our families' lines?


How, too, are we and our children and grandchildren to escape consequences from the pandemic that may come from ill-tested vaccines? 


Our 'Vision Plan for ... Selective Depopulation' omits speculation as to how We Few, the most selective of populations, could survive a new plague on Earth.


I ask you here tonight, Friends and Peers: Will we all be secreted in Svalbard, Norway beside the Doomsday Seed Bank? Will there be room for all of us with Bill and Melinda of the Gates Foundation and the high Executives among their partners in the Seed Bank: the Rockefeller Foundation, Monsanto and Sygenta Corporations.


Will some of us be safe with Ted and the Bush family and George Soros on their South American haciendas? Will any of us be safe from contraceptive crops?


Will we even escape the consequences of our own lifetimes?


That is, millions unto billions of, you know, people around the world are seeing through our guises and our games. They're angry unto fury at our thieving and deceits! $23.7 trillion is the honest estimate of what the bail-outs of Banks and other Corporations that began in 2008 will cost the United States, present and future. As much or more, we know, will be taken by and through Central Banks elsewhere in the next few years.


Prince Philip's "they" may step away from our Banks.


"They" may take this least bloody step away from our control. And why not?


Sir Josiah Stamp, head of the Bank of England and one of our richest men back in 1927, spoke at the University of Texas then and broke our game down into its wretched, simple parts.


"The modern banking system manufactures money out of nothing," Sir Josiah said. "The process is perhaps the most astounding sleight of hand ever invented.... Bankers own the earth. Take it away from them, but leave them the power to create money and, with the flick of a pen, they will create enough money to buy it back again."


What if the great mass of hard-working, goods-producing people around the world take away the Banks by which so few us own the Earth? What if they wake up to that simple possibility?


What if they refuse en masse to take this year's vaccines?


Majorities of Doctors and Nurses in Hong Kong, France, and many other places are already refusing.


What if the Armed Forces and Police on whom we rely wake up to their own vulnerabilities and interests? As so many fire-fighters have woken up to the reality that explosive or implosive demolition of steel-framed skyscrapers (our World Trade Center Twin Towers and Building Seven) cannot come from our explanation: office-furnitures' fire.


What if they took "a torch" to our means of control and exploitation by turning away from those means?


But let me ask you, Friends and Peers, this most basic question: What if We Few are NOT superior?


If our presumed superiority is only blinding hubris, as suggested earlier, then all our Plans and programs are misguided at their roots.


If we are not superior, then we are lunatic elitists at best and sheer criminals at our roots. 


Look around again, please, my Friends and Peers. Your gazes are fixed sideways. Your mouths are pinched like clamshells. Or, I see, your brows are beetling with anger.


But let us be honest now, Inmost Circle! Compare in your mind's eye Prince Charles with Bob Marley, that Jamaican son of miscegenation. Compare Marie Antoinette with Marie Sklodowska-Curie. Compare many more of We Few with specimens from the masses our 'Selective Depopulation' would wipe out.


A difficult contemplation, yes? Compelling an even more disturbing but healthy recognition, I hope!


Look farther back in history, my Friends and Peers. Who has produced by far the greatest portion of human progress? From which 'class' has individual genius most often arisen--over centuries--over millennia? From We Few or from "them"? Would We Few kill this century's Einstein, Madame Curie, Cervantes, and Rembrandt?


I am a very old man, but still I dream. And I do not always dream of graphs and grids. Once, true, I dreamt of World Trade Centers and of Banks at the center of everything. I dreamt of Councils, Organizations, Commissions, Agreements, Unions--whatever guises and combination might be ginned up to create across Hemispheres an Order, a New World Order, by which We Few who rule the Banks that control Nations might also and finally control all, you know, people.


But now I wonder what may bring us all justice, and from justice prosperity and peace.


"Que scais-je?" "What do I know?"


These days Montaigne's motto hangs around my neck and before my eyes. Death is near, its gated arch a much closer passage, and I want to truly give as much as I can. In my dreams now the heads and hands of children fly up and flock together. My children, grand-children, great-grandchildren, nieces, nephews--and children I've never seen before! Strange children of all races and mixes of human races!They fly up and hold out their hands as if they are both birds and lights!


I owe them all something, their simple being says, without their asking for a thing.


So let me straighten, once more, before you in this Hall of our Inmost Circle. Let me close with this one last and most fundamental truth that I see.


Our fantasy of a 'New World Order' can never be achieved. Much as we try--in headlines and communiques and thousand-page testaments to arrogance and fraudulence such as this Vision Plan--we amount to schoolboys in short-pants. We knock against Nature with our ills-making blocks. We "plan", exploit and defile places we know only through Foundation Papers and Bank statements.


I want to tell you plain, Friends and Peers, this truth that should guide us from hereon: We are NOT superior.


Only the godly is superior, the God or gods revealed to humanity by humanity through individual and collective accomplishments. Sources for those feats are marvelous beyond our ken and reach. Here and now, on Earth, should let the people, you know, in their homes, their locales and neighborhoods, rule. They know their places and their resources best.


It is time for us to LET GO, Let go the choking holds that our Banks and other such means compel and that our politicians' Armed Forces enforce.


Think what We Few could do! If We Few were with the peoples of the world instead of presuming ourselves above peoples of the world. If we truly gave from the boundless, borderless riches we have to share and truly sought global solutions that raised everyone's capacities and possibilities!


Oh, well! I can only talk. I can only try to encourage you, Friends and Peers, as so many we have killed have tried to turn us from our ruinous wrongs.


The Summer Olympics will be in Rio de Janeiro in the year 2016.


Looking forward to this turn South by the world, let me offer a symbolic riddance.


If I can lift this Vision Plan, then I can throw it away. Throw its "building-blocks" away from our future. Throw it away so that we can look instead at each other and look outside this Tomb!


(The Chairman's effort to heft the Plan produces stressfully exerting sounds.) Oh, I am 94, and it is a heavy--heavy--heavy--heavy bunch of blocks in our Vision Plan! (Deeper, higher sounds of the nonagenarian's Post-Serial's lifting strains--then a flutter and a thumping crash!) 


But there! There! That felt good! And it made a good smack! Didn't it?

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