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'Suzanne Corley'

Suzanne rides tall in the saddle,
Bronze and copper,
       Book of Kells,
            and lapidary.
The wind is her challenge and her friend.
She’s so Romantic that it hurts.

Those Mountains that she had to leave,
Still were her Grandma’s wit, fixed like a fox
In Highlands' gloaming. Paths to light were of no doubt.
She knew Brasil before its voices moved her.

Books opened into the world.
"Beautiful music, beautiful songs."
A dancing woman and a dancing man.
Let her share them with you as they have shared.
Castanets--Berimbau--flaring coils, folds and leaves, ...
Strange how long adventures tempted.
Strange how through care depths of love grow.
Strange almost to Celtic laughter how awful news can be!
What this poor body and fierce will must bear!
Courage! Courage! Suzanne offering Saturdays
Journeys that had found her
And Sundays with Mike her parties,
Laid out for pleasure like her walls
Of reds and greens and teas and oranges—
Tropicalia and Caravaggio—
Courage and compassion
The arrows in Suzanne Corley married.

           July 22, 2021
           First version April 27, 2021


Suzanne, Offbeat, 2018 iview.png
Suzanne WWOZ.png
Suzanne, Offbeat, 2018 iview.png

Suzanne interviewed by Tom McDermott with responses to 'Five Questions' for New Orleans' Offbeat magazine, December 2019.

Suzanne in her WWOZ profile as volunteer show-host. Read WWOZ's tribute to her here.

I read the poem about Suzanne on the Chicago radio-station WZRD and its 'The SLAM Open Mic Poetry Club ... With host La-T-Ly aka (Larry The Lyrical), Larry Gardner.' It was a gas to talk with Larry. The 'Suzanne' poem comes up between approx. 26:25 and 28:00 on the YouTube posting 
of the show by super-community person Trudy Leong of the station. Trudy and Bill Morton are
non-stop at making positive things happen in Rogers Park.

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