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What Kind Of Trouble, 1988

Against The City / We Can Have Everything, 1989

We Could Use The Rain, 1989

Love Is The Main Flame, 1990-1991

ON, 1994

Flowers Smell Of Gasoline, 1995

Fat Snake's Tongue, 1995

Five Songs For The Bush Reich, 2002


Alive In Caracas, 2008-2009

They Call To You, 2014

Women Center Earth, Sea, and Sky 2014

Ever-Changing Light, 2015

Singing In The Airpoert, 2016

The Time We Have (Meld #1), 2020


Rebel Poets #1--Worlds Made Flesh, 1989

Rebel Poets #2--America Fears The Drum, 1992

Elevations, Lisle Ellis, 1993

Density Of The Lovestruck Demons, Paul Plimley Trio, 1994

What We Live Four, Lisle Ellis, 1994

Let It Go, Glenn Spearman's G-Force1994

The Fields, Glenn Spearman Double Trio, 1994

India Cooke's Red-Handed, India Cooke, 1995

Journey To The Beloved, Urna (Ustad Salamat Ali Khan, Glenn

Spearman, Dhyani Dharma, Ustad Shafqt Ali Khan), 1995

B. E. M. F., Ben Goldberg, Elloit Kavee, Miya Masaoka, Francis Wong), 1996

Free Worlds, Glenn Spearman, 1999

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