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Pointing to our present--the same families and
forces behind " '9/11' ' are behind "the COVID" and behind War in the Ukraine. Please see this FLIPPING THE SCRIPT post about Vanguard and BlackRock

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Heading 2

Part 3 of Always the Banksters--
We continue 'Always the Banksters' with the
third section of Jim Hoffman's and my 2004 book, Waking Up from Our Nightmare.The book is summed up on one page of the Many Lights website. Its entire 67 pages are presented as a PDF elsewhere on the website

This third section of Waking Up from Our nightmare is titled 'The Financiers behind" '9/11' ". It reviews families of scoundrels' deceits and their profits over centuries of generations. It focuses on events involving the United States. It offers photos and other graphics that Jim and I hoped would expose those families and scoundrels so pathological that they choose mass murder instead of self-examination and love 

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Please see the WHOLE of Waking Up
from Our Nightmare
 as a PDF next-door, so to speak, on this Many Lights website.

The book's first two Sections feature Jim Hoffman's very cogent and graphic analyses of how the World Trade Center's Twin Towers and Building 7 were demolished by internal explosives.

" '9/11' " matters as Crimes unto itself (an integrated conspiracy) and matters even more as a  Template for Crimes and Psy-Ops that have followed " '9/11' " later in our 21st Century.

2003's War in Iraq, Governments' 2008-2009 Bail-out of Bettor/Debtor Banks, Neo-Colonial Wars in Libya and Syria, our Mass Hypnosis and Poisoning through " 'COVID-19' ", and now War in the Ukraine, all owe to the Big Lie and precedents of " '9/11' ".

The same families and scoundrels remain behind each Crime, Big Lie, and Mass Murder in our 'West'.

We Need to be rid of them. We need to rid ourselves of them.     


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