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Below is a A piece I wrote on  September 2, 2021, Maryse’s and my first morning of evacuation from New Orleans after Hurricane Ida.


Setting was one second-story Room in the Red Roof Inn along

Davis Higway in Pensacola, Florida, a Room much less equipped 

than our booking through Expedia—again a bearer of false promises, Expedia—had told us and a Room more cramped due

to the especially nervous presence of our two dogs, RotoTumba 

and Bartleby. Thanks to In-and-Our Burger (franchises later stalwart in NOT barring/segregating the public due to ‘Vaccine Mandates’) for a substantial breakfast and to the Coffee Guy Café down Davis Highway for two rousing to-go brews.




I’ve loved Australia’s evident spirit and athletic excellence and toughness (Herb Elliot, Rod Laver, Betty Cuthbert, … into heydays of Evan Goolagong and Cathy Freedom) for many decades.

Since September 2 we've seen a lot come forth regarding Australia,

both in the Nation and round the world. Protest has persevered and

grown. Support for unity with freedom in Australia has emerged

brilliantly in the U.S. and Europe. The secret deal by Daniel Andrews, Premier of the State of Victoria (City of Melbourne), with contractors

from mainland China to avoid Federal oversight af their agreements

and work is now exposed. Likewise exposed is the greasing of wheels 

and deals by Andrews' fellow Premier, Gladys Berejiklian of New South Wales, on behalf of her lover and Liberal Party MP. Berejiklian resigned 

under those revelations.





















Andrews stomps and stumbles onward ... with a Bill pending that would endow the seeming China-firster with powers any Totalitarian regime would relish. Another courageous athlete,

Andrew Bogut, NBA Draft #1 in 2005 and subseequent 'cornerstone' of Australia's national team, called out Andrews. 


'The widespread concern about the extent of the premier's push for total control has also been echoed by basketball legend Andrew Bogut in a series of tweets. 'Wake up Victorians,' he posted 'This just gets worse and worse. Still stand with Dan?' 

The UK's Daily Mail continued. 'Dan Andrews' pandemic power grab has been slammed by the Victorian Bar legal association who have 'grave concerns' about the 'draconian' new laws for the premier (pictured)

Under the new laws which were tabled in parliament on Tuesday, the premier can call a pandemic at any time, which gives the government almost unlimited power.


The state government would no longer be required to have the decision approved by the chief health officer, and there wouldn't even need to be a single case in Victoria.

The sweeping new laws would see rule-breakers fined up to $454,350 or jailed for two years, and anyone could be fined up to $21,909 just for protesting. Victorians would also face the hefty fine for not wearing a mask, breaking a movement limit, refusing to get tested or failing to show ID.'

In other words, Andrews and the State he nominally heads is precursor

of the kind of neo-feudal, techno-fascist order that the World Economic

Forum models on mainland China and that Central Banks for our whole world.

As Disctatorships for Poisons Persist.png
Andrews' power-grab in the Mail Mail.png

People won't have it.

Australians and Millions More Resist.png

They refuse dictates that they accept poisonous injections so that 

they can continue as Firefighters, Nurse, Physicians, Police, and 

other first-responders.

Nurses in Minnesota and California.

Ventura County Nurses O.png
Calif.. Hospital owkrmers prearing to sgtrike.png
Workeers protest firing of 8000 at Mayo Clinic.png

Pilots by the tens of thousands in Southwest and other Airlines and 12,000 in the U.S. Air Force.

SW Airlines.png
Screen Shot 2021-10-30 at 5.24.24 PM.png

Firefighters, Police, Emergency Medical personnel in

Chicago, ..., Los Angeles, New York City, ..., Seattle, ...

L.A. Novemer.png
FDNY Oct 28 2021 'Essential Workers aren'tDisposable Heroes'.png

As evidence hopeful (92 Studies proving Natural Immunity practicable

and superior, other Studies proving no need for COVID-19 'vaccines' into

anyone 18 and younger) and tragic (the mounting number of 'vaccinated' dead from COVID-19 and 'vaccine'-made 'variants' continues to grow online and even in Newscasts.

Screen Shot 2021-10-30 at 5.23.38 PM.png
Screen Shot 2021-10-30 at 5.25.08 PM.png
PHE England September 81% deaths vac..png
Screen Shot 2021-10-30 at 5.23.11 PM.png

Nation by Nation, City by City, Town by Town, millions unto billions now see what presents to their eyes day by day: We're in a covert World

War IIIThe Ruling Few of financiers who contrived and orchestrated

World Wars I and II now want their desperately failing systems to swallow us whole, body and soul. Their Great Reset is The Hunger Games made robotic. Their COVID-19 is a bio-weapon directed from 

Laboratories to enable the bio-weapon of 'vaccines' that are carriers

of disease, contact-tracing, the Few's long-sought depopulation of We Masses. The COVID-Pretext Mess and its mass-death may be understood as an 'Global Agenda' so brutal, mad, and simple-minded

that it beggars belief. True this war is, though, and in our faces every day.

We can win. Think about how we can win. Think how we can unite

for winning tactics and strategies. Think how we can defeat the Few's

enslavement of us through abandoning and/or seizing their systems.

Think--Connect--Empower one another--and WIN.

Australia, here's your Gigi Foster. Here's your BLOCK to Daniel Andrews

Bill for further, dictorial powers. Masses have always known how to 

defeat, disable and remove tyrannies!

Screen Shot 2021-10-29 at 11.43.39 AM.png

September 2, 2021, Red Roof Inn, Pensacola, FL


                           FIGHT, AUSTRALIA


Australia, Nation of near 30 million, prosperous with labor, wildlife, mining, Films and Festivals—Nation of surfers, swimmers, sprinters, Rugby, Tennis, and its own game of multiple athletic skills (kicking that fat leather ellipsoid, passing it, running with it, tackling solo and en masses) and fluid stratagems—Australian Rules Football … 


Australia, two centuries long a showpiece and playground for Rugged Independence combined with Camaraderie, NOW is the time that your people and people everywhere across the Western world MUST FIGHT for our freedom and for a future that won't mean slavery for billions grandchildren.


Australia, you are locked-down under absurd tyranny from Melbourne to Sydney, from Brisbane to Perth. You’re under curfew. You’re under the latest and most inclusive and repressive of Survelliance Acts. Your leaders of resistance are arrested, tried, and sentenced within a span of 48 hours to eight months in prison for helping to organize via the Internet a rally for people’s right to choose whether he or she will accept injecton by proven poisons—the ‘vaccinations’ that are sold at dozens times profit by 

Pfizer, Moderna, Johnson & Johnson, and AstraZeneca under this or that guise and name across CONTINENTS—through the much-exposed, lying pretext that these poisons prevent infection or transmission of COVID-19, a disease with a 99.78% survival-rate worldwide and a 99.92% survival rate Austrailia.


Australia, you are healthy. Australia, your rebellious, enduring people, descendants of Celtic outcasts and descendants of even more aboriginal spirituality, have lost less than 500 to the disease named COVID-19 in 17 months. Repression of your rights to assemble, protest, and choose

what’s right for your bodies has never been based on Public Health. Lockdowns—Curfews—the most draconian surveilliance and imprisonments yet among supposed Western democracies—has always been about breaking your spirit and will to be free. ‘Arrest Bill Gates!’ you shouted as early as May 2020. A people who will ride their own

horses in Protests the States must move to dismount and jail.


Keep fighting, Austrailia. Fight back as you know you can. All tyranny depends upon masses’ submission. All Police-States maintain their power to seize and abuse through the obedience of armed forces. Every working-day relies upon a great majority of people’s returning to their jobs even if those jobs form the very instrument of their certain repression and—yes, think of schoolchildren masked and injected—their rapid destruction.


Throw it all off, Australia. Stop playing the rigged game. Remove your money from the Banks that run this whole COVID ruse.


Students, stay home. Discover on your own.


Parents, teach children on your own, and learn from them.


All—the still learning to swim and the aged still going to the Beach—gather by the thousands and hundreds thousands and even millions as you have from year to year, your Summer months, October into April, and be defiant with your joy in life and your insistence on a free, enduring, never-to-be-Reset-into-nothingness life.  


Celebrate your sparkling life, Australia, with every bit and trick of energy that flows through you.

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