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Asante, Africa: Resisting COVID and the 'Pandemic Treaty' within the WHO. More Wins Can Soon Come.

Special thanks to Tanzania.

John Pombe Magufuli, President of Tanzania 2015-2021, and current President Samia Suluhu,

and advances in their Nation over the past seven years.

The first post in my 'Stands the Human Being' (Walt Whitman, 1888) series on Substack returns to praising Africa.

On May 24, 2022 at the 75th World Health Assembly of the World Health Organization in Geneva, Switzerland, 47 Nations of the African Union stood as one in opposing a 'Pandemic Treaty' that would have expanded the WHO's 17-year-old International Health Regulations. Last January the United States' Biden Administration proposed 13 Amendments to the IHR. These 13 changes would grant the WHO's Director General far more power to dictate Nations' responses to Emergencies and Pandemics that the Director General declares. Before, during and after the 75th World Health Assembly, African Nations rejected further invasion by the WHO's 'legally binding' IHR. Their stands--and stands by Brasil, Russia, India and China--and stands by hundreds of activists, journalists and broadcasters round the world--were a step toward the 'multi-polar world' that's more and more an obvious, necessary and vital reality.

The WHO is neighbor in Geneva, Switzerland to headquarters of the World Economic Forum. The Annual Meeting of the WEF, held May 22 to 26, 2022 in Davos, Switzerland, nearby German Bavaria, coincided with the WHO's World Health Assembly. The WHO and the WEF share sponsors and consequent missions. CEOs of WEF 'Strategic Partners' who spoke at "Davos" last May imagined, detailed and welcomed more "tracking" of individuals for "compliance" through injections such as vaccines'. Please check out this summary by the Vigilant Citizen. (1)

Klaus Schwab, Chief Executive of the World Economic Forum, and Albert Bourla, CEO of the

most penalized but enriched pharmaceutical Corporation of the 21st century, Pfizer, talk at "Davos"

Principal in both the WHO and in the WEF is Bill Gates and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. Gates is an Agenda Contributor in the WEF and an annual speaker at "Davos". The WEF's Chief Executive-for-life, 84-year-old Klaus Schwab, in 2008 praised Bill Gates as the most memorable "entrepreneur" of the 21st and 20th centuries.

Gates' and his former wife's and financier Warren Buffett's Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation (the BGMF) is by vast measures the largest private funder of the WHO. It and the GAVI (Global Alliance for Vaccines and Immunization) 'private-public' partnership that Gates co-founded in 2000 have invested many billions of dollars in the WHO since 2000. The BGMF and GAVI (Gavi, some say) were in the year 2020-2021 the second and fourth among donors to the WHO, passing along a total of 17.3% of the WHO's budget, more than Germany's 14.4%, or the U.S.' 7.2%, or the European Commission's 7%, or the U.K's, or any Nation's. The graph below is from Annalisa Merelli's piece in Quartz on December 16, 2021. (3)

Bill Gates boasts that he's profited by tens of billions dollars from vaccines in the 21st century. Huge parts of these vaccines' revenues have come from WHO-member Nations in the Southern Hemisphere. Bill Gates is also the principal person charged as responsible for mass sterilization, crippling injuries, and even death unto hundreds of thousands in India and Africa since 2000. The great majority of damaging injections imposed under Gates' sponsorship were done in partnership with programs of the WHO. Christina England gave a well-documented overview

through ugh Health Impact News on May 8, 2020. (5)

Thomas Mountain of Eritrea wrote in 2011 that malaria there was reduced 'over 80%

in the past decad ... by good old-fashioned public health methods ... clean drinking-water, sanitation and hygiene. (6)

You may find by end of this piece that these two names are good and true and fitting for operations by executives at uppermost levels of the WHO and the WEF (such executives to be distinguished from thousands of employees working hard in tough spots to aid people on the ground): the World Stealth Organization and the World Enslavement Forum.


Shabnam Palesa Mohamed of the World Council for Health combined with WHO delegates and

intercontinental activists.


A new coalition of powers emerged at the World Health Organization's 75th World Health Assembly in Geneva, Switzerland between May 22 and 28, 2022.

On May 24 the 47 Nations of Africa present at the Assembly united to reject 'fast-tracking' of Amendments to the WHO's International Health Regulations that were included in a new 'Pandemic Treaty.'

Journalist Shabnam Palesa Mohamed of South Africa and the World Council for Health summarized the African Nations' stand on May 24.

'The African #WHA75 delegation expressed reservations about these IHR amendments, saying all reforms should be tackled together as part of a "holistic package" at a later stage.

"The African region shares the view that the process should not be fast tracked...," Moses Keetile, deputy permanent secretary in Botswana's health ministry, told the assembly on Tuesday on behalf of the Africa region.' (7)

Moses Keetile is pictured below in a 2021 profile of 'Voices Inspiring Change'. (8)

What did proposed expansion of the IHR promise? Amendments introduced by the Biden Administration last January and endorsed by the United States, the United KIngdom, the European Commission, Australia, and more, would let the WHO's Director General, Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus of Ethiopia, a long-time beneficiary of. the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, declare a health Emergency, and even a Pandemic, within the the borders of any WHO member Nation, The WHO's Directoer General could then form a Committee of his choosing to direct responses--even unto quarantines, closures of Schools and businesses, and mandatory injection with chosen vaccines--to address the declared Emergency.

Per existing language of the WHO and its partner in the United States, the Centers for Disease Control, the expanded IHR would be 'legally binding' for all of the WHO's 194 member States (also members of the WHO's parent, the United Nations.) (9)

The new coalition of activists, broadcasters and other journalists that supported Africa

at WHA75 numbers in the hundreds across Continents. It includes Christian Dr. Aaron Kheriaty of the Brownstone Institute (10); journalist James Roguski (11); the Children's Health Defense team (12); Kim Iversen of The Hill (13); the World Council for Health, (14); broadcasters Clayton and Natali Morris of Redacted (15) and James Melville (16); Australia's Aboriginal Member of Parliament, Stephen Andrew. (17)

Aaron Kheriaty's warning about the 'Pandemic' Treaty was published on his 'Human Flourishing' substack web-page and on the Brownstone Institute's site.

DR. Kheriaty writes: 'The WHO recently announced plans for an international pandemic treaty tied to a digital passport and digital ID system. Meeting in December 2021 in a special session for only the second time since the WHO’s founding in 1948, the Health Assembly of the WHO adopted a single decision titled, The World Together.”

The WHO plans to finalize the treaty by 2024. It will aim to shift governing authority now reserved to sovereign states to the WHO during a pandemic by legally binding member states to the WHO’s revised International Health Regulations.

'As part of this plan, the WHO has contracted German-based Deutsche Telekom subsidiary T-Systems to develop a global vaccine passport system, with plans to link every person on the planet to a QR code digital ID. “Vaccination certificates that are tamper-proof and digitally verifiable build trust. WHO is therefore supporting member states in building national and regional trust networks and verification technology,” explained Garret Mehl, head of the WHO’s Department of Digital Health and Innovation. “The WHO’s gateway service also serves as a bridge between regional systems. It can also be used as part of future vaccination campaigns and home-based records.”

This system will be universal, mandatory, trans-national, and operated by unelected bureaucrats in a captured NGO who already bungled the covid pandemic response.' (18)

James Roguski in his 'We Won' piece for his substack series presented a timeline.

'On January 18, 2022, the Biden administration proposed amendments to the International Health Regulations. They did their best to keep them hidden.

  1. On March 31, 2022 I published THIS ARTICLE to shine a bright light on this issue. For the next two months thousands of people helped to spread the word all around the world.

  2. On Friday May 20, 2022 a document filed in a United Kingdom court case revealed that the Working Group on Pandemic Response was “unable to reach consensus” regarding the amendments.

  3. On Tuesday May 24, 2022 a new set of REPLACEMENT amendments was submitted to the 75th World Health Assembly in complete violation of Article 55 of the IHR which requires amendments to be submitted at least 4 months prior to the World Health Assembly.

  4. On Friday May 27, 2022 the May 24 REPLACEMENT AMENDMENTS were revised and published by the World Health Organization.

  5. On Friday May 27, 2022 the REVISED REPLACEMENT AMENDMENTS were adopted by the World Health Assembly (see video below).

  6. THIS DOCUMENT was also adopted.

  7. The REVISED REPLACEMENT AMENDMENTS actually strengthened each nation’s ability to express their “reservations” to any future amendments.

  8. The Biden administration, the World Health Organization and the forces seeking to enact a globalist agenda suffered a stunning defeat.' (19)

Stephen Andrew. Member of Parliament for Queensland, Australia pinpointed in his Facebook feed the draft IHR's crucial usurpation of Nations' sovereignty. (20)

Brasil's President, Jair Bolsonaro, announced on May 22 that it would leave the WHO if the draft International Health Regulations passed.

“Brazil will not get into this [WHO Pandemic Treaty]. Brazil is autonomous,” Bolsonaro told reporters on Thursday,' the Miami Standard reported on May 22.

“Brazil is autonomous and will not get into this, you can forget about that. I’ve already spoken to our foreign relations cabinet and if that proposal goes forward, it won’t be with Brazil.”

The populist president reminded the media that he was one of the only world leaders who refused to impose the unscientific lockdowns.

“Moreover, I was the only statesmen that didn’t adhere to the lockdown policies,” Bolsonaro said. “I said we had to take care of the elderly and people with co-morbidities, and today studies outside of Brazil especially show that I was right.”

“And check this out, which state locked itself the most in Brazil? Sгo Paulo. Which state had the most deaths per 100,000 people? Sгo Paulo. That’s a sign that I was right.”

Bolsonaro even confronted WHO chief Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus last year over the experimental COVID jabs, warning that many people suffered severe side effects after receiving the second dose.' (21)


Africa knows, too, its Nations' success against the disease named COVID-19. Many on other Continents wonder at this success

On November 19, 2021 the Associated Press reported from Harare, Zimbabwe.

The AP piece relates: 'WHO data show that deaths in Africa make up just 3% of the global total. In comparison, deaths in the Americas and Europe account for 46% and 29%.' (22)

In other words, 3% of the world's COVID-attributed deaths have occurred in Africa and a total of 75% in Europe and all of the Americas.

The compared areas' difference in populations is about 17% versus 23%.

The 54 Nations in Africa are estimated by the U.N. to contain about 1.4 BILLION of the Earth's 7.9 BILLION of human population. So: Africa holds about 17% of the people on Earth. Europe and the Americas together make up about 23% of people on Earth. Europe including Russia holds about 893 million, North America and Central America and the Caribbean about 601 million, and South America 422 million, according to the U.N. and World Population Review. So: the latter areas total a little more than 1.9 billion, or, as said, about 23% of the people on Earth.

What may explain these stark differences, involving billions of people and millions of

COVID-attributed deaths: 17% of Earth's human population with 3% of deaths versus

23% of Earth's population with 75% of COVID-attributed deaths, among us all?

My third post in the 'Undoing of Evil' series, January 11, 2022, conveys that rates of

supposed (and illusory) 'vaccination' are crucial to masses of people living or dying from "COVID." (23)

This post relates the reality: 'Africa is many times less 'vaccinated' than Europe and North and South America.'

It offers basic detail. 'Completed 'Vaccination' in Africa's 54 Nations is 9.47%, as of January 5, 2022, according to the African Union's Centers for Disease Control.'

At the same time: 'Vaccination' manifests much higher in Europe and North and South America--averaging substantially more than 60% in each of the three Continents. See the Bloomberg News Vaccine-Tracker' for January 8, 2022 below.'

Please keep in mind: 9.47% 'vaccinated' in Africa versus more than 60% of Europe's, North and South America's populations 'vaccinated.'

Please then remember: 3% of COVID-attributed deaths versus 75% of such deaths.

What else might explain Africa's success against the WHO-named COVID-19?

My third post in 'The Undoing of Evil' series, this past January adds another answer.

'Anti-malarial, anti-parasitic, anti-viral drugs such as Hydroxychloroquine (HCQ) and Ivermectin (IVM) are widely and cheaply available across the Continent. South Africa, the most COVID-'vaccinated' and COVID-ravaged of African nations, is one exception to this wide availability, as you'll see below in a map provided by the great, international organization of more than 2,274 Doctors, Nurses, and other medical professionals, the Frontline COVID-19 Critical Care Alliance.' (24)

The Frontline COVID-19 Critical Care Alliance, the FLCCC, and its more than 2,274 member Physicians and Nurses, is steady as a source of 'Early Home Treatments'

alternative to the massively failing COVID 'vaccines' that the WHO prescribes. (25)

Now the FLCCC is responding to aid the thousands injured by supposed and illusory COVID 'vaccines'. The FLCCC's 'I-RECOVER' protocols for 'Post-Vaccine Treatment' are now available as a PDF here. (26)


The WHO might have saved millions of lives subsequent to its declaring COVID-19 a 'Pandemic' in March 2020.

The WHO's powers through its 2005 International Health Regulations let it advise Governments across Continents. The WHO chose to follow the model of 'Lockdown' in Wuhan, China. It recommended curfews, quarantines and other forms of isolation. It urged the closing of Schools and businesses. The WHO's policies enabled Governors of New York, New Jersey, Massachusetts, Connecticut, Pennsylvania, Michigan, California, ... to compel COVID-19 patients to move into Rest Homes and thereby infect and kill even more of the aged. (27)

Again the Brownstone Institute provides a platform for well-documented information

and helpful insights. There, Dr. Paul Elias Alexander gathered more than 400 studies of States' responses to COVID-19.

Dr. Alexander writes. 'The great body of evidence (comparative research studies and high-quality pieces of evidence and reporting judged to be relevant to this analysis) shows that COVID-19 lockdowns, shelter-in-place policies, masks, school closures, and mask mandates have failed in their purpose of curbing transmission or reducing deaths. These restrictive policies were ineffective and devastating failures, causing immense harm especially to the poorer and vulnerable within societies.' (28)

Nowhere did the WHO's IHRs promote widely available anti-viral remedies such as Vitamins C and D. The WHO, instead, opposed and even banned inexpensive anti-viral drugs such as Hydroxychloroquine and Ivermectin. The WHO's missed steps

made for a marathon of suffering. Nowhere did the WHO help to organize teams for door-to-door 'Early Home Treatment, Nor has WHO facilitated Internet and TV forums between communities and Governments that would, still, speed care and solutions for problems of Public Health.

The WHO helped fear to rule. The WHO at its controlling, executive levels gave Governments more pretexts for wrong choices


Tanzania has since 2015--under the the Presidencies of John Magufuli and then Samia Suhulu Hassan--doubled the economic and environmental gains that Banks of Europe forecast. (29) Tanzania has grown inclusively and beautifully.

Libya remains an indelible memory for Africa and all of world's 'Developing Nations'. Libya's decades of 'Green Revolution' and 'Jamalhirya' ('State of the Masses') Government brought the country and its Continent the world's largest irrigation-project, the 'Great Manmade River'. (30)

Libya during its 41 years of Mu'ammar al-Quaddafi as Head-of-State (1969 to 2011) came to provide, by 2010, unprecedented accomplishments and benefits.

Libya's model model for Africa and every Continent includes:

•Free education from kindergarten-age through University for all of its citizens •Free health-care for all its citizens •National literacy of above 89% and rising--99.9% among youth •A teacher to student ratio of one to seventeen in primary Schools •Nutrition per individual of more than 3000 calories per day. (38) •Free farmland. equipment and seeds to any citizen committed to farming the apportioned land •$50,000 toward housing for any newly married couple

•Free electricity •Free water (much of it through the 'World's Largest Man-made River') •Guaranteed employment and housing •Women with the right to drive a car and divorce a husband and receive connubial property after divorce.' (31)

Libya offered Nations of Africa interest-free Loans. Libya proposed that the

Continent adopt its own gold-based Currency, the Dinar, good between African and perhaps Arab Nations and independent of the World Bank or International Monetary Fund or the Switzerland-based Bank of International Settlements. (32)

Africa remembers NATO Nations' invasion and destruction of Libya in Spring, Summer, Autumn 2011 and then the lawless and brutal assassination of Mu'ammar al-Quaddafi in October of that year little more than one decade ago.

Africa remembers other leaders who benefited their Nations' people. These

leaders' images are still "shining", as Saul Williams' and colleagues' current

movie, "Neptune Frost", repeats. These benefactors of whole peoples and architects of partnerships between African Nations include Thomas Sankara of Burkina Faso. Samora and Josina Machel of Mozambique, Amilcar Cabral of Guinea Bissau, Kwame Nkrumah of Ghana, Ahmed Ben Bella of Algeria, Nelson and Graca and Winnie

Mandela of South Africa, Patrice Lumumba of the Democratic Republic of the Congo. Their examples of independence from Colonial Empires and unity between African Nations prove, still, to tbe ones that work for people's widespread growth and prosperity. Africa remembers. Africa knows. Africa is coming for democracy and prosperity across the whole, wide world.

Thomas Sankara, Burkina Faso.

Samora and Josina Machel, Mozambique.

Amilcar Cabral, Guinea-Bissau.

Josina again, FRELIMO unto Mozambique.

Patrice Lumumba, first elected Prime Minister of the Democratic Republic of the Congo, executed with assistance of the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency in January 1961.

Tomorrow, June 18, 2022, the African Sovereignty Coalition launches with a multi-speaker event hosted by Children's Health Defense TV. 11 'expert scientists, doctors, lawyers and activists' from Africa are to speak along with six from the U.S, the U.K., and Switzerland. Please see the announcement! (33)

Tomorrow, June 18, 2022, the African Sovereignty Coalition launches with a multi-speaker event hosted by Children's Health Defense TV. 11 'expert scientists, doctors, lawyers and activists' from Africa are to speak along with six from the U.S, the U.K., and Switzerland. Please see the announcement!


























24. Ibid.










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