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The WEF Files: J. Michael Evans, Goldman Sachs, AliBaba, Billions Stolen, and Good-by to All That

How Does an Olympic Champion Become a Spigot of Toxic Nonsense?

Above, J. Michael Evans, then 64, President of the Alibaba Group of the People’s Republic of China, speaks on May 24, 2022 at a World Economic Forum panel that was titled ‘Strategic Outlook: Responsible Consumption.’ Evans related there and then a ‘ business innovation’ from Alibaba, this Whopper of Reductive/Destructive Nonsense” “We’re developing through technology an ability for consumers to measure their own carbon-footprint."

Olympic Victory and Salomon Brothers

Goldman Sachs, $200 Million Net Loss 2005-2007, and the Big Bail-Out

Mike and Lise Evans Spend $27-Million for a 5th Avenue Apartment and $115-Million for 14 Acres in Southampton

Jho Low, the '1Malaysia Development Berhad', and $4.5 Billion Stolen

J. Michael Evans, President of the Alibaba Group of the People's Republic of China, Speaks on 'Responsible Consumption' for the World Economic Forum at Davos 2022

The WEF's 100 Strategic Partners Are Covert Cannibals. Good-by to All That!

J. (John) Michael Evans was once a superb athlete.

At the 1984 Summer Olympics in Los Angeles, "Mike" and his twin brother, Mark, then age 26, were among the fiercely stroking sweep-rowers who won Canada's first-ever Gold Medal in the Men's Eight race.

It was a breakthrough celebrated internationally. Please watch video by ABC of the crew's historic race. Exhausted rowers slump past their finish-line. (1) You may also note that it’s Mike Evans who holds up the Canadian flag among his teammates in the topmost photo.

August of 1984, J. Michael Evans went straight from the Olympics to work with the Salomon Brothers firm of Wall Street and the City of London. Salomon Brothers was a Pioneer Thiefduring the late 1980s and early 1990s, speculating wildly and deceitfully in U.S. Treasury Notes, Bonds and Mortgages. It received the then largest Fine in U.S. Securities' history, $290 million-- (3). Salomon Brothers also grew infamous for its boastful culture of 'Big Swinging Dicks' and Blundering Risks. It was mocked in books such as Liar's Poker and Nightmare on Wall Street and Bonfire of the Vanities.

Salomon Brothers was pathfinder, so to speak, for more gigantic 'Scandals' due to Commercial Banks' and Investment Banks' never=ending greed in the 21st century.

In 1993 J. Michael Evans, Princeton and Oxford University graduate as well as Olympic gold-medalist, left Salmon Brothers to become a Vice-Chairman in Goldman Sachs. He was for 20 years a Partner and then a Director in this Investment-Banking firm. In 2004 he was named Chairman of Goldman Sachs Asia.

2011, the year that he turned 54, was banner for the Partner and Director. Goldman Sachs expanded his roles to include that of 'overseeing ... emerging markets.' Bloomberg News and The Wall Street Journal estimated the post-Bailout worth of Evans' Common Shares in Goldman Sachs to be $110 million. (4)

The profile stated that Evans would continue as Vice Chairman in Goldman Sachs and Chairman of Goldman Sachs Asia. The ongoing position as Chairman of Goldman Sachs Asia would impliacte Evans in the theft at least $4.6 billion from Malaysia.

Evans became a purchaser of posh real-estate, profiled by the New York Times. In August of 2012 he and wife Lise bought for $27 million a 8,360 square-foot apartment at 995 Fifth Avenue, opposite the Metropolitan Museum of Art. The in-town home occupied all of the 16th floor and held 'a six-room master bedroom suite and nine-and-a-half bathrooms' (5)

Evans and Lise had a much larger property on Long Island. In 2017 their 14-acre estate in Southhampton listed for $150 million. Cottages & Gardens called it the 'Most Expensive' Property in the Hamptons'. (6)

We may wonder how J. Michael Evans and Goldman Sachs grew their wealth between the middle 1990s and 2012. We may look generally at Goldman Sachs. We may divide the firm’s Thefts of Wealth from the tax-paying U.S. public between periods BEFORE and AFTER 2008—that year in its latest Quarter setting stage for the Obama HOPE Great Federal Bail-Out of Bettor/Debtor Banks of Wall Street and the City of London and Switzerland.

Below, please see a Timeline of Goldman Sachs’ borrowings from the Federal Reserve Bank in the United States between 1997 through 2007. This Chart of 'Total Assets' versus 'Federal Reserve Bank Credit' is printed twice in my 2008 book-of-three-books, The World Is Turning: " '9/11' ", the Movement for Justice, and Reclaiming America for the World. I would here like to may opine that “ ‘9/11’ “ was THE Big Lie and Psy-Op of our Century, setting up Police-State norms of control and surveillance such as the PATRIOT Act and the Homeland Security Bill … till “ ‘COVID-19’ “ in 2020 succeeded “ ‘9/11’ “ as Big Lie and Psy-Op of our Century.

Page 327 of The World Is Turning ... states:

'Goldman Sachs began the 21st century with assets of nearly $600 billion against borrowings, or 'Bank Credit', of about $240 billion from the Federal Reserve System.

By end of 2007, however, Goldman Sachs had assets of about $815 billion against Bank Credit of over slightly more than $850 billion. That is, the firm accumulated a Net Deficit of about $400 billion in the eight years 2000 to 2007. ' (7)

That is, over seven years Goldman Sachs took a Net Gain of about $400 billion from the Federal Reserve System that U.S. tax-payers.

'Borrowing was especially heavy during Henry Paulson's term as CEO between 2004 and 2006, In those three, key pre-Crash-and-Bailout years Goldman Sachs borrowed about $230 billion from the Fed and yet grew its assets little more than $20 billion, a Net Drain on the nominally Federal agency [the FRS] of more than $200 billion.’

Let me ask: How is it just that working-class and middle-class people of the United States supported Goldman Sachs with more that $230 billion between 2004 and 2006?’

The World Is Turning of 2008 continues: ‘The average annual bonus of a Goldman, Sachs Partner in the 21st century is $5 million. In 2005 the current U.S. Secretary of the Treasury, Henry Paulson, received $37 million in compensation 2005 as Goldman, Sachs' CEO.' (8)

Or: tax-payers of the U.S. paid the annual bonuses of Goldman Sachs Partners such as J. Michael Evans.

We were soon to learn that $230 billion over three years was but a fractional, shall we say, bite for Goldman Sachs. From 2008 onward, the likely minimum of the Federal Reserve's 'cumulative loans to bail out the trading houses on Wall Street was 19.6 trillion', we’ve learned from the rigorous researchers Pam and Russ Martens, reporting in their online Wall Street on Parade of March 31, 2020.

'From December 2007 to November 10, 2011, the Federal Reserve, secretly and without the awareness of Congress, funneled $19.6 trillion in cumulative loans to bail out the trading houses on Wall Street. Just 14 global financial institutions received 83.9 percent of those loans or $16.41 trillion. (See chart above.) A number of those banks were insolvent at the time and did not, under the law, qualify for these Fed loans. Significant amounts of these loans were collateralized with junk bonds and stocks, at a time when both markets were in freefall. Under the law, the Fed is only allowed to make loans against “good” collateral.

Six of the institutions receiving massive loans from the Fed were not even U.S. banks but global foreign banks that had to be saved because they were heavily interconnected to the Wall Street banks through unregulated derivatives. If one financial institution in this daisy chain of derivatives failed, it would set off a domino effect.' (10)

How did Goldman Sachs join this Party of Bettor/Debtor Banks Needing Trillions to Survive? Pam and Russ Martens explained in their Wall Street on Parade, November 18, 2019 . The bolding again is mine.

'Both Morgan Stanley and Goldman Sachs were investment banks with no access to the Fed’s Discount Window until September 2008. Both requested and received permission to become bank holding companies, entitling them to borrow at the Fed’s Discount Window, the weekend after Lehman Brothers filed for bankruptcy on September 16, 2008.' (11)

We may now imagine and even calculate more clearly how J. Michael Evans gained the ‘$110 million in Common Shares of Goldman, Sachs’, as reported by Bloomberg News and the Wall Street Journal in 2011 (12), that enabled purchase of the ‘27 Million Luxury Apartment’ at 995 Fifth Avenue (13) and the ‘more than 14 acres of prime ocean front on Meadow Lane, Southhampton’ with its five houses, two golf greens, three private walkways to the ocean,› … et cetera, et cetera. (14)

Evans was busy in southeast Asia, too, during years in which Goldman Sachs enjoyed its infusions of Bail-Out Trillions from that Private-Banking Apparatus known as the United States Federal Reserve System.

Evans was. you know, Chairman of Goldman Sachs Asia (remarkable how these Bettor/Debtor Banks appropriate territory) from 2004 till his joining the Alibaba Group as President in 2015. As such, he was intrinsically at center of the ‘1MDB Scandal’ that stole an estimated minimum of ‘$4.5 billion’ from working-class and middle-class people of Malaysia between 2009 and 2013.

Bloomberg News wrote (and I’ll bold): 'Alibaba Group Holding Ltd. President Michael Evans is among 17 current and former Goldman Sachs directors facing criminal charges over their alleged role in $6.5 billion of bond sales by 1MDB ...

Malaysia will seek custodial sentences and criminal fines against the individuals, Attorney-General Tommy Thomas said in a statement Friday. The penalties sought reflect “the severity of the scheme to defraud and fraudulent misappropriation of billions in bond proceeds, the lengthy period over which the offenses were planned and executed,” as well as the breadth of Goldman units and officers involved in arranging the 1MDB bonds.' (16)

Evans’ role in the 1 Malaysian Development Berhad ‘Scandal’ was recounted by his Goldman Sachs lieutenant in southeast Asia, Tim Leisner, last February, as Leisner testified in a Federal Court of Brooklyn, New York.

Leisner pled Guilty in 2018 to Charges of Conspiracy and Money-Laundering by the U.S. Justice Department , forfeited $44 million, and subsequently became a Cooperating Wintess. Leisner revealed early in 2022 that Evans knew not later than 2012 about the central role of admitted, spectacular embezzler Jho Low in the massive theft of IMDB funds. (17)

The New York Post reported on February 17, 2022: ’According to Leisner, he and Evans paid a visit to 1MDB executives after Goldman pocketed $220 million in the first bond transaction.

“So Mike knew from that moment on,” according to Leisner.’ (18)

What is the ‘IMDB Scandal’ and who is Jho Low?

1MDB is the 1 Malaysia Development Berhad (Berhad denotes a Public Limited Company with attendant advantages as regards taxation in Malaysia and elsewhere.). This Berhad arose out of nothing but Deceiving Exploited Aspirations, like so many financiers’ Con-Games, through the mind and machinations of Low Taek Jho, known to the New York Times by the more Hollywood-like handle of Jho Low.

Born 1981, Jho was taught in privilege at the Uplands School of Kuala Lumpur, the Harrow School of London (earlier graduates Winston Churchill and Jawaharlal Nehru), and the Wharton School of Business within the University of Pennsylvania, the alma mater of Donald John Trump.

Jho Low in conversant in five languages. Jho Low does deals from his early 20s onward. Jho Low forms shell-companies like other men trade baseball-cards. Jho Low becomes ranking steward of the Jynwel Capital holding-company. Then. and thus, Joh Low more involves royal families from Kuwait and Abu Dubai in investments—such as Manhattan’s Park Lane Hotel and EMI’s music-publishing arm and Martin Scorcese’s 2013 movie “Wolf of Wall Street”, featuring Jho Low’s subsequent paid-pal, Leonardo Di Caprio.

In 2009 Najib Razak is elected Prime Minister of Malaysia … in large part due to his promises of Providing Opportunities for the Nation’s middle class and working class to prosper. 1Malaysia! 1Malaysia will expand Malaysia’s exports and improve Malaysia’s infrastructure. (It may also, like the World Economic Forum, ‘Improve the State of the World'.) 'The eight values of 1Malaysia as articulated by Najib Razak are perseverance, a culture of excellence, acceptance, loyalty, education, humility, integrity, and meritocracy', according to its website. Najib Razak then founds the 1 Malaysian Development Berhad to fulfill his public promises. He gives himself sole authority to invest the initial $1 billion allotted to 1MDB. His stepson Rizaz Aziz is a classmate and partner of Jho Low’s from the Harrow School onward. Young Jho Low attends IMDB meetings and studies IMDB prospects … while holding no formal position within this Sovereign Wealth Fund. Acting fast—according to the U.S. Department of Justice—in August 2009 Jho Low introduces Najib Razak to a Saudi Prince, Turki bin Abdullah Al Saud, and Najib signs a $2.5bn joint venture between PetroSaudi and 1MDB. Wikipedia continues its summary of the first 1MDB billions-dollar deal. ‘The DOJ later said this was used as a "pretence" to move $1bn into a Swiss bank account.’ (19)

Najib Razak.

More balls start to roll in the middle of 2009 and thus the middle of J. Michael Evans’ tenure as Chairman of Goldman Sachs Asia. More money is needed. More money is always needed to expand domiciles and lifestyles. Larger Apartments are bought. More Yachts are bought—Jho Low’s $250 million Equanimity is one. And even more money must be raised…. to fulfill at the least the appearance of 1MDB’s promises.... even as Najib Rizak more opens Malaysia to Chinese and Indian investors. Goldman Sachs steps into the game. Goldman Sachs is involved in three rounds of Bonds—with the firm’s Roger Ng of Malaysia and Tim Leisner and J. Michael Evans of Southeast Asia in Upper Management evidently principal in each transaction, as recounted by Leisner in Federal Court, and with Goldman Sach collecting a total of $600 million of U.S. Dollars in fees through these three Rounds.

Ah, but Games of Excess oft' go Amiss. In 2015 members of his own political Party implicate Najib Razak. He stands for Election in 2018 and loses emphatically. 2018 also marks the beginning of Charges against Razak, Leisner, Ng, … and J, Michael Evans.

Ah, but oft', too, the Biggest Fish are Too Big to Stay in a Net. So far only one of the 17 Goldman Sachs executives, headed by Chairman Mike Evans, has been convicted as reagrds the Theft of Billions Dollars from Malaysia. That one convict is the relatively small—relatively innocent, too, perhaps—player Roger Ng.

On April 8 of 2022 a Jury in New York City found Evan's colleague in Goldman Sachs Asia, Roger Ng, Guilty of helping to steal at least $4.5 billion of Bonds that were promoted as aid for aspiring working-people in Malaysia. (21)

The UK Guardian of April 8, 2022 relates (and again I'll bold).

'A New York jury found Ng, 49, once Goldman’s top investment banker in Malaysia, guilty of helping his former boss Tim Leissner embezzle money intended for development to benefit Malaysia’s poor from a fund connected to Malaysia’s then prime minister, Najib Razak, and then to launder the proceeds while bribing officials in Malaysia and Abu Dhabi.

Ng had pleaded not guilty to conspiracy and money-laundering under US foreign anti-corruption laws. Ng’s lawyers had claimed that Leissner, a cooperating government witness who pleaded guilty to similar charges in 2018, had falsely implicated him.

The charges against both men stemmed from a scheme in which Goldman helped 1MDB raise $6.5bn through three bond sales. But $4.5bn was diverted to government officials, bankers and their associates between 2009 and 2015.

The funds were used, in part, to fund the lavish lifestyle of the fugitive Malaysian playboy Jho Low, who embarked on an eye-popping spending spree, including luxury apartments, yachts, impressionist artworks and film projects including Martin Scorsese’s The Wolf of Wall Street.' (22)

Relatively small player Roger Ng is now a Convict. What happened to the Charges against Mike Evans? We may guess with some likelihood of success. We do know that Goldman, Sachs paid FinesMultiple FinesFines more than 10 times greater than the $600 million in Fees that the Firm reportedly received.

Reuters accounted the tally of Goldman Sachs’ Fines, related to 1MDB, in October 2020 of our COVID years.

‘Goldman Sachs Group Inc on Thursday reached a deal to settle a probe into the bank’s role in Malaysia’s 1MDB corruption scandal, which included total penalties of $2.9 billion…..

Goldman has been investigated by regulators in at least 14 countries for its role in underwriting the 1MDB bond issues….

Goldman will pay a $2.3 billion fine to the Justice Department and other regulators, and a further $600 million in disgorgement of ill-gotten gains to settle the U.S. probe and avoid a criminal conviction at the group level.

This is in addition to the $3.9 billion that Goldman has agreed to pay Malaysia in exchange for dropping all criminal charges against the bank.

On Thursday, Hong Kong’s markets watchdog also fined Goldman’s Asia unit $350 million for serious lapses and deficiencies in its management controls that contributed to the misappropriation of $2.6 billion in funds it helped raise for 1MDB.’ (23)

Let’s see.… Let’s add up the Fines.... $2.3 billion + $600 million through the U.S. Department of Justice = $2.9 billion. Plus, $3.9 billion paid to the Government of Malaysia. Plus, ‘Hong Kong’s markets watchdog also fined Goldman’s Asia unit $350 million.

We see that totals of $2.9 billion + $3.9 billion + $350 million = $7.15 billion.

Versus $600 million in Fees.

A Net Loss over $6.5 billion for Goldman Sachs from deals done under the watch of its Chairman for Asia ... J. Michael Evans…. Surely numbers-conscious as a victorious, Gold-Medalist sweep-stroking rower for Canada in the Men’s Eight at the 1984 Summer Olympics.

We look now at Evans' history for Linkedin and note that it somehow omits his 2004-to-2015 position as Chairman for Goldman Sachs Asia. (24)

Roger Ng may be far from simply Guilty. His attorneys from Brafman & Associates have argued and documented that their client in fact warned his superiors at Goldman Sachs, early as March 2010, that Jho Low was ‘not to be trusted.’ Their Motion for Dismissal in October 2020, available at, states.

‘In perhaps the most amazing twist of the case, it was Roger Ng who as early as March 2010 specifically warned his superiors at Goldman that Low was a politically exposed person, that Low was not to be trusted, and that Goldman should use caution in dealing with Low. Specifically, a Red Flag Summary states as follows: “Roger Ng advised caution in accepting [Low’s] claims at face value.” The report further states that Roger Ng “did not find [Low’s] claims to be credible and recommended requiring very specific verification of all claims.” Ng’s warnings were shared with the highest levels of the compliance and legal divisions of the company. The company did not listen to him. Yet, while Low remains a fugitive, and while Goldman Sachs Group, Inc. has secured a DPA, and while scores of high-level Goldman partners completely escaped criminal liability, and the only person going to trial in the United States for one of the largest financial crimes in recent memory is Ng, the man who warned Goldman of all of this in March 2010.’ (25)


One month after a Jury in New York City found Roger Ng of Goldman Sachs Guilty of Conspiracy and Money-Laundering, J. Michael Evans, President of the Alibaba Group since 2015, purchaser of a $27-million Apartment at 995 5th Avenue and a $115- million propery of more than 14 Ocean-front acres, with five houses and two golf-greens in Southhampton, Long Island, less than one decade ago, spoke at a World Economic Forum Panel that was titled: ‘Strategic Outlook: Responsible Consumption.’

Who is more the Insensate Fool for agreeing to sit such a Conspicuous Glutton for Luxurious Consumption on such a panel—the guest (Evans) himself or the host (the WEF) itself? We may say that both are so Accustomed to their Hypocrisy that they’re Blinded to their Absurdity.

Evans offered a couple of announcements from the Alibaba Group during the May 24, 2022 Panel. You can watch him on the WEF’s video of this ‘Stragetic Outlook’ session between 28:40 and 30:00 . Moderator Jane Nelson, Director of the Corporate Responsibility Initiative at Harvard’s John F. Kennedy School of Business, asks Evans about Alibaba’s “interesting activities” in terms of ‘business innovation’. (25)

Evans cites the Group’s Investor Day commitment in December 2021 to achieve '“decarbonization” on the order of “1.5 Gigatons” by the year 2035. Evans says that 1.5 Gigatons of “carbonization” is equal to 350 million cars on the road over a year.

“That’s a daunting number,” he says. How will the Alibaba Group and its one billion customers per annum achieve such a goal?

We’re developing, through technology,” Evans says, “an ability for consumers to measure their own carbon foot-print.”

“What does that mean?” the 64-year-old asks. “That’s—Where are they traveling? How are they traveling? What are they eating?”

“What are they consuming on the platform? So: Individual Carbon-Footprint Tracker.”

Evans names the Alibaba product-in-progress with the pride of President.

“Stay tuned. We don’t have it operational yet, but this is something that we’re working on.” (45)

All of the above video-stills from the WEF’s ‘Responsible Consumption’ panel are presented without retouching, They’re how J. Michael Evans and Jane Nelson really look in their Davos moment. They catch Evans exactly as he appears with each utterance. To me, Evans looks both complacent AND disoriented. He looks as if he’s either drugged, or animated, or both drugged and animated, through mind-control.

He also looks to me like one subject and limited to responses within a Cult.... The

WEF Cult, I'll say, of the Criminal and Semicomatose at Davos.

That is, the 64-year-old Canada-born President of the Alibaba Group of the People’s Republic of China looks like so many WEF Young Global Leaders/Heads of State and Contributors Agenda ... whom we’ve beec compelled to observe since our Years of Deceit, Duress, Distress and Fatal Losses under “ ‘COVID’” ... began with those curiously coincidental WEF and WHO announcements in Geneva, Switzerland, January of 2020.

'A glazed look of sad befuddlement', reads my caption to this video-still of the 1984 Olympic Gold-Medalist. 27 then and 64 this past year, at Davos 2022.

We may wonder, too, about the repeated "they' in Evans’ reference. Does J. Michael Evans’ “they” bespeak further invasions into humans’ personal choices through further nonsense such as an “Individual Carbon Footprint Tracker’.

The I-CFT (that is, the Individual-CarbonFootprintTracker; let’s move to the Acronym here and now) will of course serve as a Monitor for Corporate Overseers such as Evans. He seems [leased to enumerate what the I-CFT will tell Alibaba and all of Alibaba’s 99 other ‘Strategtic Partners’ of the 100 Self-Selected within WEF World.

"Where are they traveling? How are they traveling? What are they eating? What are they consuming on the platform?"

We may pause for our own good here. We may look at those 100 WEF ‘Strategic Partners’ and judge how much each and all of them ‘Improve the State of the World.’


We may examine 50 of the World Economic Forum's 100 'Strategic Partners', above, and see the whole of them plain as obscure gloom dawns to a new day.

We may pause and gauge how much ‘positive change’ has been brought to our Earth and to human possibilities by BP and Chevron, Barclays and Bank of America, AIG and Amazon, … By Citi, Credit Suisse, Deutsche Bank and Deloitte, ... By BlackRock and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, … By AstraZeneca, Google, Hitachi, Honeywell, HSBC and Huawei Technologiges, ... And by J. Michael Evan’s Goldman Sachs and the Alibaba Group

Along with the other Banks and 21st-century neo-Colonial extractors, predators and thieves … that are named alphabetically among the WEF’s Leading 100: JP Morgan Chase, Lazard and Morgan Stanley, the Standard Charter Bank, Sequoia Capital, Suntory Holdings, ...

And others within the Worldly Empire of Guns, Oil, Drugs and Debt (G.O.D.D.), assisted by Technology and Philanthropy: Meta, Microsoft, Mitsubishi, Pfizer, Johnson & Johnson, Wellcome Trust, the Soros father's-and-son's Open Society Foundation, the Rothschilds’ Royal DSM and Royal Philips, …

We many pause, gauge, and ask: What do ALL of these 100 ‘Strategic Partners’ really do? What more do this "they" mean to do? ... Are all of them working toward complete control of humanity ... the human beings whom they already deceive and exploit on every Continent?… Do all of WEF's 100 'Strategic Partner' Corporations really fear humans' capacity for independent creativity, cooperation and prosperity?

All ultimately Traffic in Abuse of Children. All 100 Partners suppress Gifts of Genius that threaten their Established Mediocrity. All fear the Love inherent in Families and the Autonomy and Synergy possible among real Communities.

All favor Dullness They Can Understand. All want to More Separate Us into Compliant Units. All want return to an Old/New World of Unquestionable Enslavement. That is, the Might of Armaments, Finances, and Technology in the Northern Hemisphere is to rule over bodies and and other resources of the Southern Hemisphere … All 100 of the WEF's 100 ‘Strategic Partners’ Want Humanity’s Always Surprising Genius to Be Made Forever Powerless through Trackers, Implants, Digital Currencies and I-Ds, … and the nano-tech “devices within our bodies'“ that another Panelist at Davos 2022, Pekka Lundmark, CEO of Nokia, supposes we’ll accept as substitute for ‘ “Smart Phones” not later than the WEF's and the United Nations’ Agenda Year 2030….

No thanks! Good-by to all that! We know much better now! Now, this first day of the West’s 2023, is time to bid a Hearty Good-by to all that … which tries to diminish humanity’s great powers and prospects ahead!



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Regarding sport, Don Paul held the World Road Best for running 50 kilmeters between 1982 and 1988, when that Best was hugely and properly lowered by former miner Thompson Magawana of South Africa. Paul is author of more than 30 books and the leader or producer of 28 albums, the latest of them his LOVE OVER WAR and Roger Lewis’ ALRIGHT! He and Maryse Philippe Déjean his wife, co-direct Sticking Up For Children in Haiti and New Orleans.

Photo by Garet Tanner on Christmas Eve, 2022.

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