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We REJECT deadly WEF/G20 'Vaccine Passports' + a Poem/Track about "Making Love with One You Love"

G20 Nations' Declaration for International 'Vaccine Passports'

Demands that We Prove We've Accepted Poisons

Big news this past week of November 13 to 20, 2022 among Substack writers to whom I gladly subscribe came from two gatherings in Bali, the Indonesian island beloved for its people’s gracious friendliness and its Gamelan music. On Substack, Edward Slavsquat, Sage Hana, and Tessa Fights Robots (Tessa Lena) each mocked

and revolted at G20 Leaders' Declarations for more Global Control of Citizens and travelers through expanded powers of the United Nations' World Health Organization and the WHO"s International Health Regulations. (1)

First gathering on Bali was the G20 Business Summit as preliminary to the G20 Leaders Summit, November 13 and 14.

Klaus Schwab, Executive Director for Life of the World Economic Forum and the admitted, proud protegé of multiple mass-murderer Henry Kissinger, addressed the B20 group. (2)

Around 10:15 into a mercifully reduced excerpt from Klaus Schwab's speech at the B20 Summit in Bali, Nov. 13, 2022, he points to how "Fast Fish" eat "Slow Fish."

You may have prior experience with Klaus Schwab's "tendency" (a frequent word and concept of his) to repeat obvious and inhumane nonsense with a view toward justifying his fascist fantasies of a 'Fourth Industrial Revolution.' Klaus Schwab is now 84. He's never been elected to governance by any public. He nevertheless tells "our world" both what it is and what it should be. His syntax grows more Marvelous in its Muddled Mediocrity and its Steady Lacunae of Lapses within its own Unreason.

Klaus had these things to say in Bali. Around 2:05 of the video excerpted by a provider named Hiuuz on YouTube: " ... But actually what we have to confront is a deep, systemic, structural deconstruction of our world--und dis will take some time.... Politically, the driving force for the political transformation, of course, is the transformation to a multi-polar world which has the tendency to make our world

more fragmented."

Got that? "Structural deconstruction" ... leading to "Politically, ... the political transformation, of course, ... the transformation of a multi-polar world" with "the tendency to make our world much more fragmented." A mind-boggle, yes? Deliberate Cognitive Dissonances, perhaps? Certainly evidence of a Declarative Mediocrity that should NOT lead.

Around 9:50 of this excerpt Klaus arrives at another of his and World Economic Forum Young Global Leaders' favorite themes: the need for "Public-Private Partnerships." With the COVID "crisis" (crisis is, you may know, another favorite WEF-Speak word for ravages and perils that that the WEF's 100 Strategic Partners among Global Corporations have themselve created) of the past few years, Government has appeared to overtake Business at the forefront for Making Change, Klaus says.

But, he says: "No, it should be Government and Business. Government and Business have to cooperate in order to become a Fast Fish, because in our world of today it is not so much anymore the Big Fish who eats the Small Fish, but it is the Fast Fish who eats the Slow Fish, and in order to be a Fast Fish and a Big Fish, hopefully, like Indonesia, you have to have two co-pilots, Business and Government." (3)

Got that, too? Within one minute, the Simple-Minded Con-Man Klaus has mixed Fast Fish with Slow, Big Fish with Small, and made of the Fast Fish a Big Fish (complimenting his host, Indonesia) IF these would-be, world-beating Eaters of Other Fish (Slow and/or Small) accept as their "co-pilots, Business and Government" as their model for the " 'Public/Private Partnerships' " ... that have so enriched the Corporations, the 100 Strategic Partners of the WEF ... and the 51 International Banks of Geneva, Switzerland, ... that are together at the center of games Klaus has played since he was "mentored" by Henry Kissinger at Harvard's John F Kennedy School of Business in 1967.

Please imagine how you and friends and allies may have fun in combatting these Partners while also defending yourselves and your neighbors. You may know by this stage in the WEF's 'Great Reset' from the " 'COVID crisis' " that these Partners' daily conspiracies want to eat more of our lives. Please look through the list of Predators from just A through C., below (5)

Next, this past week, the G20's Heads of State convened--many of them in person--between Nov. 15 and 16. They were joined by '50,000 delegates and participants'. (6)

G20 Finance Ministers and Central Bank Deputies met--all masked--for a 'Family Photo' in Jakarta. (7)

A sidebar-look into the International Institute for Sustainable Development may be helpful. The IISD has ‘offices’ in Toronto and Winnipeg, Canada and (a Headquarters city shared with the WEF, the United Nations and its WHO, and those afore-mentioned ‘51 international Banks’—in Geneva, Switzerland. The IISD employs a staff of 150. It, as you might expect, mirrors goals of the United Nations’ Agenda 2030. 'Sustainable Development Goals', S.D.G.s--that serve as Cover and Con-Game for more of Banksters' 21st-century Exploitation through Neo-Colonization. We know.

That is, the IISD is yet another well-funded Mule-Team for what many billions of us who have survived the past three years of COVID-Dope-Ya NOW recognize as the WEF’s and the WHO’s Supranational Mass-Murder of humans’ freedoms and health under these Swiss-based bodies' shared Cover and Con-Game of COVID-19 and its Variants.

We Know. We Know We're Dying like Red Ranges of Corpses Rising from the WEF's and theWHO's and Vaccines' Failures

We billions now know, too, that since January 2020 the WHO’s dictates through its International Health Regulations and the WEF’s following ‘Policies’ for superseding Nations’ Governments are uniform in their Lethal Failures.

We know that measures ‘against COVID’ pushed by the United Nations’ WHO and the WEF have caused mass harm and woe. We've somehow survived a 'crisis' as horrific as it was and is unnecessary. Governments’ Mandates for Lockdowns—Isolation—Masking—have injured or killed millions who might be alive NOW if societies had been offered the ‘Early Home Treatments’ and ‘Focused Protection’ against COVID-19 that thousands of Physicians offered months before Donald Trump’s ‘Operation Warm Speed’ brought about FDA—CDC—WHO—WEF—EU—et cetera approval and “roll-out'“ of the coincidentally novel mRNA ‘vaccines.’

Below is the count of millions of Injuries and tens of thousands of Deaths, attributed to 'COVID-19 Vaccine Adverse Drug Reactions', as recorded by the European Union's European Medicines Agency and its 27 reporting Nations as of Nov, 12, 2022. (9)

Governments’ cruel, heedless and undemocratic Mandates toward the COVID disease led millions into suffering and even death. The following scourge of COVID ‘vaccines’ and their ‘Spike Proteins’ has injured and killed more millions more.

We billions know now. Timelines of ‘Mass Vaccination’ and ‘Excess Mortality’ show exact Correlations. Parallels are grimly alike round our poor, afflicted world of G20 and other ‘Industralized’ Nations. Whenever Governments start to inject " 'COVID-19 vaccines' " en masse, 'Excess Mortality' among Nations/ coerced publics rises.

Another Substack writer. courageous Joel Smalley—Metatron and Dead Man Talking on Substack—has provided huge and timely proofs for us this November of 2022. (10)

Look below for how the ‘Cumulative All-Cause Excess Mortality’ corresponds with cumulative ‘Vaccination’.

Joel points to South Africa—by far the most 'COVID-vaccinated’ Nation in Africa. (10) Look particularly, please, to his arrow for ‘Start of the mass “vaccination” campaign.’

See the red range of 'Cumulative All-Cause Excess Mortality' rise fast and rise long.

Joel points to Germany. (11)

He points to the United States. (12)


We see the even steeper, starker rises in South Korea. (13)

We know much more. Cancer has grown exponentially across the USA since early 2021. See this comparison of ‘Adverse Events’ reported to the Centers for Disease Control, regarding ‘vaccines’ for Flu versus ‘vaccines’ for COVID. 64 over 12 years, 2008 to 2020, for ‘Flu Vaccines’, and THEN 2,579 for ‘COVID-19 Vaccines’ over a mere 20 months.

The comparison is similar for the ‘Number of Miscarriages suffered as an Adverse Reaction per 1 million Doses Administered.’

We know more than statistical comparisons.

are unending at (14)

Above are the five most recent 'Stories' of those injured by COVID 'vaccines', as posted on this November of 2022. (15)

Do you see these injured, WEF Young Global Leaders? (16)

We know the individuals who compose the rolls presented by Brian Shilhavy of Health Impact News. Below are headlines and victims from Brian's post of November 17, 2022. (18)

The unprecedented rise in 'vaccinated' adults' deaths now has an acronym that explains nothing about the culpability it represents: SADS, 'Sudden Adult Death Syndrome.'

The 'safe and effective' genes-changing injections into those 12 years old, then 5 years old, and now 2 years old and younger has predictably offered no protection against the COVID disease and has instead begun to injure and even kill hundreds so young that they've yet to go on their first date or even walk. (19)

We know too that both Governments and the international Drug-Dealers of COVID ‘vaccines’—Pfizer-BioNTech and Moderna and Oxford University/AstraZeneca and Johnson & Johnson …admit that their shots don’t work to prevent infection and transmission of the mysterious COVID disease. We knew many months before CDC Director Rochelle Walensky's admissions of last January (20)

We know.

G20 Leaders Link Arms for ‘Vaccine Passports’ after

Their and theWEF's and the WHO's Murderous Failures

The above figures are NOT Actors in a Stage Play, considering how to block their movements in their next Scene. No, these are, "of course", G20 'Leaders' who include many of the World Economic Forum's Young Global Leaders and Agenda Contributors.

The G20 Leaders closed their 2022 Global Summit on November 16 with a Declaration mandating that anyone wishing to travel internationally must present a ‘Vaccine Passport’, showing that the traveler has a COVID or other, to-be-determined ‘vaccination’.

Their Declaration specified that ‘vaccination’ and the disease for which ‘vaccination’ is mandatory is be decided by the United Nations’ WHO.

Hundreds of thousands of people on Social Media responded. Bernie (Bernadette) Spofforth of Wales sounded percussive and spot-on alarms through Twitter. (22)

Substack writer Edward Slavsquat (nom de plume for a roving witness, based in Russia) summarized the Declaration neatly: ‘World leaders agree to cattle-tag the planet.’ (23)

He wrote with further satire (my bolding): ‘By all accounts, the G20 summit in Bali was a smashing success. After tireless multipolar efforts, the famed intergovernmental forum announced the creation of a global health-preserving Pandemic Fund sponsored by the WHO, the World Bank, Bill Gates, and the Rockefeller Foundation. The fund will ensure there is plenty of money for experimental genetic vaccines in the weeks, months, and decades ahead.’

Edward Slavsquat highllt the Leaders’ pile of guises and mush.

‘The titillating declaration includes much more than just a pledge to create an international injection Ausweis. Contained within its pages are purple prose about “sustainable development”, “digital transformation”, “interoperability of Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDCs) for cross-border payments”, and many other tasty multipolar morsels.’ (24)

Bernie Spofforth then offered broader summations of Klaus’ and the WEF’s Agenda

Sage Hana of Sage’s Newsletter on Substack volleyed more of her cogent one-lines. Let me bold among the "zingers" (as we used to mimic from old --Laugh-In--) that she drums home. (26)

‘I told you guys a million times.

This Biosecurity Disease Model is the ballgame.

They are not going to stop.

They want the gene editing.

They want the surveillance.

Yes, our guys. Our guys.

“Our guys.”

WEF White House says:’

Sage Hana then quotes the USA's White House. The bolding from Biden's roost is mine.

‘We support the WHO mRNA Vaccine Technology Transfer hub as well as all as the spokes in all regions of the world with the objective of sharing technology and technical know-how on voluntary and mutually agreed terms. We welcome joint research and joint production of vaccines, including enhanced cooperation among developing countries. We acknowledge the importance of shared technical standards and verification methods, under the framework of the IHR (2005), to facilitate seamless international travel, interoperability, and recognizing digital solutions and non-digital solutions, including proof of vaccinations. We support continued international dialogue and collaboration on the establishment of trusted global digital health networks as part of the efforts to strengthen prevention and response to future pandemics, that should capitalize and build on the success of the existing standards and digital COVID-19 certificates.’ (27)

We may pause here to note ... that we Citizens under the WEF and the United Nations' WHO have a—or, rather, ‘the’, for it’s already established—’WHO mRNA Vaccine Technology Transfer Hub’ … the better to effect ‘enhanced cooperation among developing countries’ … and inject their Citizens with monstrous, killing clots. The WHO's IHR (International Health Regulations) have imposed ruinous Lockdowns on Nations under pretexts of COVID-19. Therefore the White House would extend the WHO into 'trusted global digital health networks' to 'build on the success of the existing standards and digital COVID-19 certificates.'

The WHO has succeeded for a Few in its failures for billions. Therefore, have faith

in the WHO. The 'support' would be funny ifs outcomes were not so tragic.

Tessa Lena, a musician and expatriate from Russia, writing on Substack as both ‘Tessa Fights Robots’ and ‘Tessa Makes Love’, pointed to an earlier, in-your-face WEF-sponsored gathering. (28) This part of a WEF-sponsored "World Government Summit' last March was moderated by Becky Anderson of CNN.

Tessa Lena wrote (and let me bold her acuity and humor, too).

‘Here is an official video by the World Government Summit (Klaus Schwab and friends). The video is titled, “Are We Ready for a New World Order?”

Fair enough. Good title, feudal overlords. At least you are honest.

But then the Censorship Cerberus, the little automatic fact-checking warning against wrongthink explains to us that we shouldn’t take this video out of context. They are not talking about a conspiratorial New World Order. They are talking about a non-conspiratorial New World Order.

What’s the difference?

The difference is who says it.’ (29)

Please have a look at the YouTube-emplaced video and the faithful wikipedia ‘Censorship Cereberus’ that tags it. (30) You may find it as funny as Eyes-Wide-Open folks in the Comments section do.

We know.

We know that G20 'Global Leaders' want to 'cattle-tag the planet'. We see now that the USA, Russia, China and the European Union ... ARE combined within the World Economic Forum and the United Nations' World Health Organization in the entirety of the fraudulent and mass-murderous COVID-19 'Great Reset' cum 'Great Narrative' since January 2020 at the latest. We see the Red Ranges of 'Excess Deaths' rising like mountains of corpses immediately after the COVID 'vaccines.' We know that the 'WEF White House' must support a 'global digital health network ... to build on the success of existing standards and digital ID certificates' ... to march in lockstep with the WEF's Simpleton Guidance for 'structural, systemic de-structuring' in a 'multi-polar world' ... that's somehow united by 'Public/Private Partnerships' of 'Business and Government' und 'Government and Business', Fast Fish and Slow Fish, Big Fish and Small, ... and All becoming One Faster, Bigger, Better, Wholly Digitized Fish ... through Nations submitting to Wholly Digitized Control by the 'international Banks' that the World Economic ... er, World Enslavement ... er, World Economic and Technological Enslavement Forum (the WETEF) and its 100 Strategic Partners and 115 New Champions most serve. One Big and Freedoms-Starved Fish ... made of our multifarious, glorious humanity ... eating bugs for food ... its colors like chrome

and mobile-phones ... 'transformed' and devoured by the WETEF at the service of Banks that are already Bankrupt despite their centuries of robbing, raping and killing generations of working-people on every Continent.

We know now. And we refuse to suffer more. Our compassion and our reason reject acceptance of any further WEF-ordered suffering. No more of the WHO's clotting shots. No more invasions of individuals' and families' choices and livelihoods. No more nonsense. No more " 'structural, systemic destructuring" of our lives and gifts and possibilities. Working-people of humanity have for centuries--forever--proved

the greatest source of inventions, genius, and truly shared creativity and progress.

We want the freedom, health and justice we deserve. Remedial justice is fundamental. Prosecute those who have deceived families and Nations and murdered millions. Prosecute Gates. Prosecute Fauci. Let them and their Partners

face Charges and undergo Discovery, Depositions, and Trials. Let them receive

justice and let them--traveling, of course, in private jets outside 'Vaccine Passports-- be removed from subverting Doctors' oaths to save lives.

We can BOYCOTT any Airline or other Business that would enforce 'Vaccine Passports.' We are eight billion. We choose. We buy--or we don't buy--tickets.

We hold by far--by a factor of billions--the most Cards.

We know we must help one another now. Everyone shot with the spurious and

poisonous COVID 'vaccines' now suffers liability--at the least--to injury. Everyone so shot is injured or carries the burdens of potential injury from the rampant 'Spike Proteins' in Pfizer/BioNTech or Moderna or AstraZeneca/Oxford University or Johnson & Johnson et cetera 'vaccines.'

These billions among us can be helped. The COVID-19 I-Recovery Protocols from the Frontline COVID-19 Critical-Care Alliance offer immediate help. (22) Newly published guidance from the 'Brave Series' (the 'Ultimate Vaxx-Detox Guide' from documentary-director Jeff Hays and Physicians) are downloadable now. (23)

We eight billion survivors of the Great COVID Scam can now triumph as no generation before ours. No generation before ours--even those lesser number of billions who survived the needless horrors of World War I and World War II--has undergone such a global attack and consequent awakening. We reject chains. We embrace the uniqueness and creativity in each of us. We know what we can do and grow together because we enjoy the fruits of local farming, independent and benevolent media, and working-class and middle-class inventions EVERY DAY.

I'll shift now to a poem that Hamid Drake and I recorded in February 2016 at the

Marigny Studio in New Orleans.

'In Bed (Making Love with One You Love' celebrates 'Gifts God and Gods give us / To give ourselves.' I offer it here because--"of course"--to engage in a little more fun with the assertive accenting of Klaus Schwab--the " 'structural, systemic de-structuring' '" of societies will entail orders as to whom and much we may mate. Making love can--of course--be our most intimate form of transcendence, caring and commitment, as well as a counter to 'all those Supranational Pharmaceutical Corporations ads on Sunday-afternoon TV.'

Hamid and I after our show with Alex de Grassi (The GALLOP Trio) in Ukiah, CA, April 2014.

Hamid Drake--born Henry Lawrence Drake six years before his family moved from

Monroe, Louisiana to Chicago, Illinois--is, I think, among the most vital musicians

and creators alive. Below is a page about Hamid from the 12-page booklet that accompanies our album on I/R Records, COMPASSION, Poems and Drums.

Let me add thanks to the many Community and College-Radio stations that have

favored COMPASSION ... with play since last January. Thanks must go to these

Stations' cumulative hundreds of thousands of listeners, too. Somehow COMPASSION,

Poems and Drums has spent over 40 Weeks in the Top-50 of Jazz albums charted

by Roots Music Reports during 2022.

The world outside CNN, Fox, et cetera is indeed very broad and populated by being

infinitely more interesting and various than the robotics named 'Transhumanism'

and Neuralink.

Thanks most particularly to Maryse Philippe Déjean, who took the photo of Hamid

and me in the Marigny Studio and whose inexplicable drawing (A goat? Really?) graces the YouTube version of 'In Bed: Making Love with One You Love'.

"Never give up the fight!" Never give up the love! We're sure to win if we use our tools and make Compassionate Unity Grow.

November 26, 2022




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